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Episode 6  of Mayans M.C. opens with a recap of President Losa being told by Chucky, the club’s loony mechanic, that Coco is the mole and Felipe threatening D.E.A. Jimenez. The cartel’s spy was gathering intel on Adelita and the rebels and an orange tabby cat makes its way into rebel camp. Adelita writes down exact location coordinates of the camp. Angel, E.Z. and a sleeping drooling Coco head to the camp. E.Z. tells Angel he needs to press Adelita to tell him everything.The little boy who is the cartels spy uses that moment to read the coordinates so he can give them to Miguel. Angel has brought Adelita money so she can keep the camp afloat. It’s then in a private moment that Angel tells Adelita he must know everything. She agrees and starts by telling him her real name, Luisa Espina.

At the club house, Losa tells a fellow club member that the Chinese received their heroin. He also asks that Angel and Coco be kept under watch for a few more weeks. Felipe kisses his wife’s urn, which is something he does every morning. Drunk Jimenez greets him on his porch and wants to know if the threat Felipe made was a bluff or if it was real. Felipe tells him he meant every word and then tries to sober Jimenez up with coffee. Emily goes back to work as an attorney and is looking over the zoning papers for the 250 acres in Santo Padre Miguel was thinking of buying and worries that the mayor will make trouble for the Galindo’s.

Later, Adelita goes to the market in disguise because her picture’s plastered everywhere. The cartel’s spy says he has to use the bathroom but instead calls Miguel from a payphone with location coordinates. Coco finds his daughter waiting on him at the scrap yard but he doesn’t get to find out what she wants because they get interrupted. Losa needs him to go collect copper.
Coco asks E.Z to watch her until he gets back but he has no idea what he’s in for.

Leticia shows E.Z. her bruises that Albert, the truck driver, inflicted on her. When he attacked her, she killed him with a screwdriver and stuffed him in the trunk of her grandma’s stolen car. E.Z. sees a van with a wildcats sticker in the back window while he’s at a truck stop parking lot. He has a flashback to when he saw one before.; he remembered that there was a car driving away with the same sticker the day his mother was found murdered in the shop. E.Z. doesn’t want Leticia’s prints to be found so he planned to clean the truck but gets foiled by some truck drivers.

Outnumbered, they try beating him but Leticia comes to the rescue by stabbing one of them with a screwdriver. He turns her care over to his brother, Angel. As E.Z. is pulling out, a cop comes after him for the stolen car with a dead Albert still in the trunk, which then ensues a high-speed chase. The cops crash into an irrigation system so E.Z. grabs a hose to wash away evidence and hides in the grass until they leave.

Mayans M.C.

Meanwhile, Adelita calls Miguel to set up a ransom drop and pick up for baby Cristóbal and demands  7 million pesos. Miguel orders his men to raid the camp and kill everyone while Felipe bonds with Jimenez over pictures and stories about his former life. Jimenez tells Felipe it’s not him that’s pushing E.Z. so hard but rather it’s his boss. He compares himself to being a puppet. Miguel goes to the drop off to wait for instructions as Coco, Angel and E.Z. talk in the scrap yard. Coco reveals that he thinks that he’s a bad dad because he thought it would be best for them if he hadn’t been present in their lives. Coco then talks to his daughter who is crushing on E.Z. and makes a deal with her: no more secrets on his part and no more porn for her. He also informs her to forget E.Z.

Losa sees Coco leave with Leticia thinking its Adelita. E.Z., who’s in the bathroom hears the conversation and therefore rushes to tell Angel. Miguel receives the call and is told that baby Cristóbal is in a blue car parked in the lot. He rushes to it and finds his son. But not so fast; this isn’t a happy reunion. Border police stop him from a tip Adelita phoned in and find drugs in Cristóbal’s blanket. They then proceed to take the baby away and arrest Miguel with Emily standing, waiting at the gate. Adelita then watches as Galindo’s men break into the building that she lied and said was the camp. She knew all along the orphan was a cartel member. He’s shoved off the roof and impaled on the glass in a dumpster and dies on impact.

This week’s episode of Mayans M.C. ended with Coco and Leticia bonding while setting the truck drivers’ truck on fire in the desert. Felipe covers a sleeping Jimenez on his couch while Angel worries about Coco and Adelita’s fate. Divante tries finding out about Miguel and Emily and her mother-in-law has fallen asleep on each other from exhaustion.

Miguel thinks on about his fate while he’s in a jail cell and E.Z. befriends the cat. As he’s walking away, a gentleman on a bike is asking him questions as a cautious E.Z. walks away, cat in tow. The stranger snatches the cat up against its will and seems to then start asking it questions.

Mayans M.C. airs Tuesdays at 10 PM EST on FX.

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