Marcus Davenport Draft Profile

Marcus Davenport draft profile


  • Athletic for size
  • Length
  • Aggressive demeanor as a hitter
  • Drives through the target
  • Has tools and traits to get much better as a pass rusher with more hand work and coaching
  • Uses length to work to the edge of pass rushers
  • Plays with fluid directional change to alter his path to the ball when getting downhill
  • Able to set a good edge when he gets arm extension
  • Can throw combos with his hands to disorient offensive tackles
  • Speed-to-power potential

Analysis: Marcus Davenport has risen draft boards since the summer. He┬ápacked on 30 pounds from his sophomore to senior season and has the frame to continue getting bigger and stronger. While he’s been a stand-up rusher at UTSA, teams may see him as a 4-3 defensive end. Right now Davenport is more of a flash player than a consistent menace, but he showed flashes at the Senior Bowl of being able to take a substantial step forward with more time. He has the length and athleticism you look for in a potentially elite defensive end. His aggression is what you want to see on the football field—he packs the power. While he does not have a bevy of pass rush moves, he has the tools and traits that could make him an elite pass rusher with proper coaching and hard work. Sets the edge with solid arm extension. When he uses his hands to rush the passer, he can beat the majority of opposing offensive lineman–he does not use his hands enough however.


  • Plays with elevated pad level
  • Has delayed acceleration in his pursuit and is unable to consistently close out runs to the perimeter
  • Needs to do a better job of getting hands and feet working in unison
  • Could struggle to cover if asked to drop into space
  • Tight-hipped as a rusher and more straight-linish than an edge trimmer
  • Allows blockers into his frame more than he should
  • Needs to learn to slip contact rather than taking everything on

Analysis: Despite his climb to top prospect in NFL circles, Marcus Davenport should still be considered raw, littered with potential. It will take coaching and work on his own to become the football player his potential says he is. His burst off the ball is electric, but he shoots too high with his pads, losing whatever leverage he would have had with his burst off the snap. On tape, he is beaten by backs to the perimeter quite often, questioning his long speed and recovery speed. To me, Davenport is a 4-3 defensive end and should not be asked to cover backs and tight ends in the NFL. He doesn’t have the cover talent. Davenport enjoys contact, you can see that on his game film, but he doesn’t keep his eyes on the ball, losing it at times too focused with the blocker in front of him. He needs to ‘slip’ that contact rather than taking it head on.

Size: 6’6 264lbs

Draft Grade: Round 1

NFL Comparison: Randy Gregory without the legal issues

Draft Projection: Round 1

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