Before I go over the last night’s episode of Lucifer, FOX announced on Friday that the show, among others, got cancelled. But despite that, Lucifans, myself included, have been campaigning on Twitter with the hashtags #SaveLucifer and #PickUpLucifer and we’ve been pretty successful. At the time that I’m writing this, a different network still hasn’t picked up the series for its fourth season BUT #SaveLucifer and #PickUpLucifer has collectively gotten over 3 million tweets, #SaveLucifer trending worldwide within the first hour of the news, and #PickUpLucifer trending worldwide within just six minutes of this week’s episode airing on the east coast. Lucifans all around the world have come together, vowing to not give up this Twitter campaign until a network picks them up.

But for now, we’re still left waiting until someone picks the show up for its next season. According to Tom Ellis, who plays Lucifer, tweeted out the other day that Warner Bros TV and EP Jerry Bruckheimer are working on saving the series via this tweet, but there are still no guarantees.

But that aside, last night’s finale episode was epic: everyone works together to prove that Pierce is both the Sinnerman and responsible for Charlotte’s murder, Maze makes up with Linda, Lucifer and Pierce finally go head to head, and Chloe finally finds out the truth about Lucifer.


Following Charlotte’s murder from last week, everyone is determined to find her killer and is upset and angry about it, especially once they figure out that Pierce is the killer. Dan finds Charlotte’s case file on Pierce being the Sinnerman and everyone eventually jumps on board to his theory. Ella doesn’t join in their secret team up until a little later in the episode but she takes a huge leap in faith by helping them out.

Ella basically tells Pierce that everyone else is onto him, more or less anyway, and Pierce get his fall guy to go after Dan. Dan and Chloe trick the guy into thinking that Dan was defenseless and then they tie him up in order to get to Pierce. While they do that, Lucifer distracts Pierce by confronting him in his office where Pierce admits to accidentally killing Charlotte. Then they both talk about Pierce’s theory versus Amenadiel’s: Pierce thought that his mark went away because Chloe loved him when it was really because for the first time in his entire existence, Pierce was selfless.

Pierce’s theory about Chloe making him vulnerable the same way it made Lucifer vulnerable was honestly a little too far-fetched to be true. Especially since we know that God created Chloe as a miracle child so that she would cross paths with Lucifer. So it just didn’t make sense that her loving Pierce is the reason why Pierce’s mark disappears.


Meanwhile, Maze fights her way through all 14 of Pierce’s men and gets to Linda, leaving her bloody and completely out of breath. But she gets to Linda, makes sure that she’s not in any immediate danger from Pierce, and passes out. Maze has been so angry and hurt after the whole Amenadiel and Linda situation but it hasn’t changed the fact that she still cares about them. Linda tells her that emotions are hard but, contrary to Maze’s belief, they make you stronger. And Maze finally apologizes to her for everything she’s done pushing her away.

Later, Dan convinces Pierce’s fall guy to help them by telling him that they’d all protect his sister fro Pierce and the people in his Sinnerman network. Or at least that’s what we thought. Turns out the guy doesn’t even have a sister and Lucifer and Chloe walk right into a trap with Pierce and some of his guys, armed and waiting for them.

lucifer protecting chloe

Pierce and Chloe end up shooting each other and Lucifer takes out his wings to physically guard Chloe from all the other gunshots coming from the rest of Pierce’s men. Chloe’s momentarily passed out during this but this scene of Lucifer protecting Chloe from the gunshots, yelling in pain, and seeing his white wings stained with blood from all the hits, was a cinematic masterpiece. Then Lucifer flies Chloe up to the top of that building, Chloe wakes up and it’s revealed that Chloe was wearing her bulletproof vest, meaning that she wasn’t hurt.

Then Lucifer flies back down to Pierce, while Chloe looks away confused, and thus ensues an epic showdown between Lucifer against Pierce’s men, with Lucifer using his bloody wings the way a superhero would use a cape to fight. Once he takes Pierce’s men out, Lucifer puts his wings away and goes head to head against Pierce, Lucifer with his immortality (now that Chloe’s a safe distance away) and Pierce with one of Maze’s blades, making it a fair fight with Lucifer winning in the end, as expected.

lucifer full devil face

As Pierce lays there, dying, he genuinely thinks he’s going to Heaven, mostly because he doesn’t feel guilty for anything he’s done. That is until Lucifer reminds him of why he should feel guilty, and we assume that that means he goes to Hell after that. But as Lucifer’s reminding him of that guilt, his Devil face comes back in full form, first with the red eyes, then with electric spark, and then the rest of his face and head transforms. Just as Chloe walks in and sees him.

With an ending like that, we can’t let this be the last episode! So please, tweet along with us with the hashtags #SaveLucifer and #PickUpLucifer on Twitter to help save this show!

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