Welcome fellas and fellos to another edition of Man up/Step Aside for the Thursday Night football edition. If I learned anything so far into the season it’s that I was completely wrong for bashing the Thursday night games. They’ve been very entertaining except for one game, and the matchups have been unique. The color rush is awesome, and we’re not stuck watching low scoring division games.

This week is no exception when two high-powered 4-1 teams clash in the Eagles and Panthers, and there’s several reasons why we should be watching. Number one is this Philly team faces yet another big test. They’ve been excellent, balanced, and Carson Wentz is working wonders with what he has and Zach Ertz has really stepped up to be one of the main focal points of this offense.

Number two Cam Newton. Coming into the season he really didn’t have a Training Camp, he hardly threw and he looked like a quarterback who had no confidence in his throws. However after knocking off the rust Cam is going back to his Superman self, and the Panthers have been one of the most exciting teams to watch in the NFL. There’s plenty of fantasy friendly options on both teams, and of course some who will get plugged in and stink it up, and that’s why I’m here to tell you who’s going to step up on Thursday night, and who’s going to step aside until week 7

Man Up


Cam Newton

It’s obvious why Cam’s a man up, but until he slows down he’s an automatic QB 1. He’s averaging 355 yards and multiple scores, and with a showdown at home expect Cam to have another monster game.

Devin Funchess

Funchess to me is clearly passing Kelvin Benjamin as the WR 1 in this offense, and he’s no longer a bench player. He’s a solid flex or WR2 in your lineup, and with the volume he’s getting Funchess is a must start.

Alshon Jeffrey

Alshon had a rough outing against Patrick Peterson which resulted with Nelson Agholor and Torrey Smith having the big days. Although the Panthers present a good front seven, their secondary could be inconsistent at times and prone to giving up the big plays, so you should feel better about Jeffrey producing some positive numbers in a big game.

Nelson Agholor

Agholor has been up and down, and if you’re trying to decide which games Agholor is going to produce anything positive it’s simply been frustrating. If you’re hurting with byes, and need a fill in and possibly hoping for a big play or two, Agholor presents that, and could see himself on the deep end catching a bomb downfield from Wentz.

Step Aside


Torrey Smith

The Panthers don’t currently have that shutdown cornerback to rough up Jeffrey leaving Smith with a lesser target share. I wouldn’t be surprised is Smith makes some good plays here, but I wouldn’t bank on another big performance and would keep him benched if possible.

Ed Dickson

The fantasy enthusiasts that had the guts to start Dickson probably got laughed at, and spend the whole morning praying they weren’t making a mistake, and ultimately the Dickson starters had the last laugh. I do not believe Dickson is a fluke. He’s a big weapon who will continue to see a high snap share, and decent amount of targets, but if you’re chasing the big numbers from week 5 you’re setting yourself up for failure.

Jonathan Stewart

Stewart is a better real life football player, than a fantasy player if that makes sense. Looking at volume and carries he’s getting you’d think he’s the number one running back, but he’s not getting those long runs or touchdowns either. McCaffrey who’s been getting outsnapped by Stewart has the better numbers, and I’m sure Stewart is due for another 18 carries here, but on a Thursday night you’re desperately hoping he falls into the end zone if you have to play him.

LeGarrette Blount

Just like Stewart you’re hoping Blount can break off some big runs, or fall into the end zone to salvage his day, but Philly has been too inconsistent with their backs. If you need a more alarming reason to stay away, well I mentioned it earlier and it’s the front seven that the Eagles running backs will be facing. You never know if Blount is going to give you 130 yards on 16 carries, or 48 yards with the ten carries. He’s too inconsistent, and that’s a gamble you want no part of.

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