Despite the fact that the FOX cancelled Lucifer two weeks ago, Lucifans, myself included, continue to persevere through in order to be seen by other network  (especially streaming services because they don’t have a TV schedule to follow) on social media with the hashtags #SaveLucifer and #PickUpLucifer, and PLEASE feel free to join us because we could use all the help we can get.

So yes, season three ended and the show got cancelled (at least until another network picks it up) but Lucifans are relentless with a huge amount of success, with #Lucifer and #SaveLucifer trending worldwide with thousands of tweets shared online when the episode aired during east and west coast with help from the cast and other celebrities, notably William Shatner, who’s been helping out since the show got cancelled.

But the real trooper through this whole process is Tom Ellis, the devil himself. He’s been campaigning for the last few weeks, tweeting, making public appearances on BBC and KTLA, and talking to networks (with the main writers and EPs of the show) about picking up the show. No word on which networks yet but my guess is that it’s a streaming service.

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The first out of the two-hour special, “Boo Normal” looked at Ella’s story and her ghost friend, Ray Ray who turned out to be Azrael, Lucifer and Amenadiel’s younger sister. Meanwhile, Dan and Lucifer work on the case of the week with Chloe working with Ella (and Ray Ray). It was so great to see more of Ella’s backstory because we all love her bubbly positivity but in all honesty, so far, she’s functioned mostly as a loyal friend and comedic relief to the show. Seeing more of her story of overcoming everyone back home calling her a weirdo or crazy just makes me love her even more.

The Ray Ray is Azrael twist was unexpected. But great nonetheless. First off, it was nice to finally meet one of Lucifer’s sisters and not another brother (i.e Amenadiel and Uriel), especially since we knew that he has other siblings. But what makes Azrael really interesting is that she’s one, a lot like Ella, which is why she stuck around with her, and second, she looks up to Lucifer. All we’ve really seen so far is Lucifer’s siblings despising him, seeing him as the outlier but we’ve never seen one that truly loves him and wants the best for him, so Azrael is the only outlier we’ve seen so far. But with that said, there’s still plenty of siblings left for us to meet. That is, once another network picks them up.

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The second standalone episode, titled, “Once Upon a Time” (not to be mixed up with the recently ended TV show) and directed by the show’s very own, Kevin Alejandro, had us look at the show in a different perspective. With Neil Gaiman (AKA, the writer of the Lucifer comics) as the voice of God himself, we look at what it would’ve been like if Chloe’s dad survived the gunshot that killed him, thus pushing Chloe towards becoming a detective.

There’s Ella, who steals cars for a living and apparently helps Lucifer out from time to time. She’s got this really great Rosie the Riveter look with a great updo and tattoos all up her arm. But she’s still just a big nerd inside. But instead of loving all things sci-fi, it’s all Chloe Decker movies. The alternate universe also glammed up Dr. Linda, who looks gorgeous with straightened hair and a lot of cleavage. And Maze is just a really dark version of Maze, with a badass white mask covering half of her face and with an army. Or a cult. Not completely sure, but if you thought Maze was dark before, this AU Maze is much much darker.

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What this episode really looked at was the idea of fate: how different would things be if Chloe’s father never died? First of all, Deckerstar exists in ANY universe, alternate or not. So does Danlotte by the way, which also made me really happy because we definitely didn’t get to see enough of them and the both of them deserved so much better. But they aren’t exactly innocent in this universe: both corrupt, but at least they’ve got each other. They’re not necessarily together but they do steal a lot of Lucifer’s money together. Though it was strange yet really entertaining to see Lucifer hook up with Charlotte, who in this AU never got taken over by Mum.

What all of this really showed us is that God’s not the bad guy Lucifer makes him out to be. Yes, he did purposefully put Chloe in Lucifer’s path but he did it for his own good. If this episode taught us anything, it’s that Lucifer has free will, regardless of what he may think. Chloe went to Lucifer in the pilot but this time Lucifer went to Chloe. She was, in a sense anyway, out of Lucifer’s path, meaning that it was his choice to seek her out. And we all love Deckerstar anyway so I guess we really should thank his dad for that.

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