Image result for legion chapter 16On this episode of Legion, David and the others dealt with the aftermath of insanity tainting everyone’s minds, forcing the vermillions to save Ptonomy’s mind as his body was dying.

The start of “Chapter 16” found Syd and David discussing how they could find the Farouk’s body. She was worried to hear that David and future Syd weren’t seeing eye to eye on things and that he refused to help Farouk now.

Ptonomy watched over the discussion from inside of Division Three’s computer and Fukuyama’s surveillance abilities. There he also watched a series of memories; a man approaching a young Fukuyama and discussing his gift of healing, the teenager undergoing brain surgery and his recovery. In this weird maze-like place Ptonomy also came across the monk. When he touched wires attached to the dead man, he saw memories of the temple.

Without hesitation, he took over one of the vermillions and told David the location. Elsewhere, Farouk went to go see the driver who drove his body to the temple after getting her location from future Syd. Instead of letting everyone in on his plan, David went to see Lenny and implanted her role in his plan into her head after asking her if any part of Amy was still there. He did the same to Clark and Cary. Leaving Syd a note, he left to find the temple.

Syd sat down with Clark and shared their most personal conversation yet. Syd was saddened by the shift in her and David’s relationship and explained that she wasn’t sure she could trust him although he’s a good man. Clark pretty much responded that she had to be careful with how she handled David because he was mentally unwell and if unhappy could use his powers to destroy the world. In the hall, Melanie overheard the conversation.

LegionWhen the time came for the others to play their roles, David sent a mental trigger, releasing Lenny from her cell. In the desert, Farouk explained to Oliver that there was a trick upon the land that was meant to keep him from his body.

Supposedly, the temple moved or some kind of reality warp was going on and David was going to wander unless he figured out the trick. Syd arrived via an airplane and parachute and told David off. He relented without much of a fight and the pair wandered around trying to figure out how the building was moving.

Things shifted when we’re given another vignette. This bit discussed viewing the world through the online sphere and narcissists who overlook other people’s feelings and see them as shadows the same way we only see shadows of the world online with our eyes always on our phones.

Back to the characters, David and Syd sought shelter after a storm rolled up. In a random tent, they found their own skeletons. Syd didn’t find it romantic the way David did. Back at Division Three, Clark’s role in David’s plan was activated but Melanie knocked him out. It turned out that she was under Farouk’s control.

Review of Legion season two, episode eight

Another mind maze unfolding is what “Chapter 16” was. The conversation between Clark and Syd kind of made me think a bit more about who David really is a character. I want to believe he’s good and doing the right thing, but the show has played so much with his mental state and reality versus false images that I’m not sure what to trust. I’m not a fan of the pressure Clark put on Syd to keep David happy because he’s powerful, especially not with everything going on in the real world with domestic violence and incidents of rejected people acting violently.

The episode was a little slow at times, especially with a good deal of time spent on the characters traveling through the desert. Things I did like were the scene where Ptonomy took over the vermillion and the use of panels on the screen during the sequences of David and Syd vs. Oliver and Farouk in the desert. As always, I was a bit confused as the episode came to an end but not completely surprised about the Melanie twist. She hasn’t had much screen time in the season so far, so it’s almost logical that they use her character in an interesting way.

I’m giving “Chapter 16” a 7 out of 10. The vignettes work better at the beginning of the episodes and “Chapter 16” dragged in parts despite the visual awesomeness that is the Legion style of storytelling.


Legion airs Tuesdays at 10 P.M. EST on FX.


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