Last night, Noah Fawley and crew brought us an electrifying season two finale for Legion that changed everything. Here’s a recap of “Chapter 19”.

The episode opened up with a showdown between Farouk and David that mixed music and animation design. Lenny changed the tide when she fired a shot to activate the sonic pitchfork brought by Clark, weakening the pair. David was able to get the upper hand and was prepared to kill Farouk. Instead of showing David delivering the final blow, the scene jumped to a flash forward from three years later.

Oliver and Melanie sat together in the astral plane, having abandoned their physical bodies. While they discussed how happy they’ve been, they mentioned missing their friends, especially Syd. They expressed sadness over what happened to her and mention David’s “turn”.

Back in the present, an armed Syd interrupted David and revealed that he’s the one that destroys the world. David, disbelieving of the turn of events tried to talk her down but failed. When she fired the gun, David threw up his hands and was transported into his mind. There, another version of himself revealed that the idea of Syd saving him and loving him is a delusion. Another version appeared and expressed anger and hate towards Syd.

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From Lenny’s perspective, she witnessed Syd preparing to shot David. She fired a shot which hit Syd’s bullet, knocking both Syd and David down. When she tried to run she was cornered by Admiral Fukuyama and Division Three guards. When David awoke, he used his abilities on Syd before heading back to Division Three with the others who had Farouk in captivity.

Syd requested a night to herself, leaving David to his own thoughts in his room. While his mental counterparts tried to spur him into action, David was sure that he could fix things. He projected into Syd’s room and asked her to run away with him after Farouk’s trial. She made a comment about him seeming different but brushed it off as things got a little spicy.

When David went to say goodbye to an imprisoned Farouk, the man told David that what he was doing to Syd was terrible and that she’d think of David the same way David thought of Farouk. After he left, Farouk overpowered his suppressor crown enough to control a mouse and give it a message to deliver to Syd. Elsewhere, Cary used tech to recreate the scene on the hill and witness David using his powers on Syd to wipe her memory of her trying to shoot him and why she did it.

Image result for legion chapter 19The next day at what’s meant to be Farouk’s trial, David is surrounded by an energy orb while Farouk is allowed to walk free. He’s essentially on trial for his future crimes. Syd revealed that she knew the truth of what he did to her and explained that they wanted to help him. The vermillions made matters worse when they declared that if he didn’t comply with treatments they would kill them.

Accepting the voices in his head, not wanting to be drugged up again, and dealing with his friends’ betrayal, David powered up and broke the orb. He disappeared in a glow of white light and reappeared in Lenny’s cell before the duo disappeared together.

In the final lines of the season, Syd asked Clark what they could do. Clark’s response, “We pray”.

Review of last night’s Legion finale

While last night’s episode officially confirmed that David was both mentally ill and influenced by Farouk’s previous presence in his mind, it also made me realize that David has always unsettled me. Noah Fawley and the other writers spent two seasons making me think David was the hero only for the tables to turn rather abruptly last night. I think having the main character switch sides is going to be an interesting dynamic to adapt to next season.

The animation in the opening was cool and made me wish they had included more animated elements during season two. On another note, I just want to give Syd a hug. From David being missing to dealing with the thought of her future self, and David’s betrayal, she went through so much this season on Legion. I’m hoping the writers give her substantial room to heal, but also show her being badass with her abilities. Syd never got enough badass scenes.

One complaint I had was the fact that Farouk was left free. Syd even mentions all he did to David, but he’s uncuffed and chilling. Did that mouse do more than reveal David’s actions against Syd? We shall see next season.

I’m giving the season finale of Legion a 10 out of 10.


What did you think of the way things played out?


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