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This week on Legion, the episode opened up with another Jon Hamm narrated monologue and visual, this time on moral panic – public anxiety or alarm at a perceived threat to society. Whether or not the threat is real, the response is and it’s often excessive.

Reeling from his sister’s death, David called out Amahl Farouk and the pair met up for a tense conversation. Amahl tried to convince David that he shouldn’t be upset because deep down he hated Amy for pushing him into the asylum and not really helping him. The younger mutant refused to help him any longer and Farouk told him he clearly wasn’t ready for the adult table.

After seeing a non-stop laughing apparition of Amy, David used his powers to force himself back into his body in the chamber at Division three. Later, Syd told David that he should talk to future Syd to see what she said about Amy’s death. After agreeing that the situation was weird, Syd set some ground rules for how he should behave around her future self.

Image result for legion chapter 15Elsewhere, Farouk transported his mind to the future plane where David met with future Syd. Confident in the fact that he can’t hurt her there, she explained that she needed him to save the world in the future. Looking inside her mind, he discovered that David was the one to bring about the destruction in the future Legion universe. He suggested that Syd help him and rule by his side.

Present Syd went to go see Lenny and told her that whatever she had planned wouldn’t work. Elsewhere, Ptonomy woke up in the middle of the night and saw Fukuyama and the vermillions. Later he spread eggs with messages to everyone’s rooms while they slept. Clark was the first wake up and find the eggshell.  He met up with Ptonomy who tried to warm him about Fukuyama. Clark stopped him from talking and told him that it was dangerous and that Fukuyama saw everything just as a vermillion arrived and stood outside of the room’s window looking at them.

David went to see future Syd, who told him that he needed to stay focused on stopping whatever future evil was coming. David refused to believe that she was his Syd since she was brushing off Amy’s death and didn’t let her get too physical with him at first. She told him to go if he didn’t want to help. Before he left, they shared a kiss. Present Syd, found herself in Fukuyama’s chair seeing the man’s nighttime routine before Clark called her out of the haze.

Image result for legion chapter 15Clark explained that people who went to Fukuyama’s pedestal don’t come back because he eats them. Ptonomy, Kary, Clark, and Syd got together and went against Fukuyama. As Kary and Ptonomy engaged in a fight with the vermillions, David walked out of the lab and found an eggshell on the ground.

Syd and Clark confronted Fukuyama and forced him to remove his basket helmet. When he did, the pair saw a larger version of the black creature that’s been crawling into people’s ear this season.

David stopped them from killing him and pulled smaller versions of the creature from their minds. It turned out that the creatures were making them paranoid and insane. Fukuyama was just a man. Out of Ptonomy came a huge version of the creature. While David went after it and killed it, the vermillions took Ptonomy away to save his mind since he was dying. As the episode ended, Ptonomy found himself in a room with ones and zeroes flashing. In the corner, a woman who was knitting shushed him.

Review of this week’s Legion

I kind of have no idea what I watched this week. As stated before in the series, what’s real and what isn’t is up to you. That idea made me spend most of the episode trying to decide if the creatures and the eggshells were real or just a physical symbol for the mental aspects of the plotline. I’m also trying to remember what was the origin of the insanity creature. I’m a little unsure of where the writers are going with Ptonomy’s storyline. He’s an original character so there isn’t a canon comic story to try and line this arc up with.

I’m giving this week’s episode of the show an 8 out of 10. It was a bit confusing and only parts of it feel like it was moving the plot forward.

Legion airs Tuesdays at 10 PM EST on FX.


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