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In this week’s episode of Lucifer, Chloe puts her life in danger for someone who later becomes Abel and Lucifer and Pierce continue on with their plan of trying to rid Pierce of his curse, only for Lucifer to go back on his word in the end.

The episode starts with Lucifer explaining his plan to Pierce, which involves badly drawn stick figures and resurrecting Abel’s soul into someone else’s body, much like when Mum came to earth and took over Charlotte Richards’ body. Later, Lucifer flies down to Hell (using those wings he can’t get rid of) and ends up accidentally displacing Abel’s soul by putting it in a young woman’s body rather than the old man they were planning to put him in. Problem is, this woman, Bree, is involved with the case of the week and Abel still thinks he’s in Hell.

For this week’s police investigation, a bomb goes off downtown leaving one dead body and one victim in critical condition, the second being the body Abel ends up in. Lucifer ends up working with Pierce for this episode and Dan comes in as his replacement to work the case. The victim was apparently only the messenger of the bomb and the intended target was actually Alexa, a Hollywood producer. Or at least that’s what the killer wanted us to think, who ends up being Alexa, in conjunction with the Bolivian cartel. After Chloe gets mixed up in Pierce, Abel, and Lucifer’s business, Lucifer decides that he’s no longer going to help Pierce kill himself because it put Chloe’s life in danger, even though it was her choice to stay behind to help defuse the bomb.

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But being that Abel doesn’t know he’s actually alive, he or rather she, walks off and Lucifer and Pierce are left left to look for her and enlist the help of Maze. From Maze, we learn that Abel is apparently a lot like Lucifer and they continue to look for him. But Amenadiel ends up finding her first because he’s apparently been following Lucifer and wants Abel to go back to Hell, where he thinks she belongs.

Lucifer and Pierce eventually find Abel but only after she shoots at a Bolivian contractor, who was trying to kill her, and runs off again where Lucifer and Amenadiel butt heads once again. Later, they enlist the help of Maze (again) and she gets Abel to show up where she shoots at Pierce, only for him to not die, meaning that he’s definitely still cursed.

Chloe and Dan finally find Bree, AKA Abel, who obviously doesn’t remember anything about the crime/investigation, and they go back to Alexa’s office where they fall right into Alexa’s trap involving yet another bomb, where Chloe decides to stay back and help Bree/Abel get out of there alive, which evidently is how Chloe figures out that Alexa was the killer all along.

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Meanwhile, Charlotte continues with her therapy sessions with Linda and is hesitant to share what she does remember, AKA what her Hell actually consisted of but is just trying to get Linda to help her recover her memory back, which I doubt is actually possible. Linda pushes her to open up about what she actually does remember. Later, Charlotte encounters Abel, who also went through Hell and sees that she isn’t afraid to give up control, regardless of the fact that she’s also been through Hell and Charlotte finally decides to open up to Dr Linda at the end of the episode.

We find out that her Hell consisted of her family getting murdered in front of her because of a past criminal client of hers. She, like Lucifer said to her before, felt more guilt, and ultimately fear, from knowingly representing guilty clients than she’d originally thought. This scene between Charlotte and Linda was brilliant and heartbreaking and was by far my favorite scene of the episode.

maze and amenadiel

Overall, it was interesting to find out that both Abel and Pierce ended up in Hell, only Pierce’s existed on earth.  Maze and Amenadiel also encounter each other again where they ended up in a big fight scene, which didn’t end up resulting in any type of resolution, which makes me wonder how long the writers will end up drawing this love triangle. After that brilliant scene between Charlotte and Linda, I’m excited to see whether or not Charlotte will be able to get custody, or at last partial custody, of her kids, especially now that we know how much her family really means to her. Also, despite the fact that Lucifer decided not to help Pierce anymore, I’m still guessing that we’re going to follow through with this story because I don’t think the writers will leave us hanging like that.

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