Last week on the second two premiere of Legion, we found David and the other mutants of Summerland in a very different setting with an expanding evil to handle. Here’s a recap of the season two premiere.

“Chapter 9” kicked off with Lenny and Oliver floating in the pool looking like they were enjoying their time before falling into laughter at the realization that they’re trapped somewhere. The scene zooms out to Oliver in a bar and then to a sunglass-wearing man in Paris before we get a black screen and a monologue about being trapped in the maze that is your mind. The last line before the scene changes is “Welcome to madness”.

Dan Stevens in Legion (2017)A very fitting start as we’re taken to David sitting in an empty room in an abandoned club murmuring about “saving them” as Ptonomy and Clark looked on in confusion. As they rushed David out of the area, red lighting is thrown across the scene and there’s a creepy moment where a number of people are standing look like blank face zombies clacking their teeth.

They take him to division three where Cary oversaw his recovery. When David doesn’t awaken, they wondered if he’s trapped in the astral plane or infected by the Shadow King.

Against Admiral Fukuyama’s wishes, Cary took off his protective gear and repeatedly asked David to wake up as armed guards rushed into the room. David woke up and asked for waffles. While he ate, Ptonomy explained that they were able to convince division 3 that some mutants aren’t dangerous. Now, they work in different parts of the organization to help find the Shadow King.

David is confused by all that’s happened since he thought he disappeared the day before. Soon, He and Sydney were reunited and shared an intimate moment. Later, she explained that Farouk is still in Oliver’s body and has been going around and infecting normal people while he looks for something.

Another familiar face comes in as we found Melanie in her room. She was a different woman than we saw in season one. She’s cynical, has cut her hair, and spends her days smoking and being high. After another vignette on delusions, we’re back to the main story. Clark rolled up on David to tell him that they’d be running some test soon to see if he’s telling the truth about not remembering anything after his disappearance. David is then sent to see Admiral Fukuyama and his strange robotic assistants that speak for him.

In the meeting, he learns that they have to destroy both the Shadow King’s physical body that is hidden and his mind. David wanted to protect Oliver’s body in the process, but Fukuyama doesn’t agree to do so. David proceeded to Cary’s lab where he stripped down and climbed inside a liquid-filled chamber meant to expand his reach and help find Farouk.

Rachel Keller in Legion (2017)As David’s powers expanded through the base, his memories emerged and we saw Him in a nightclub having a dance battle against Lenny and Oliver. The sequence is weird in a way only Legion can really pull off.

When the memories got to be too much, he teleported out the chamber. When he tries to be vague about what he saw, Syd calls him out. He doesn’t budge beyond admitting that everything is a lot to take in.

She worries about him leaving again and David revealed that he had a compass made for her that leads to him. He promised not to keep secrets from her. After she goes to sleep, David lied awake recounting what happened after he was trapped in the orb. He walked through the dark space and came across Syd.

She couldn’t speak but drew symbols for him to decipher. Apparently, she’s from the future. Her message: help Farouk find his body. David is confused but she didn’t give him anymore besides a heart before she left, leaving David to end up in his bed before immediately falling away from reality again. He found himself back in the nightclub with Lenny and Oliver, this time in his pajamas. In the final moment, he stands overlooking a sleeping Syd.

Review of the season premiere of Legion

It took my brain a moment to readjust to the intriguing and strange show that Noah Fawley has brought us. A lot has happened in the time jump between season one and two and just like David fans will have to adjust to how the characters and dynamics of the story have changed.

You always end an episode of Legion feeling a little confused but the visuals are always so great that your brain forgets that you don’t know what’s going on. I think this was an interesting start to the season. If it’s anything like the first, I’m going to be a fan. I’m giving the season two premiere a 9 out 10.


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