Image result for mayans m.c. bannerLast week, Mayans M.C. returned us to the world of Sons of Anarchy and introduced new characters and a new story. This week’s episode opened with Emily, Ezekiel’s ex-girlfriend, being held at gunpoint in the desert, clutching her son. She begged the rebels to not take him. They did anyway and killed Gabriel, the driver and bodyguard to her husband, the drug lord Galindo.

Emily asked Galindo not to retaliate, fearing for their son’s life. He promised and told her that he’d keep her in the loop of everything going on. He doesn’t. Elsewhere, the Mayans were looking for Louie, a member of the Dogwood crew. They decided to go to his girlfriend’s apartment, located above the barbershop. Louie’s kid shot Johnny Cruz with a toy gun, causing Johnny to almost open fire on the 7-year-old. Ezekiel calmed the kid’s fears and told him that they only wanted to talk to Louie not to kill him. Johnny meanwhile lectured the kid about guns.

Mayans M.C.The Mayan crew was led to a dog kennel establishment, where hidden behind the actual kennel walls, were cages with people inside suffering drug withdrawals. Just as the Mayans were leaving, Louie showed up only to lead them on a high-speed chase that ended with Louie flipping his car over an embankment. He survived. He didn’t want to talk to the Mayans was because he hired and filmed Johnny’s underage sister in a porn movie that has since gone viral.

Johnny wanted to kill him but the president of the club Losa stepped in. He was also confused because both of his sisters are older than him. They asked Louie to find the female rebel who they think is selling the stolen Galindo cartel drugs. It’s not long until Alvarez called one of the Mayans to tell them that Galindo requested a meeting. They met at an abandoned shed. He wanted the Mayans to find his kid. Ezekiel was angry and worried about the child and Emily.

They got a lead when a mercenary for Galindo was able to isolate music from a vending truck featured in a ransom video uploaded by the rebels. They brought in the truck owner and his son. Both father and son are rebels who denied everything. The father is scalded with hot oil, but before they could start on the boy, Angel tried to stop it. Ezekiel already spotted the car the rebels used in the kidnapping when he was chasing Louie so they stopped the torture to investigate.

While doing so, the Mayans saw dogs from the kennel loose. They rushed back to the kennel sensing something isn’t right. A fist fight ensued between the Mayans and Galindo’s cartel. Miguel’s business partner and mother Leta lied to Galindo about how his infant brother died. They said his father’s former partner, Perez, kidnapped his brother and his father allowed the baby’s death so he could show no weakness. After the lie was told Galindo instructed his men to strike back, breaking his promise to Emily.

Its revealed later during a walk with Adelita that Angel is in love with her. He informed her of his brother, Ezekiel’s love for Emily and her child. In the distance, a scream is heard. Ezekiel, Angel, and Adelita rushed to the source. People stand horrified around the charred remains of the vendor and his son lying in front of their truck.

Later, at Felipe’s butcher shop, Emily paid Ezekiel a visit on the pretense of picking up a roast. She asked him to tell her everything since he’s the only one she trusts. He informed her about the gruesome murder and she left visibly shaken. Ezekiel promised he will get the boy back. After she left, Ezekiel and Felipe go back to fix the compressor. The episode ended with Johnny looking for his mom, who is a prostitute. He needed to talk to her after he discovered the porn online.

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