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On Tuesday’s episode of Mayans M.C., we opened things up with E.Z. riding through the desert. He stops briefly to look at crows picking at the remains of a dead animal on the road. Elsewhere, Miguel’s mother enters the dining room carrying a cup of coffee. When she looks down she finds Miguel’s dead brother, Cristobal’s, medical records. It’s then she realizes that Miguel knows that she and Divante lied about how his brother died. Rather than kill her like Divante, he makes her an outsider. She asks about Divante. Miguel replies “It is done.”  She realized Divante was dead and cried.

Gilly, Coco, and Angel leave the casino and follow the same stretch of road E.Z. had just traveled. Further down the road, E.Z. paid his father a visit at his shop. He tells him of D.A.Potter’s plan for E.Z. and Angel to kill Jimenez. He doesn’t want to but doesn’t want to return to prison either. Felipe tells him to do nothing till he hears from him. E.Z. promises.

The Mayans are having a party for the Sons of Anarchy members. A gun-running deal had been struck between Cole, S.O.A. and the Mayans. It will benefit the Galindo cartel as a sort of side business the feds needn’t know about. E.Z. is asked to pick up the provisions. Back at the shop, Felipe called Jimenez asked to meet him. He agreed and stopped packing. Felipe takes him into the freezer part of the shop and gives him a heads up that Potter is mad. He then tried to muster up enough courage to kill Jimenez with a gun he secreted on a crate beside him. He finds he can’t kill him because, in the end, Jimenez tried to protect E.Z.

Image result for Mayans M.C. Episode 10Alvarez asks the Mayans M.C. crew to honor Jax Teller’s memory with the new gun-running business. E.Z. sees Emily and has a flashback to a night she was scared by the rat. They began having sex. Angel asks Felipe how to find Jimenez. He wants to do the hit so E.Z. will be cleared. Later, E.Z. got a call from Potter telling him to hurry up. E.Z. arrives to see Angel walking across the street to Jimenez’s place. After Jimenez answers, Angel pulls a gun out and is nearly shot by Jimenez’s boss. E.Z. killed the boss while Angel killed his cousin, Jimenez. Both boys looked in shock and like they are about to be sick.

Soon, Potter arrived and tells the boys to dispose of the bodies. He would take care of the rest. He seems unnerved by Jimenez’s family pictures. Potter next turns his attention to the blood splattered pie and takes a taste. He spits it out cause its store bought. E.Z. and Angel pack up the bodies.

Miguel informed Marcus, his head of security, that Alvarez would be replacing him in the field. Marcus was now only security for the family-oriented protection. While dealing with the aftermath of their actions, E.Z. was worried about getting back in time for the party. Angel was livid that’s all he could talk about. He wanted E.Z. to have the best life possible and wanted this to be the last grave he would ever dig. Angel demanded E.Z. leaves the club.

Miguel’s mother tries to strike up a conversation with Emily but is instead put in her place. She sadly realized the chasm her lies have made with the family. The rebels move into a house that in Coco’s old neighborhood while Adelita’s charge, that she simply refers to as mouse, feels unsafe and worried. Adelita tried to assuage her fears. Angel paid Adelita a visit and they went for a walk. She asked him to stay but he declined, stating the hatred for himself.

Image result for Mayans M.C. Episode 10Potter meets E.Z. and shows him that his files had been erased and he’s off the hook. But, Potter tells him its not over 2 for the price of one and E.Z. still owes him a favor. Back at the Mayans clubhouse, S.O.A. members arrive including Happy. Angel took Riz place as treasurer while E.Z. talked to Alvarez and Losa in the chapel. Angel thinks his brother’s leaving when in fact he’s staying but Angel is no longer his sponsor, Losa is. Angel was furious and confronted his brother. E.Z. told him that its his life to choose and he chooses the M.C.

After their argument, an S.O.A. prospect asks E.Z. for a different brand of beer. When E.Z. looks up he saw Happy. It was revealed in a flashback sequence that Happy was is E.Z. and Angel’s mothers killer. Happy was also the reason E.Z. killed the cop and did prison time. In the final moments of season one, Alvarez hung up his kutte and joined the Galindo cartel taking the other Marcus’ place.

That’s it for Mayans M.C. first season. It was renewed for season 2 and should be airing fall 2019.


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