Last week on Legion, David had to watch Syd’s life play out over and over again to save her from her mind maze. This week, David and division three deal with Lenny’s return. Spoilers for “Chapter 13” ahead.

At division 3, Lenny was placed in a trippy but secure room. Clark was the first to see her but he was unable to get her to talk straight or reveal how she returned to a physical form. She only wanted to talk to David. When Clark prepared to leave, she revealed that David knew where the monks hid Farouk’s body.

Image result for legion chapter 13Elsewhere, Farouk and Oliver drive to the desert. Instead of digging up his body they dig up another and take a sample from it using the device Lenny and Oliver stole from Division 3 during their break-in. Back at the base, Ptonomy interviewed Lenny. He still couldn’t get her to reveal who’s body she was in. After she explained that he should be worried about Farouk instead, he used his powers to look at her memories. Instead of finding answers, he ended up seeing a creature in Fukuyama’s place.

Back with Oliver and Farouk, Oliver told Farouk that he was going to kill him before they followed a submarine truck down the highway. David finally went to see Lenny and could see that she was still working for the Shadow King but couldn’t separate his ideas from hers. She revealed that Farouk sent her there to tell David that he found his body.

LegionIn the midst of their conversation, David pulled away and asked whose body she was in after a memory flashed through his head. Lenny explained that she didn’t know and was unsettled that her eyes were blue and not her original body’s brown. In a flashback, we saw that Lenny really did just wake up naked in a hole in the ground. She explained that Farouk has a plan that she didn’t know about.

The scene changed to David’s sister explaining to her husband that she had a reoccurring dream that she had a mustache. She recited what she said in the dream and it was the exact thing the vermillions said. When the couple looked out of the window they saw nothing and were startled when the doorbell rang. When her husband went to answer the door, he was turned into ash. When Amy turned around Oliver stood in her kitchen.

At Division three, Lenny realized that Farouk had found her original body and not his own. The scene shifted again to show Oliver turning Amy into Lenny. At the realization, David broke down and sent Farouk a mental message that he was coming after him.

Review of Legion Season 2, Episode 3

This week’s episode was written so we didn’t see the twist until they wanted us to at the end of the episode. I didn’t recognize David’s sister until Oliver mentioned David to her. That may be because she looked different than she did the last time we saw her in season one. It seemed like Farouk just wanted his body to go off and live but with Amy’s death, Farouk just insured that David would never just let him go. It’s also going to make things harder on David’s part to work with Farouk against whatever evil is coming.

I’m still unclear on what the little creature that’s shown climbing into Ptonomy’s ear means, especially after he reacted the way he did to being inside Lenny’s head.

I’m giving this week’s episode an 8 out of 10. A bit slow but it created a lot of tension in the storyline.


Legion airs Tuesdays at 10 PM EST on FX.


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