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On last night’s return episode of Lucifer, it was the first out of the last five of the season. But even with the end of the season slowly approaching, the show still doesn’t know whether or not they’re coming back for a fourth season, which is why their fans, me included, have been tweeting with the hashtag, #RenewLucifer, in hopes that FOX will see how much the people want the show to come back for another season. So remember to tweet #RenewLucifer like I’ve been doing during my weekly live tweets! It looks like we’ll have to wait a little longer to find out the show’s ultimate fate.

“Angel of San Bernardino” turned out to be a pretty explosive episode; Charlotte mistakenly goes back to being her old self over a misunderstanding, Lucifer thinks he’s been sleepwalking or sleep flying, which coincidentally involves the case of the week, Maze helps Pierce with their newfound partnership, and Pierce’s mark is finally removed.


For starters, Charlotte goes back to being care-free after her lost time revelation. She goes around making some reckless decisions which included insulting her coworkers about the small things and getting drunk and almost hooking up with Dan. All hilarious but all unfortunately done under false assumptions.

Apparently, Charlotte was only making impulsive decisions because she thought that her new angel friends could still take her to heaven. But Amenadiel informs her that the fact that he and Lucifer are angels doesn’t change where she ends up in the end. But after all of this, Charlotte realizes that she can’t change who she is, no matter how hard she’s tried. Which means she’s going to hell.

As for this week’s case, a witness claims an angel saved her life after a murder occurs in her home. After finding an angel figurine in his bedroom, which was missing from the crime scene, Lucifer thinks that he’s been sleep-flying (as opposed to sleepwalking) and decides that he’s not going to sleep, especially after there was another siting of an angel and more stuff ending up in his room.


Then ensues a hilarious montage of Lucifer doing anything and everything he can to stay awake, including binge-watching all 12 seasons of BonesAfter some investigation, both Lucifer and Chloe find out that the killer is the victim’s baby mamma’s husband. Or fake husband. Apparently, the guy’s an actor the woman hired to be her husband to keep the victim away from her because he was a drug addict.

They actually fell in love and had their own family, so he killed the victim to keep a newly sober version of him away from their family. As for all the other clues that point to Lucifer being the Angel of San Bernardino, as the newspaper calls it, is all because of Maze.

While helping Pierce, Maze comes up with her own plot to manipulate Lucifer while Pierce worked on getting to Chloe. Maze planted an identical angel figurine in his bedroom and broke his handcuffs (when Lucifer handcuffed himself so that he wouldn’t potentially sleep-fly), all because he knew she could use his daddy issues against him.

As for Pierce and Chloe, they get hot and heavy for the entire episode and Chloe gets this close to saying those three little words Pierce was waiting for all along. But Pierce has a change of heart and decides he can’t hurt her like that and breaks it off. Lucifer confronts him and starts to give him a beating until he sees that Pierce’s mark is suddenly gone.


Maze is clearly still hurting and angry, but she’s definitely focusing all that anger on Lucifer for the time being. But I’m pretty sure she’s not done manipulating. The only question is, who’s her next target? She’s already kind of manipulated Linda and Amenadiel during the prom episode but that was before they knew that she knew about them. So, we’ll see if she’ll continue manipulating people, which I’m sure she will be seeing that she’s obviously still angry.

As for the whole Pierce situation, there’s no real explanation as to why Pierce’s curse is suddenly lifted but now that it’s gone, it means he can finally die. But Pierce seems to genuinely care about Chloe now, especially since the promo for next week’s episode shows Pierce getting down on one knee to pop the question.

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All of the scenes between a completely sleep-deprived and distraught Lucifer and a confused but love-struck Chloe were absolutely brilliant. Lucifer tries to tell Chloe the truth about who he really is and who Pierce really is but she obviously doesn’t believe him. But why Lucifer doesn’t decide to show her his wings to prove his point is honestly beyond me, especially since he really wants her to believe him this time.

Lucifer airs Mondays on FOX

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