Wake up and smell the coffee. Good morning ladies and gentlemen. I’m here currently doing just that trying to figure out how the hell this Thursday night game is going to play out. Due to bye weeks last week I put my faith in Pete Carroll and started New Breids “favorite” running back of all time….. Eddie Lacy, and actually he wasn’t that bad for the limited time played. Well that was until he hurt his love muscle, or groin. Whatever you prefer, but here we are on a short week and division games are usually hard to pick. But me and the MFST crew already gave out our picks for tonight in case you missed it in our weekly pick’em, in which I am currently trailing Brandon’s tail like a sicko, because I’m not going to let him breathe until I finally have something to brag about on the podcast–and if it’s the 2017-18 Pick’em championship, I’ll gladly take it.

There are some interesting things going on tonight in this grudge match. Will Thomas Rawls finally score more than six fantasy points? How good are old man Peterson’s vitamins being that he’s on a short week, and it’s hard to see him put on another workhorse performance at his age in back-to-back games. Could this be another close nail biter game for the Seahawks and the 12’s on the road? All jokes aside if you’re a Seahawks fan, or have kept up with Seattle football you know that they’ve been shooting themselves in the foot several times, so their record should be better than what it really is. Spoiler alert everybody, this week from the MFST staff picked the Seahawks to win so you know what that means right? Start Drew Stanton and your Cardinals, because Thursday night games haven been the toughest games to pick this season…


Adrian Peterson

How funny I question if the old man can handle another heavy usage game, but chances are Peterson has become a viable option on your roster whether you feel good about it or not. The fact that he’s getting a crap load of touches, my god 37 carries is a lot, but that makes it hard to sit Peterson on a short week.

Doug Baldwin

Look I don’t care if Patrick Peterson is on the field these two teams know each other very well, and Doug Baldwin has absolutely destroyed the Cardinals secondary at home and on the road throughout his career. I even did some research to provide some proof, so short week or not start Baldwin.Week 10 TNF

Larry Fitzgerald

Obviously Baldwin’s QB situation is better off than Larry’s, but Fitzgerald is the Frank Gore of wide receivers, he just won’t go away. And every time you think he’s done he proves you wrong, because Fitz is that guy we’re all going to miss when he decides to hang up his cleats. However, just like Baldwin, Fitzgerald also has a history of roasting the Seahawks secondary even if they want to call themselves “The Legion of Boom” he doesn’t care.

John Brown

If Fitz is going to be double teamed tonight lean towards Brown. The speedy receiver has yet to have that explosive season we’ve been waiting on since forever, but if there’s not much attention on Brown, because of Fitz he makes for a nice flex play.

Jimmy Graham

If Graham plays tonight which he should he’s a must start. The Cardinals are getting demolished by opposing tight ends allowing double-digit fantasy points to those tight ends.

Step Aside

The Seahawks running backs

No matter who the Seahawks talk up there’s just no ‘for sure’ weekly starter there. We’re ten weeks into the season and we’re still scratching our heads each week looking at their backs. Just stay away.

Drew Stanton

Although Stanton has some solid options on offense and he has been in the Cardinals system for years now, he’s just like Brett Hundley. Both guys have been in their respective offense for at least three years, and they still can’t get the job done when given the chance. Arizona will be leaning on the running game, and play conservative from the passing game.

Paul Richardson

Paul Richardson just appears when he wants and blows up making you kick yourself over not playing him, or staring all those points on the waiver, but then he goes back to catching three balls for 21 yards. So even if this is one of those blow up weeks for him, it’s hard to play him with better options on a short week.

Andre Ellington

What happened to Ellington? He’s not that old, and was once the starter for this Cardinals team not that long ago, and he killed it in terms of fantasy production. Now he’s a ghost, just not very usable. From weeks 3-5 he scored double-digit fantasy points giving us the impression that we can finally plug him in as a flex at least, but since then he’s put up two big fat zero’s, and only had two catches for fourteen yards in Week Nine. Let us know when you decide to stick around Mr. Ellington.

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