It was only eight episodes, but season one of Legion on FX was amazing television that kept me coming back week after week. By the halfway point of episode one, I knew this was a show I would be sticking with. It’s also why after the first three episodes I wrote an article on why Legion was must watch TV. It’s already been announced that the series will have a second season, but we don’t know how long we’ll have to wait for it. Until then, fans will probably rewatch, discover things they’ve missed, and theorize what’s to come. Let’s look back at the awesomeness that was season one.

The Characters

The ensemble for this series is a good one. Sometimes television and film depictions of comic and literary characters can fall flat, but that wasn’t the case with Legion. The chemistry and performances were wonderful. Aubrey Plaza was a standout. She was funny, creepy, and just about everything you want from a captivating villain. Dan Stevens and Rachel Keller played David and Syd well too. They brought the romance factor with their pairing, but it never overshadowed the fight for David’s mind.

Every character was interesting on their own. I actually wanted to know more about the other characters like Kerry, Cary, and Ptonomy. That’s a great thing. If nobody cares about your supporting cast, then you’re doing something wrong. Shoutout to the casting directors for bringing this group together.

The Openings

I’ve never seen a show start their episodes the way Legion does.  The writers were definitely creative. Most times they included music and interesting shots where it took viewers a moment to figure out where they were in the story and what was going on. They were intriguing and had me glued to my TV. I’ve been known to lose interest in episodes of shows if the first few minutes don’t grab me. I never felt that way watching Legion.

The Story

Noah Hawley and the other writers kept me on the edge of my seat. I could never predict what was going to happen next. Even when I thought I knew what was going on when they began to look back at David’s memories, they brought in plot twists that had most fans going:

Every episode was exciting and built the tension effortlessly. The adaptation of comics into television shows doesn’t always go smoothly. Some shows like Arrow and The Flash have seen the backlash for some of their decisions. I think the FX has done a great job bringing David and his story to the silver screen. I really enjoyed the Easter eggs thrown in, especially when they were fully explained and woven into the storyline; Charles Xavier and Shadow King. The finale was strong and left us wanting more. Hawley clearly knows what he’s doing.


I mentioned the cinematography for Legion after watching the first three episodes. But now, after watching the entire first season, I have to talk about it again. The use of lighting, slow motion, and the set design really brought this show together. The effects brought a similar awe to what I felt watching Doctor Strange last year. The transitions in episode seven with the black and white and the use of the glasses to show what was real versus what the Shadow King aka Lenny conjured was pretty cool.

My Favorite Moments from Season One of Legion

  1. Lenny’s dance number with the red lighting was weird and unexpected but awesome. It was another scene that made me hope Aubrey gets some kind of nomination.
  2. The chalkboard scene between David and his “rational” side was funny. We got a lot of information and backstory but it never felt slow. The effects of the animated chalk drawings were legit. I can’t think of another show or movie off of the top of my head that used that technique so fluently.
  3. The sequence using the silent movie captions in episode seven were so unexpected. I loved it and it just continues to set Legion apart from everything else on television.
  4. Any moment where David successfully used his powers and had control and not Lenny, was a cool moment. The “man tree” in the finale was hilarious.

After the cliffhanger last night with David getting kidnapped in a strange sphere, fans will be coming up with all kinds theories during the hiatus and I can’t wait to read them. I didn’t expect to be as into the show as I am now. Bravo to the cast, writers, and crew for drawing me in.

What did you think of Legion‘s first season? What characters do you want to see in season two?



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