Let the battle begin!!!! What’s good fantasy enthusiasts, I’m back for another jam-packed article of fantasy goodness (I hope) to help you get that jump-start you need to kick off Week 14, but most importantly round one of the fantasy playoffs! Unless you play in one of those lame leagues where the playoffs don’t start until next week, and basically in Week 17 you’re not getting the full potential out of all of your studs.

Oh hey wait! Where in the hell do you think you’re going? Come back! Uhh please? For all you consolation kings and queens I got you as well. Look we can’t all make the playoffs am I right? I play in six leagues, six! And I only made the playoffs in three of them which isn’t bad, but here’s the thing, the three leagues that I really care about and want to win are the ones that performed like poo poo in. Yes including the MFST league yet again.. oh well there’s always next year. But look I’m a man for all the people, and I for one,  💯 percent believe that just because your season may be over simply doesn’t mean to just throw in the towel, and shout “to hell” when it comes to setting up your lineups.

No way. If anything keep playing, think about it we only get thirteen weeks of fantasy football, not including the postseason for someone to start making vacation plans for the offseason already. I mean hell, from the time fantasy season is over, or the NFL season in general I’m literally counting down the days until draft day, and impatiently waiting for the season to start, so c’mon don’t be a sore loser. I mean there’s nothing wrong with being the king or queen of the consolation bracket. No one wants to be last place right? So that’s gotta mean something. OK! So to those who actually made the playoffs, I’m done consoling the losers who got left out.. jk jk! But to those who are not stressing over Week 14, with their feet kicked up, cold drink in their hand and on a bye, well I’ll see you next week. Good luck to all.


Round One

Alvin Kamara 

This is a no brainer, but on a Thursday night I’m not going to give much “sleepers” so to speak, because now is not the time for dart throwing. Kamara is averaging 8.4 yards per carry, and is truly an elite talent. Atlanta is currently spiraling downward, while New Orleans are spiraling upwards. Keep in mind Mark Ingram might sit out with a toe injury, so if Ingram were to sit Kamara could be due for yet another huge performance.

Julio Jones

If we could somehow magically go back to draft day, there’s no way Julio Jones is being drafted in the first round, let alone being viewed as a Top 5 WR. You’re definitely not benching the guy, and after exploding for 253 yards in week twelve, he returned to mediocrity in week thirteen, recording two catches for 24 yards. The Saints defense remains a bit hobbled, and with Julio being at home you’re not expecting a monster game, but his usual 12-15 points.

Michael Thomas

Having Michael Thomas on your team this season has been weird. He’s not killing your team, but he’s also not winning you games either. Thomas is as consistent as they come, more specifically in PPR formats, even without the touchdowns. No sophomore slump here.


Round One

Matt Ryan

After watching Ryan struggle at home against a tough Vikings team he faces yet another tough game. This time a divisional game, and Ryan along with his teammates have their backs against the wall in a must win situation. Unfortunately Ryan didn’t give me any confidence headed into Week 14, so I’m staying away as much as possible if I can.

Devonta Freeman

Oh how I miss the RB1 days of Freeman. It’s the same situation with Matt Ryan here except with the injuries. However since Week 9 Freeman has not scored in the double digits, if you have to roll out Freeman temper expectations.

Drew Brees

Brees is an elite talent even at his age, but if he’s causing you frustrations for your lineup it’s simple. The Saints are a run first offense, so there’s no need for Brees to be slinging the ball 25-30 times a game.


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