Lonzo Ball-PG-UCLA
Size: 6’6 190lbs

Lonzo Ball


  • Size
  • Passing ability
  • Court vision
  • Playmaker
  • On-court leader/High basketball IQ
  • Unorthodox but accurate shot
  • Willing defender

Analysis: Lonzo Ball possesses a unique set of skills, especially for a PG his size–he is 6’6 with a 6’9 wingspan. One of the first things that stands out about Ball is his elite transition play, it starts with his ability to force turnovers and haul in defensive boards to push the ball up the floor and begin the break. He also has tremendous speed in the open floor when the ball is in his hands, but the skill that truly transcends above all other players his age is his elite vision, creativity and passing ability. Not only does he demonstrate the ability to deliver exceptionally accurate passes, but his knowledge of when to push the ball up the floor himself and when to give it up to his teammates is impeccable—he always knows where his teammates are on the floor and gets them the ball in spots they are comfortable. He has excellent ball-handling ability, but does an exemplary job of not over dribbling and keeping everyone involved, he is also very efficient in transition where he posted an outstanding 4.1-to-1 assist to turnover ratio. The half court is where Ball is a more polarizing player, with transparent strengths and weaknesses to his game. His greatest strength in the half court is still his court vision and creativity prowess, he has the size to see over the defense and find shooters on the perimeter or make entry passes to the post. Despite his odd shooting motion, he releases the ball squared to the basket and gets great rotation on his ball. In addition, Ball is an above average shooter on the move, as he does a good job getting his feet underneath him when coming off of a screen. He also has a lethal step-back jumper, which is one of his go-to scoring options in isolation situations or off the pick and roll. The combination of his deep range and comfort with the step-back can be a tough guard for opposing defenses, Ball connected on 41.2% of his 194 three-point attempts this past season, many of them from far beyond NBA range.  In his one season at UCLA, he proved to be a much better athlete than most thought coming out of high school. Ball understands the use of deception and has a real knack for lulling his defender to sleep off the ball, then using hard backdoor cuts to create scoring opportunities. Ball will fit well in the modern up-tempo NBA game today.


  • Needs to add muscle
  • Not the quickest first step
  • Odd shooting stroke
  • Inability to create own shot at this point in career
  • Has struggled against fierce dribble penetration
  • LaVar?

Analysis: Despite his ideal size, Ball needs to add muscle to his frame to really hang with the big boys in the NBA. He has terrific speed but does not possess the quickest first step, which will make it more challenging to put pressure on the defense in the NBA. The biggest knock on Ball at this stage is his inability to consistently create his own offense when things break down–he is not great in isolation and generally his pick and roll possessions end up as a passer. He very infrequently used the pick to get into the paint and find his own offense. He also rarely showed signs of any mid-range game or the ability to pull up off the dribble. Ball will likely need to play alongside several other offensive threats to be able to generate his own offense in spurts. This is where his odd shot mechanics can affect him—if he can’t effectively score off his own dribble, shooting with his strange shot can make it more difficult. On the one hand, Ball converted on 48.6% of his jumpers off the dribble, a number that was near the top in college basketball. However, rarely did he attempt such shots this season, and most of them were step-back three pointers rather than mid range pull ups, his inability to pull up in the mid-range is a function of his extremely slow shooting mechanics. Ball’s low release point and need to come back across his body certainly seem to factor into his inability to get his jumper off when pulling up off the dribble, and he has almost no in-between game because of it. He will need to develop a somewhat quicker release if he ever wants to be effective in this facet of the game. Ball is an intriguing prospect, but his weaknesses are well documented, and he will need to be surrounded by the right personnel to achieve optimal success. Perhaps the biggest question mark surrounding Ball has nothing to do with his game whatsoever. Some NBA execs view his father, LaVar as a potential problem with his “over involvement” and the endless controversial comments he has made over the last few months. The hope is that he will fade into the background and not be too involved with Lonzo’s day-to-day decision-making, and ultimately career. Time will tell…

NBA Comparison: Jason Kidd

Draft Projection: Top 2

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