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In case you missed it, season four of one of my favorite shows, Lucifer, recently dropped on Netflix so I obviously binge-watched it as fast as I could. After getting axed by Fox, Lucifer’s former home, Lucifans (like myself) spent months tweeting the hashtags, #SaveLucifer and #PickUpLucifer and Netflix finally picked them up back in June of last year.

Fast forward to now: the release of the show’s fourth season. And it was a hell of a season (and no, I’m never going to tire from using that pun)  The show picks up a month after the end of season three with Chloe coming back from a month-long trip to Europe after seeing Lucifer’s devil face. The season eventually ends with Lucifer going back to Hell to rule as their king.


Father Kinley and the Prophecy

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Chloe comes back from Europe pretending like she’s completely fine with the fact that her partner is actually the devil. Turns out, she’s actually terrified and confides in Father Kinley, a priest she meets while in the Vatican. He not only believes that Lucifer is who he says he is but that he shouldn’t be on earth. Therefore, he has a mission to send Lucifer back to Hell and gets Chloe to help him. In addition to that, there’s a prophecy that states evil will be released into the world when Lucifer finds his first love. Thankfully, Chloe decides Kinley’s wrong about Lucifer and arrests Kinley after he kills three people.

But even though Kinley’s behind bars, he tells Chloe about the prophecy and for some reason, she’s scared all over again. Not of Lucifer, but of this prophecy coming true. Then, Lucifer’s body uncontrollably starts to change, complete with bat wings and red skin (assumingly because of the prophecy) when he realizes he hates himself. After Lucifer and Chloe get his body in check, demons come to earth by possessing recently killed humans (much like how Mum possessed Charlotte Richards’ body) to get Lucifer to come back to be their king. Lucifer then decides he needs to go back to Hell. If he doesn’t, demons will either take the baby (more on that below) or kill more people to convince Lucifer to return.

Linda’s Pregnancy and its Significance

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Furthermore, Linda finds out she’s pregnant with Amenadiel’s baby. Thankfully, it doesn’t reignite the love triangle argument from last season between Linda, Amenadiel, and Maze but it does bring up a lot of emotions. For starters, Linda’s (understandably) freaked out about having a half-angel half-human baby because it’s the first of its kind. Amenadiel realizes the reality of what it’ll be like for his son to grow up as a black man in America. He even considers taking their baby, who’s later named Charlie (named after Charlotte) up to the silver city for his protection but ultimately decides against it at the last minute. Linda’s pregnancy also brings up a lot of unpleasant memories of her and her mother, Lillith, which is something I’ve been wanting to know more about ever since last season. 

Emotions aside, however, the baby ends up being much more important at the end of the season. Lucifer initially refuses to come back to Hell so the demons go after the baby instead. Apparently, the king of Hell has to be an angel and they figure, a half-angel is close enough. Oh and to add on to all of that other drama, Eve (as in Adam and Eve) comes down to earth to be with Lucifer.


Overarching Themes

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Season four is primarily about identity, specifically Lucifer’s. Eve’s arrival on earth pushes Lucifer towards his previously more indulgent side whereas Chloe brings out the good in him. Eve and Chloe ironically are almost like the metaphorical angel and devil sitting on his shoulders. Eve obviously being the devil and Chloe being the angel. In the end, Lucifer realizes that despite how much he cares for Eve, he doesn’t like who he is when he’s with her. Unfortunately, however, he still goes back to Hell at the end of the season.

In addition to that, Charlotte Richards’ death from last season continues to resonate and impact everyone. Dan is angry almost all the time and starts to revert back to being the douche he was in season one. He blames Lucifer for Charlotte’s death and doesn’t really ever get over it. Ella is also pretty angry over Charlotte’s death, but not at Lucifer. Her previously strong bond with all things religious is severed after Charlotte’s death and she indulges in alcohol, drugs, and a bit of nudity for a case. Dan and Ella even surprisingly hook up when they bond over their shared grief and anger. However, I doubt that it’ll turn into anything more in a potential fifth season.


The Love Triangle: Lucifer, Chloe, and Eve

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Now to the love triangle of the season. Last year, it was Lucifer, Chloe, and Pierce. This time around, we’ve got Lucifer, Chloe, and Eve (and later Maze), Lucifer’s ex-girlfriend. Eve surprisingly reminded me of Ella in the sense that she’s very energetic and bubbly, which is not what I expected (although I’m not quite sure what I expected). Lucifer and Eve get together relatively quickly; Lucifer sees her at the beginning of episode four and they’re together by the end of the episode. The fact that it happens so quickly only proves how much Lucifer’s changed since season one. That, however, doesn’t eliminate Deckerstar moments, which I’m sure every Lucifan is happy about. Especially in the finale when Lucifer and Chloe utter those three little words we’ve all been waiting to hear. 

But back to Eve, she tells Lucifer (and practically anyone else that’ll listen to her) that she left Adam because she knew she could never compare to Adam’s first wife, Lillith (also Maze’s mother). She’s spent years trying to do anything to be his ideal wife and decided she didn’t want to do that anymore. Ironically enough, however, Eve ends up doing the same thing with Lucifer but as his ideal (or what she thinks would be his ideal) girlfriend. She even admits to it in the finale. Eve eventually realizes that she needs to figure out who she is and what she truly wants and ends up just walking away at the end. To add on to that triangle, Maze realizes she has feelings for Eve and goes for it but Eve is so naive that Maze’s message doesn’t get through to her. 


Final Thoughts

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It would’ve been easy to write off Charlotte’s death from last season as an easy one. After all, her character was essentially a temporary main character for both seasons two and three. So, I’m glad that her death, as obvious as it was, continues to make an impact. As for Lucifer’s identity crisis this season, it’s the epitome of why fans like me love the show. It’s the ultimate redemption arc because if the devil can be redeemed, so can anyone else.

The move from network TV to Netflix is noticeable but not to a point that it’s an entirely different show. For starters, we get a little nudity from Tom Ellis and Aimee Garcia, which was a very welcome change to Lucifans. But more importantly, the show has much more celestial elements. We even get a small cameo from another one of Lucifer’s sister, Remiel (who sadly only interacts with Amenadiel) after sensing the angel baby’s presence. Then there’s the finale where things get a lot more supernatural. Demons come up to earth while possessing recently-killed people (which Lucifer forbade years ago) which eventually leads to Lucifer giving in and going back to Hell.

What the Finale Will Mean For (a Potential) Season 5

lucifer sitting on the throne in hell

Much like last season, the writers left the show off on another cliffhanger. We see Lucifer sitting on the throne in Hell. They’ve said before that they were never going to take the show to Hell but we saw a glimpse of it in season two so anything’s possible. If the show’s picked up for a fifth season, the show could either go in two directions. Either we see Lucifer ruling Hell for a while and coming back to earth or there’s a time jump and Lucifer comes back to earth. If they were to go to Hell, I don’t see them staying there for very long because it’d change the show entirely. There’d either be two different storylines (what’s happening on earth versus what’s happening in hell) or a completely different one altogether (in Hell), which I don’t think they’d do. As for Eve, considering the fact that she didn’t die, there’s a big chance that this won’t be the last we see of her (that is if we get a season five). Either way, it was a great season and I’d love for the show to get a fifth season.

What did you think of the new season of Lucifer? And what do you think will happen for a potential season five? Let me know what you thought in the comments section below or tweet me @mzsnguyethai.


Season four of Lucifer is now available to stream on Netflix.


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