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In last night’s episode of Lucifer, Chloe and Pierce are now dating, Maze becomes the main suspect of a murder, and Charlotte finally finds out the truth about everything. And I mean everything. And finally, Pierce teams up with an unlikely ally to try to get what he wants from Lucifer.

So Chloe and Pierce are apparently officially dating now and Chloe is hesitant about telling everyone, especially Lucifer, about it. At least at first. But of course, she tells him and Lucifer spends the whole episode feeling jealous and a little heartbroken watching the two of them. But he’s at least trying to stay out of all of it by letting them be (for the most part anyway) while Ella is trying to console him while swooning over Pierce at the same time. How long it’s going to take for Lucifer to finally get annoyed and jealous enough over it all is still a mystery but at the very least, he seems to at least speculate Pierce’s impure intentions. Which is smart, given that he’s literally the world’s first murderer.

Maze is still in a rage over the whole Amenadiel and Linda situation and wants to go back home to Hell but Lucifer refuses to take her back. The reasoning behind why is a little iffy because it’s partly because God might spite him by taking Chloe from him but he also still wants to keep her around because he’s currently losing Chloe. Which resulted in Maze leaving and telling him (in a really beautifully emotional scene, might I add) that she’s just a consolation prize to him, because admittingly, that’s what she’s become to him over the years.

And it makes sense that she’s upset because she doesn’t feel important enough to come first for anyone, whether it’s Lucifer or Linda and it’s really solidified why she’s so angry and upset about Linda and Amenadiel. Linda really was the one person that Maze thought would actually put her first for once and instead, she went behind her back by being with Amenadiel after she asked her not to. So as angsty as she’s been thus far, this scene pretty much covers why she’s been so angry at everything and everyone. But surprisingly as she’s about to board a bus to leave, Pierce approaches her and offers to team up with her so that they can both try to get what they want. In Pierce’s case, it would be to get Lucifer to help him die. For Maze, it would be to go back home to Hell.

maze 3But before we get to that scene, the LAPD investigate a murder that points at Maze as the main suspect, if not the culprit. The evidence does seem pretty damning at first including a security video of her standing over the dead body pulling her knife out of him and a green tea coconut water (which is weirdly her drink of choice) being found in the guy’s trailer. But Chloe is insistent that Maze is innocent, even though she usually does have pretty violent tendencies, and they all eventually find out that someone is framing her.

But Maze figures it all out before everyone else which for starters, means she’s a pretty great bounty hunter and second, means that she spends the whole episode tracking down the real killer. Turns out it’s the mother of someone Maze bounty hunted in the past, who feels that Maze killed her son because her son died in prison, which Maze put him in. But it’s not her fault that the guy killed a girl while driving drunk and it’s definitely not her fault that he tried to run (which is why she had to hunt him down in the first place). The team eventually put all of this info together, but not until after we got to see a montage of Lucifer and Chloe trying not to laugh while interviewing a bunch of people Maze put away as a bounty hunter. And I don’t blame them for not keeping a straight face because it was admittingly pretty funny.

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But in other news, Charlotte is still trying to figure out what she’s still missing after Amenadiel tells her that she was his stepmom during her missing time, which, as we all know, is just another lie or partial truth. But Linda picks up pretty quickly that Amenadiel went back to talk to her again, while trying to hide the fact that she knows everything. But despite Amenadiel giving her a partial truth, Charlotte can tell he’s not telling her something and goes to Lucifer to fill in the missing pieces.

Lucifer however ends up telling her everything: that he’s really the Devil, that Amenadiel’s an angel, and that she was their mom, who was the Goddess of all creation and she’s off creating in a different universe. This, of course, sounded even crazier to her, especially being told all of this within one conversation. So Lucifer and Amenadiel decide to prove it to her. Which they do by unleashing Lucifer’s wings on her, to which she reacts by feeling relieved because she really isn’t crazy after all.

This move of letting Charlotte in on all-things celestial was, I think, a really great move. It’s great to have another person in to their supernatural world in all honesty and Charlotte’s never seemed like someone who would just stop asking questions. As crazy as waking up with months of missing time is, it’s even crazier not knowing why and feeling like everyone around you is lying to you. So now that she knows the truth, she can now move on to focusing on being a better person than she was before her short trip to Hell.

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