MFST brings you yet another spectacular battle but this time we are changing things up. Up until now it’s been Marvel Comics vs. DC Comics like Joker vs PenguinScarecrow vs The RiddlerCatwoman vs Poison IvyHarley Quinn vs Duela DentDeadpool vs DeathstrokeWonder Woman vs Captain Marvel and our last battle between Darkseid vs Thanos and now we have started to venture to a galaxy far, far away as we bring a hero from the Star Wars universe into the mix. Today’s battle is between the man, that at one time was the champion of the Jedi after Yoga, Mace Windu and a living elemental hero connected to all plant life, the Swamp Thing, what happens when the force goes up against the forces of nature? With these to champions of Justice we have one hell of a battle on our hands.

Mace Windu’s History
mace windu comic

Fifty years before the Clone Wars, there was born a child on the planet Haruun Kal named Mace Windu. At 6 months of age Mace was handed over to the Jedi Order after his parents had died to begin training with Jedi Master, Yoda. Mace Windu was blessed with a strong connection to the Force which Yoda sensed within him along with his ability to sense weaknesses in anything. At the age of 14, Mace had so many accolades and achievements that he had passed all the padawons in his class and most of the Jedi as well. Being the apprentice to Yoda, and having such a natural affinity to the force Mace became the greatest lightsaber duelist in history and his ability and mastery of the force was almost to perfect.  Although he had such skill and had become a highly efficient Jedi, he had yet to construct the lightsaber of his many dreams and visions, which concerned the Jedi. He pleaded with the Jedi Council to allow him go out on a true challenge so that he would find a crystal for his Jedi weapon. After careful consideration, the Jedi Council and Master Yoda agreed and sent him to the planet Hurikane. Mace had faced a great challenge on Hurikane, upon arrival the people of the planet did not care for him and chased him away, but after saving one of their people from death they rewarded him with a rare purple crystal.

star wars planet hurikane

This crystal became the one he used to craft his legendary purple bladed lightsaber. After this mission Mace Windu was well on his way to becoming a Jedi Master. Over the next 10 years Mace has excelled to the highest ranks of the Jedi becoming a master, serving on the Jedi High Council, being elected leader of the Jedi during his time within the Jedi Order. During the Clone Wars he was a Jedi General in the Grand Army of the Republic. As the Jedi’s greatest champion only next to Yoda, Master Windu played great parts in many countless conflicts, the Invasion of Naboo, the prelude to Clone Wars, Clone Wars, Battle on Genesis, Rescue of Rotta, Liberation of Ryloth, Holocron Theft, Battle of Malastare and many, many other Jedi related battles, missions and incidents. I would love to go into greater depth about Jedi Master, Mace Windu but it would be extremely difficult to describe all the accomplishments and challenges he had throughout his service and stay solely focused on him without going into the expansive universe that is Star Wars.  As one of the highest decorated Jedi, Mace seemed to be the Jedi of prophecy, but alas Mace Windu would be defeated and killed. Windu along with several other Jedi tried to arrest Palpatine a.k.a. Darth Sidious but when he was about to Anakin who had been persuaded by the Dark aside cut off his eighth hand allowing Darth Sidious the advantage of surprise to hit him with Force lightning and hurl him out the window.

mace windu fighting darth sidious

Many have speculated that we have seen many times before that Jedi have never died from just a long fall or throw because of their Force ability and the such characters as Darth Mail, being cut in half or Kissinger a limb doesn’t mean death. It is speculated the Mace Windu is still alive and George’s Lucas accepts that as a possible truth seeing how highly skilled Master Windu was.

Mace Windu’s Powers/Abilities

mace windu comic

As one of the poster children of the Jedi and its Champion, Mace Windu has moves that make his battle abilities the highest among not only the Jedi but the Sith as well. He has many unique abilities, a Jedi that can use both the Light and the Dark side, this helped him cultivate his own fighting style and overcome many obstacles. Take a look at Master Windu’s powers and abilities to see for yourself why he is among the few to see the highest ranks of the Jedi Order:

Lightsaber Skills:

  • Highest Level Of Lightsaber Mastery
  • Mastery of all 7 Forms of Lightsaber Combat
  • Dueling Style: Vaapad (Only Jedi to ever master this form and remain on the light side of the force)

