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On Lucifer’s first episode back (besides that standalone episode from the beginning of the year) picks up right after Pierce is revealed as Cain, the world’s first murderer. Turns out despite the fact that he’s immortal, he still feels just as much pain as if he weren’t and bleeds. A lot. But apparently with the whole Sinnerman situation of it all, it turns out that the Sinnerman was Pierce’s right hand man until he went rogue.

But despite the fact that Pierce was the one who got Lucifer kidnapped, it turns out that he had nothing to do with giving him back his wings and taking away his devil face. In the end, we find out that Lucifer’s father, AKA God, gave Lucifer back his wings so that Pierce wouldn’t be able to die, which is his “deepest desire”.

Apparently, Pierce came to Los Angeles to find Chloe after he found out that she made Lucifer bleed but with God giving Lucifer back his wings, it stopped Pierce from dying, even when he was close to Chloe. As a result, Cain decides to literally make a deal with the devil to get back at Lucifer’s dad by figuring out a way to kill Pierce in order to get back at Lucifer’s father.

amenadiel and linda Lucifer recap

With Amenadiel and Linda, they’ve apparently been sneaking around together lately but Amenadiel goes to the doctor’s office thinking he has a cold or the flu, which is weird because he’s immortal and I’m assuming that means he won’t get sick but he apparently has chlamydia . Or at least that’s what we thought; later the doctor calls to tell him it was a false positive.

The chlamydia scare wasn’t just hilarious but it brings back up the Amenadiel, Linda, and Maze love triangle with which Maze finds out about Amenadiel and Linda at the end of the episode when she sees them kissing at a restaurant. In my opinion, I still wish that if there were a romance here, it would’ve been that much more interesting if it were between Linda and Maze, and I’m apparently not the only person who thinks that, at least according to some other Lucifer fans.

charlotte and pierce

And then there’s a situation between Charlotte, Ella, and Pierce, which is honestly one of my favorite parts of the episode. In the episode before the standalone one, Pierce snaps at Ella and tells her that she talks too much which apparently really hurt her feelings because she’s not her cheery self for the majority of the episode. But after hearing what happened, Charlotte tells her to stand up for herself because, as she puts it “nobody’s gonna do it for you”.

But what was great about it was that Charlotte ends up meeting and confronting Pierce and scolds him, calling him a bully to which Pierce ends up apologizing to Ella in the end. It didn’t have much to do with the general plot of the story but seeing two women stand up to a bully is just always nice to see. Plus, this could be the start of a beautiful friendship between Charlotte and Ella, especially after Ella tries to get away from Charlotte after she asks for her help to become a better friend after her recent trip to Hell.

lucifer and chloe

On the more procedural side of things, Chloe gets help from Dan on a new case about a dead pro surfer named Manny that turns up on a privately owned beach. Pierce decides to transfer out given that his plan of dying didn’t go as planned while Chloe tries to convince him to stay, without giving away the fact that she wants him to stay. She also decides to leave Lucifer out of the investigation due to the fact that she’s still mad at him for kidnapping the Sinnerman, so he declares that it’s “Detective Day”, which is just basically Lucifer trying to get back into Chloe’s good graces, which of course, he does later on in the episode.

After investigating into Manny’s surfing nemesis and a surfing gang (which I’m not even sure really exists) only to discover that the killer is the woman who owns that private beach, who apparently doesn’t actually own the beach but paid for the land and thinks that she does, which was honestly my first instinct when I was trying to figure out who the killer was.

Overall, Chloe subtly try to convince Pierce to stay was adorable because it’s been a long time since she’s been with anyone. But as nice as this love triangle between Chloe, Lucifer, and Pierce is, I think we all know that Lucifer and Chloe will be the ones who’ll end up together in the end. In addition to that, I’m excited to see how Lucifer and Pierce’s relationship changes now that they’re both trying to get back at his dad and I’m guessing that it’ll be a painful but funny journey trying to kill Pierce.


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