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This week on Legion, we returned to the desert as we approach the fight between David and Farouk. Most of the episode saw a Farouk-controlled Melanie making Sydney doubt David as Lenny and the others showed up. Here’s a recap of “Chapter 18”.

The episode began with a scene of a strangely dressed David sitting on a throne with Syd in a glass orb while Lenny laid at his feet surrounded by bones. Back in a more familiar place, Syd thought about her conversation with Clark before leaving the tent. She found a huge hole in the ground and a drain plug near by. Things got weirder than usual when she helped a bunny near the hole only to be dragged in. She was shocked to see Melanie there.

The woman went on about love and men before showing Syd a real-time look of David looking for her, flashbacks of intimate moments together, and flashbacks of times where David lost control of his powers. Melanie painted David as someone who enjoys destruction and cursed with insanity. She referred to the monster aka Farouk as a gift to him.

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Finding Oliver in a house, David was quick to rough him up and demand Syd’s location. With a drill and chains, David tortured him for answers while Melanie played the scene for Syd, questioning who’s the real monster. At the same time, Lenny appeared in the desert and questioned a group of interestingly dressed folks chilling around another hole in the ground. They pointed her in the direction of the monastery and she headed off with her gun.

Not able to handle watching the violence, Syd walked away only for Melanie to pull her back in to show her the goodbye kiss between future Syd and David. Continuing to put ideas in Syd’s head, Melanie showed the conversation between Farouk and future Syd that revealed that David had become something dark, capable of “killing the world”.

Elsewhere, Cary and Kerry arrived with guards from Division Three. Their search for Lenny was interrupted by the group of weirdly dressed men that Lenny ran into. Without their box like helmets, the men swung sphere to create a sound that incapacitated the soldiers. Kerry was able to withstand the sound and take them out, only for more to arrive.

LegionOliver finally revealed that Syd was with Farouk and that he was forced to give the mutant control over Melanie. While Farouk transferred himself back into his old body and sent out a minotaur (yeah you read that right), Clark and vermillions arrived with another weapon.

While Kerry was able to take out most of the men when it was down to the final two Lenny lent a hand by shooting one of the men. Unfortunately, Cary was tied up and taken into the hole but was able to escape after his captor was killed by the minotaur.

Cary found David who was unusually calm as he overlooked Oliver’s prone body. Cary was relieved to discover his friend was still alive, but all David could focus on was killing Farouk, although he did mention being worried about how good he imagined it would feel to kill Farouk. He also explained that the weapon Clark had was a dampener that will weaken everyone, blocking their powers for a few moments.

Instead of finding Cary, Kerry found Syd who explained that she had to stop David because he was the monster. The pair faced off against the minotaur and seemed to lose pretty quickly. As night fell in the desert, Farouk emerged and took out Clark and his guards. The vermillions calculated their failure and rolled out. In the last moments of this week’s Legion, David quoted a nursery rhyme as he approached his suited foe.

Review of this week’s Legion

Syd flipped the switch pretty quick, didn’t she? Now I’m not sure if Farouk is in her head or if she really believes that David is the monster to be stopped. Either way, things are definitely falling into place for David to feel betrayed and react badly to it, thus creating this “world killer” they fear. On another note, I loved the scene with Kerry taking out those men.

The shift in David this episode happened pretty fast. The opening scene was this look at the possible future, but in his next to final scene with Cary, he had the same almost detached air about him. To the writers, I’m prepared to fight you because “Chapter 18” was another episode of build up with a cliffhanger. I’m giving it a 9 out of 10 though because it kept me hooked.

The season finale of Legion airs next Tuesday at 10 PM EST.


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