Force Powers:

  • Force Enhanced Speed
  • Force Enhanced Leaping
  • Force Enhanced Strength
  • Force Enhanced Resiliency
  • Force Wave
  • Force Grip
  • Force Crush
  • Force Push
  • Telekinesis
  • Shatterpoint


  • Diplomacy
  • Courage
  • Integrity
  • Skill
  • Pilot

Swamp Thing’s History
swamp thing

The elemental force of green, the living protector of all plant life, Swamp Thing has a history tied to deception and betrayal. Swamp Thing first appeared as Alex Olsen (House of Secrets #92, June-July 1971) as a short story created by Len Wein and Bernie Wrightson. As a tragic love story, Alex Olsen was a scientist who was caught in an explosion caused by his co-worker, Damien Ridge. Ridge intended to kill Alec so that he could swoop in and take Olsen’s wife, Linda, such the romantic he was. Combined with the forces of the swamp and the chemicals that were caught big the explosion, Olsen is physically altered into the monstrous, Swamp Thing. After the explosion Linda begins to suspect Ridge as the culprit that murdered her husband, Ridge feeling Linda’s suspicions growing plans to kill her. Before he can, the former Alex Olsen and newly formed Swamp Thing comes to Linda’s rescue and kills Damien. Because of the transformation Alex could not clearly verbalize who he was and unable to identity himself to the love of his life Linda, he returns to the swamp.

house of secrets issue 92

This short was such a hit that a year later the original creators were asked to make t into a full-fledged comic and Swamp Thing #1 was release Oct.-Nov. 1972. Creators Wein and Wrightson updated the character within he 1970’s one frame by making him more heroic and contemporary, changing he character from Alex Olsen to Alec Holland. Holland was another scientist that was based in Louisiana swamps, and was working on a bio-restorative formula that could “make a forest out of the desert.”

swamp thing issue 1

Mysterious Mr. E (Nathan Ellery) has one of his agents plant a bomb that explodes and is intended to kill Holland for his formula. Drenched with chemicals for the explosion and on fire, Alec runs into the muck-filled swamp only to emerge as a humanoid plant creature.

The original conception of Swamp Thing was Alec Holland being mutated into a muck-encrusted mockery of a man but writer Alan Moore reinvented Swamp Thing to be an elemental entity with the memories and personality of Alec Holland after his death. Moore described his Swamp Thing As

“A plant that thought it was Alec Holland, a plant that was trying its level best to be Alec Holland.”

This made Swamp Thing different from Marvels Man-Thing which was created around the same time. In Swamp Thing #33 (Feb. 1985), Alan Moore tried to reconcile the difference between the first version of Swamp Thing and his version.

swamp thing issue 33

In this issue he used the story from the original as a reprinted/fill-in issue and moves it toward being an addition to the history of Swamp Thing. It not only shows that Alex Olsen’s speech impediment was the reason his wife didn’t understand him but Alec Holland is able to speak but with great difficulty. This also establishes that the Swamp Thing is something that has many incarnations previous to Alec Holland’s rebirth.

There have been three other versions of the Swamp Thing throughout its run, most notably, Albert Höllerer, a World War II pilot, appeared briefly and had his story summarized in Swamp Thing #47 (May 1986),

swamp thing issue 47

and Aaron Hayley appeared in the Swamp Thing: Roots graphic novel (1998) set in the 1940s,

swamp thing roots

and Alan Hallman, the Swamp Thing of the 1950s and 1960s, was introduced in Vol. 2 #102 (December 1990) and eventually, after being corrupted by the Gray, was killed by Holland.

swamp thing issue 102

As a result, Holland is known as Swamp Thing IV by the editors of the DCU Guide. The two principal Swamp Things are still connected in fact that Holland’s first wife is Linda Ridge, a descendant of Damian Ridge.

