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Last night on Lucifer, Dan becomes Lucifer’s new partner while Chloe takes some time off to plan her wedding, Charlotte takes over Chloe’s previously tame bachelorette party, Maze finds out that Pierce lied about still having his mark, Dan goes for it with Charlotte, and Chloe finally breaks it off with Pierce.

So first off, we’re shocked to find out that Chloe and Pierce’s wedding is imminent: they’ve already set the date to 3 weeks from now. So they’re really rushing into things. So Ella, completely psyched for them, decides to throw Chloe a bachelorette party and Pierce suggests that Chloe take some time off so she can plan the wedding.

But even though she’s taking some time off, Chloe still hangs around the precinct and plans for her wedding on what Maze calls, a wedding murder board. Also in addition to that, Ella is still working so she hands off the party planning to Maze until she gets off work. Which sounds like it could be the biggest rager ever but Maze does the complete opposite and hosts an extremely dull party filled with pink decorations and non-alcoholic punch.

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The rest of the girls, desperate to get the party going, look for anything to amp the party up. But all they find is Maze’s itinerary list, which just sounds boring than ever. But Charlotte calls in a party bus, full of booze, a stripper pole, a shirtless water polo team, all complete with custom-made bachelorette t-shirts. Basically the rager they were all expecting and looking forward to.

But Maze is not happy about any of it because she doesn’t want Chloe to change her mind about marrying Pierce. But later, she could care less about the bachelorette party when she finds out that Pierce lied to her about his mark and it’s really just a fake tattoo. And not a very good one because we see him earlier in the episode going over it with his finger so that it won’t peel off. But once Maze gets to Pierce, he uses Trixie as somewhat of a human shield as she’s sleeping peacefully next to him on the couch, so Maze leaves, promising that she’ll come back for him next time.

Everyone else however is thrilled and Charlotte gets the chance to talk Chloe out of marrying Pierce. And she succeeds because Chloe finally comes to her senses and realizes that she and Pierce are rushing into things. By the end of the night, Chloe tells Pierce that she can’t marry him.

dan and lucifer

Meanwhile, Lucifer is partnered up with Dan for this week’s investigation, with the victim being the owner of a competing dog. Lucifer decides to get into the mindset of Chloe so that he can understand why she’d say yes to marrying Pierce. But while Lucifer tries to impersonate the detective, Dan gets pushed into being Lucifer’s Lucifer. In other words, Dan tries to be a little more like Lucifer, as suggested by Lucifer of course, and they both catch the killer, who turns out to be the victim’s husband.

But, much like Lucifer relating to the killer in last week’s episode, Dan relates to this week’s killer in regards to how he and Charlotte’s relationship is kind of in a confusing place right now. Similarly, Lucifer realizes why Chloe said yes to marrying Pierce. It’s because Lucifer is somewhat unreliable and Pierce is just the opposite: responsible, steady, and someone she can rely on.

But Chloe ends up breaking it off with Pierce anyways and it seems like things are starting to go back to normal between her and Lucifer after he realizes she’s no longer wearing the ring. After Dan has his revelation about Charlotte, he goes to her to tell her how he feels about her and they finally get together.

dan and charlotte

Honestly, I feel for Maze because she’s clearly still hurting and is determined to get back to Hell. Chloe and Pierce’s relationship didn’t last long, as expected, because Pierce didn’t go into it with the purest of intentions. It was also nice that it was Charlotte that finally knocked some sense into Chloe because I still don’t think that her decision to say yes to Pierce’s proposal was in any way sensical.

Yes, Pierce seems like the reliable choice when compared to Lucifer but they were only together for a few weeks, maybe less, and she literally just introduced him to Trixie 2 episodes ago. And she was hesitant to at first. I’m also really happy about Charlotte and Dan getting (back) together. If there’s anything this season’s proven about Dan, it’s that he’s just a really great guy. Especially since Charlotte is literally a completely different person than she was last year and yet, Dan still wants to be with her.
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