Ahhhh MFST peeps…. “Don’t you dare me sour, clap one time for your trendy writer, and feel da POWer!!! It’s a new season, yes it is”. What’s happening folks? If you’ve noticed where that reference was from then awesome! If not, just pretend you do. It’s been forever since I last wrote a Man Up/Step Aside article, but I’m locked and loaded, and ready for the 2018 season. Look this year has been crazy already–Dez Bryant still doesn’t have a job, Colin Kaepernick is driving conservatives crazy, white people are loosing their minds over the Eminem and MGK diss tracks feuds,  and I’m still sharing Thanos memes all over social media, because those will never get old.

With that being said you already know what the deal is. I love to have fun with these pieces, so they can be a little wacky, but I will do what I can to keep the wackiness to a limit, because ultimately I’m here hold your hand, kiss your forehead and look you in the eyes and tell you that it’s all going to be just fine, so here we go. We got ourselves a playoffs rematch from a frigid night in Philly. Julio Jones started running his corner route, when all of a sudden he slipped! And Matt Ryan could not find anybody open, and next thing you know–Nick Foles and the Eagles do the unthinkable, by knocking off the Patriots in the Super Bowl, and that my friends, is plenty of drama to set up the stage for our Thursday night game.

Let’s be real, the Falcons should’ve won that game, but I’’ll give props to Foles because he told the ultimate underdog story. However, this is a new season and the mighty Eagles don’t look so mighty after all, but we’ve had to eat our words several times about them last season, so a rematch with the Falcons, should be nothing for the Eagles right? On the other side, this Atlanta team got even better, and scarier then last season. Calvin Ridley was added, the O-line was beefed up, Takarist McKinley is healthy, and Julio Jones is ready for a bounce back season. With that said, here are my players for the very first Man up/ Step Aside edition of 2018.


TNF Week 1

Julio Jones

I don’t get all the hate Julio got last season. I know the touchdowns were an issue but the targets and yards were definitely there. Julio was also one of the top targeted receivers in the end-zone. Going up against a the Super Bowl champs, I’m sure Julio is ready to crash the party.

Zach Ertz

Probably the only Eagles player that I’m trusting tonight. I understand that somebody has to score for Philly, but Ertz finally emerged as one of the elite tight ends last season, and Foles will desperately be looking to feed his safety blanket tonight.

Tevin Coleman

By no means am I shutting down Devonta Freeman, but last season both backs had a hard time getting started. With the O-line looking better, Coleman’s value in fantasy will be one to watch this season.

Nelson Agholor

Seeing Alshon Jeffrey on the injury list is no surprise to anybody that’s followed him, but Agholor himself has dealt with some health concerns of his own. He’s missed out on the entire preseason as he recovered from a lower-body injury. Now appearing back at practice, it was pretty wise for Agholor to use that time to heal his body because he’s in for a heavy workload against his Atlanta. He is for now the leader of Philly’s weak receiving corps.

Step Aside

TNF Week 1
(AP Photo)

Nick Foles

Unless you play in the deepest of leagues, I’m avoiding Foles, at least for Week 1. He’s a good back up quarterback for real football, but if possible avoid starting Foles against Atlanta.

Calvin Ridley

Ridley should be stashed on your bench for now as a sleeper, and while we can’t all contain our excitement when it comes to starting some of our favorite players–I’m waiting a bit, to see what the young receiver out of the SEC can do for Atlanta.

Jay Ajayi

Ehhh… that’s exactly how I’m feeling if I have to start Ajayi in Week One. No offense to Ajayi, I was once in love with this man when he was with Miami. The Eagles backfield is going to be frustrating with Corey Clement and Darren Sproles in the picture. Ajayi’s foot and lower body injuries are also scaring me away from starting him. You drafted him as an RB2, just be cautious in this tough matchup.

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