Swamp Thing’s Powers/Abilities
swamp thing powers

Swamp Thing has so many vast powers and abilities it’s almost unfair for him to go against any opponent. His connection to all plant life and the mind of scientist Alec Holland make it hard to takedown the protector of The Green, his powers consist of:


  • Superhuman Strength
  • Superhuman Durability
  • Telepathic dominion over plant life
  • Vegetation body granted shapeshifting and hyperelasticity
  • Able to create new bodies out of plants
  • Elemental
  • Self-Sustenance
  • Elemental Control
  • Possession
  • Chlorokinesis
  • Bio-Fission
  • Enhanced Intellect
  • Illusion Casting
  • Immortality
  • Size Alteration
  • Regeneration
  • Resurrection


  • Chemist


  • Pollution

Mace Windu vs Swamp Thing

We’ve finally made it to the throw down between a DC hero and a defender of the galaxy, as you know by now Mace is very diplomatic and will fight if necessary, and Swamp Thing is mostly impartial to fighting unless it concerns The Green. That being said these two bring the most unique abilities from their respective worlds and if by some chance they did fight well not only would it be awesome but we’re about to see how it would possibly play out.

This battle is set on Windu’s very own home world of Haruun Kal,

haruun kal

Mace having been betrayed by Anakin and thought killed by Darth Sidious he heads back to his home planet to recover. After recovering, constructing a robotic function hand, Mace’s internal struggle with the force continues to plague him. Not being able to sense the sith until to late and the betrayal of Anakin has forced him to question his ability to see into the future and use the force. After sometime meditating trying to re-focus on the core of the force and his ability to balance he takes a walk among the planet. Mace stumbles upon a slight tremor in the force, a shadowy figure emerges from a pond and slowly walks on to the land.

swamp thing

Having trouble with sensing clearly with the force, Mace investigates, he calls out to the creature “Who are you and what do you want on the planet home to Mace Windu?” Swamp Thing turns as he is surprised to look upon who is calling to him and he says “This is not a matter for man, as the elemental hero of The Green, this is my duty. Man has done enough, leave and I can start to forgive the atrocities committed here.” Mace having been dismissed force leaps across the pond and lands in front of Swamp Thing and as he draws his saber he says “Compromise is something that is not on the table! Not when I hold all the cards!”

mace windu

Master Windu uses Shatterpoint and force pushes Alex outside of his Swamp Thing cocoon, but before he completely leaves the husk another swamp thing husk appears and snatches him as if one of Tony Starks extremis suits has come to the rescue.

For me this was a tough battle to figure out with Mace Windu being wise, highly skilled and able to balance by the light and the dark sides of the force who can really stop him. Alex a.k.a. SWAMP THING literally controls the ground beneath anyone’s feet and all forms of plant life, not excluding his ability to make multiple husk, resurrect and just about do anything he can think of. My decision for his battle lies in the ability to either mentally breakdown Mace Windu or pollute Swamp Thing’s body. Haruun Kal is mostly plant life which gives a huge advantage to Swamp Thing but how many planets are out there where he wouldn’t still have the upper hand (case in point fighting in Justice League Dark and destroying the city), I also feel that the lightsaber that the Jedi wield are made of substances that do grow from the planet but are transformed and harnessed as a form of pollutant. If Swamp Thing turns into a mountain or increases size and try’s to grab Mace or crush him, Mace can still use force push or his Shatterpoint to see the weaknesses and escape. If Mace keeps cutting away at Swamp Thing he can switch bodies, regrow limbs and has numerous abilities that make him tough to beat. In my opinion with Swamp Thing being able to best Mace Windu based off the fact Swamp Thing has elemental control, chlorokinesis, bio-fission, illusion casting and resurrection abilities I can’t see Mace coming out on top no matter how much I want him to. We know that if one weakens The Green, the weaken Swamp Thing and if mace cuts all copies and vegetation around him Swamp Thing will grow weaker. Mace could try to capture his consciousness but Swamp Thing had its own independent consciousness before forming a union with the real Alec Holland. Swamp thing can also utilize the small vegetation in a person’s body (food particles) to make them explode from the inside, he can retreat to any planet that has plant life in the universe and can cause a planet to shape shift. I see Swamp Thing imploding the planet to kill Mace, or making him blow up from the inside then reconstructing the planet again. My victor is Alex Holland, The Swamp Thing.

swamp thing

You Decide

Now that you read the back story of these characters and heard my opinion on them, we want to hear from you. Who was your victory, did the element of nature subdue the force or did the force take over the element of nature? Comment below so I can reply back to you and pick a victor in our poll?

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