Louis Van Gaal has come under extreme scrutiny following Manchester United’s winless draw against West Ham United.

Fans and analysts cite lack of a killer instinct in the attacking area making Manchester United fall flat. Van Gaal’s first transfer Memphis Depay was supposed to be the 20+ goal scorer he was with his former club PSV, but the winger has been underwhelming for the club with only few shinings to show. Anthony Martial of France has been great however in the face of scrutiny for being overpriced. At 20 years of age however, Martial has captured the hearts of Old Trafford with stunning play at the striker position. At the center of the blame though is captain Wayne Rooney. The 30-year-old striker was hyped as the goalscorer United need but has been anything but. Rooney just hasn’t brought the pace and the grit needed to carry United to more victories. Though a valued member along with every Manchster United player, there is much-needed to revamp this squad.

Looking in-house, the recent upstart of Jesse Lingard may be a look of focus. Bred in United’s Youth Academy, Lingard has found his way into the first team picture after years of being on loan. The surprise is that he took off flying and not winger Adnan Januzaj. Januzaj was put on season loan to Borussia Dortmund in Germany to get first team football. The winger couldn’t find favor with Van Gaal in the short-lived time he had this season and barely saw time last season. This is questionable considering that United aren’t getting any younger so an influx of youthful first team sheets may help United break open the floodgates.

(Action Images / Jason Cairnduff Livepic)
(Action Images / Jason Cairnduff Livepic)

The case is for more goals, so with the January transfer window approaching, Van Gaal and Co. need to get the funds together for a splash in the market. In terms of star power, United are linked to Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale. But when are they not? Either way, as proven wingers and goal scorers, one of them would be a boost for United. Obviously the former United star is the preferred but both are unlikely to leave the  Madrid. Perhaps the recent bad luck of being ousted from the Copa Del Rey, the recent thrashing from F.C Barcelona, and poor form from manager Rafael Benitez may sway one or both of the stars to bolt for Old Trafford if United are willing to spend the money. Not coming cheap hardly speaks for the price tags these players will carry. Thomas Muller from F.C Bayern Munich has been constantly linked to Manchester United but the German club is unwilling to part with him. Edison Cavani of Paris Saint-Germain has been linked with United since a proposed swap of former United winger and current PSG player Angel DiMaria for Cavani was introduced in the summer transfer window. But in the end, $60 million went United’s way instead of the Argentinian forward. These four players are only a sample of the talent United could be searching for as with the Martial deal, an unknown could be out there that doesn’t cost the hundreds of millions the previously mentioned cost.

But if goals were what Manchester United were buying for in the first place, why are they all in Germany? Javier Chicharito Hernandez was transferred to Bayer Levekusen 04 before the end of the transfer window. Since then, he’s been on a scoring tear he couldn’t find in Van Gaal’s system. Before his transfer he had just come off of a season-long at Real Madrid where towards the end of his tenure he was producing great numbers for the club. Coming back to United, he was expected to become a sure first-team player but during a Champions League match he missed a penalty that made Van Gaal and Assistant Manager Ryan Giggs exchange glares that prompted a transfer days later out of frustration. Perhaps that frustration was ill-looked seeing the Hernandez is playing his best football right now and seems to be the one laughing in the end.

So with January approaching Van Gaal will need to make the right moves to keep his job going forward. United, on paper, should have the team to make a run at the Premier League title but by the numbers they are anything but.  Whether it be for a striker, winger, or for stronger midfield play, the answer must produce wins. Multiple players with the wrong attributes to bring points to United aren’t necessary even if they’re name and star power give the club and fan base hype.

Manchester United are a winning franchise, and they’ve none nothing of this kind of form isn’t their style. In a team trying to find its identity, it shouldn’t look further than the 20 Premier League titles in their possession. That winning ability is out there, either in the players they possess or the ones out on the market. Only action will tell.



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