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After a brief recap of last week’s episode of Mayans M.C., this week’s episode began with an opossum seen wandering around a dumpster. Seeming sick, it falls down in front of E.Z. bike but he misses it. He was headed to the hospital to check on Emily. There, Rogan tried to help him get inside. A friend of Rogan’s who works as a nurse at the hospital lied to Miguel about an x-ray.

E.Z. and Emily argued about the nun’s death. She still believed her husband was innocent and the rebels were behind the killing.
Later, E.Z. called Angel at his house. Angel tells him to meet him at the yard. After disconnecting the call, Angel hears an intruder. With a gun in hand, he discovers Alice’s severed head sticking on an automatic military rifle and Cole drinking his juice.
Angel and Cole agree to become business partners in guns and drugs. He tells Angel to bring back a Middle Eastern man to him and he will be the buyer. He also informs Angel he had to kill Alice and her men because the had become a liability. Cole’s with the I.R.E.

Unfortunately, back at the hospital, one of Galindo’s men has seen E.Z. and Emily’s meeting and rushed back to Miguel. Divante and Miguel’s talk about the murdered nun will have to wait. Elsewhere, E.Z. meets his father Felipe outside his father’s shop. He tells Felipe about the D.E.A Jimenez’s proposal that E.Z. turn Emily. Felipe is angry by the look on his face and instead advised E.Z. to leave well enough alone.

As E.Z. is leaving, Galindo’s men corner him and tell him he must follow them. He goes to a deserted 250 acres in the desert. Miguel tells him about the meeting he knew E.Z. had with Emily. E.Z. tells him the truth about the history he shares with her. Miguel confides in E.Z. about his plans to help boost Mexico’s economy with housing, jobs, schools. He then threatens E.Z. if he sees Emily again.

The sick opossum is sitting at E.Z. bike observing the conversation. Man and animal have a stare down. Meanwhile, Alvarez informs Losa about the picture he’s given of Adelita. Angel and E.Z. head to the tunnel to meet with the potential buyer. After finding the house and being told to come in the brothel is swarmed by border police. They let E.Z. go so he can find $100,000. If he doesn’t, everyone including the buyer’s pregnant wife will be killed.

E.Z. calls Johnny (Coco) for help. E.Z. and Coco decide to ask Adelita for help. Elsewhere, Adelita meets with archbishop Rodrigo. The Galindo family money being donated to the church will be funneled into the rebels camp to help their cause to end the cartel. Its revealed that the cartel hacked Adelita’s family to death in front of her. Adelita doesn’t seem interested in helping Coco and E.Z. save Angel but after a verbal fight and not backing down from E.Z., she agrees.

Losa thinks Johnny is helping Adelita when a mechanic gives him false information confusing Johnny’s daughter for Adelita.
The tunnel on Alice’s property leads to the brothel. Divante tries to explain things to Emily about being honest to Miguel while he’s getting her discharged from the hospital. Johnny, Adelita, and one of her men and E.Z. return to save Angel. They intend to exchange heroin for the cash to the border police, but the police want to keep Adelita. They plan on raping her among other things. Adelita’s rebels have different plans. They open fire killing the police and everyone escapes.

Sarah Bolger in Mayans M.C. (2018)Angel is unnerved from Adelita’s kiss and the boys return to the clubhouse. Losa gives orders that Angel and Johnny are to be watched. Emily brazenly meets E.Z. at the camper on club grounds. She confides in him. She believes her child, Cristobal, being kidnapped was karma for the abortion she had when she was pregnant with E.Z.’s child 8 years before. E.Z. and Emily embrace but just as he’s about to confide in her, Angel interrupts. The boys fight but quickly break it up when they see an old childhood photo.

Cole and Angel are now business partners. The mayor turns to Losa for help and Galindo is threatening to take business elsewhere if she doesn’t change zoning laws. Felipe meets D.E.A. agent Jimenez’ father. The two used to be close. He then puts Jimenez’s family under surveillance. He meets Jimenez in a parking garage and tells him about being an inspector and being a vigilante killing bad guys. He then tells Jimenez he will kill his family if he keeps pushing E.Z. too hard.

Miguel and Emily argue about where she has been. He blames Emily for not protecting his son and a physical altercation breaks out leading to rough sex. This week’s episode of Mayans M.C. ends with the now dead opossum stuffed and mounted like a trophy on a nightstand in the brothel. Its watching E.Z. having sex with a prostitute.

Mayans M.C. airs Tuesdays at 10 PM EST on FX.


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