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After a brief recap of last week’s episode, it opens with E.Z. reaching in a cupboard to pull out a small brown paper bag with a cockroach scurrying across it. We then see E.Z. get a cassette tape out of a metal lunch box while Angel sits on the clubhouse porch examining another cockroach. Meanwhile, Losa is in the clubhouse chapel discussing Miguel’s arrest. Angel interrupts the meeting to tell Losa about the tunnel they found leading from Alice’s place to Vicki’s and Losa tells them not to say anything.

Angel seems nervous as he receives a call to meet Adelita at the warehouse. He disturbs E.Z. while he is writing on the bag containing the cassette so E.Z. quickly hides what he’s doing. After picking up Adelita in a van to drive her across the border, their conversation turns uncomfortably sullen when she begins asking Angel and E.Z. about their mother. They let Adelita out and meet Coco and Gilly back at the clubhouse for a meeting of what the rebels are planning.

Meanwhile, Divante, Miguel’s mom and Emily are still waiting for news on Miguel. Coco, Angel, E.Z. and Gilly’s meeting gets interrupted so the boys finally give up and decide to go their own way. At this point, Coco’s daughter comes to see him at the club. The mechanic fixes her breakfast as the Mayan members take turns introducing themselves. Riz stays behind while other members go on a paper run.


Felipe is upset to find Adelita in his home with his wife’s ashes moved. It turns out Adelita is Felipe’s former partners Pedro’s child. She thinks Felipe was the one who ratted her father out to the cartel, getting her whole family killed. She’s shocked to discover archbishop Rodrigo was the real snitch.

Jimenez boss wants him off the case and wants E.Z. arrested. so Jimenez calls E.Z. while the Sons Of Anarchy are exchanging money for guns. He tells E.Z. there is a bolo out for him and to stay away from the Mayans so they won’t find out about E.Z.’s deal with the D.E.A. While the Mayans head back after the run, a cop spots E.Z. and goes back after him. E.Z. leads the cops away from his club members and ultimately, they catch and beat him while the other Mayans escape.

We see Miguel in a jail cell while an inmate decides to relieve himself on Miguel’s pillow and face. Feeling threatened by his inmate, Miguel decides to get back at him. Miguel calmly insults the inmate while removing his shirt and proceeds to punch him inmate in the stomach. He then wraps the shirt around the inmate’s neck, strangling him unconscious.

Coco drops his daughter off at his mom’s place as Cecilia starts railing on son and granddaughter. He tries to make peace but Cecilia isn’t having it, so Coco gives all the money he has to his daughter. After Coco leaves, his mother steals the money from her granddaughter and wants her to prostitute herself for a living. Leticia locks herself in the bathroom hitting her head on the toilet multiple times as a response.

We then see Felipe driving around in his truck with a gun and other implements in a black duffel bag. Sons of Anarchy (S.O.A.) villain, Lincoln Potter makes another appearance this week. Jimenez’s boss meets him in a building filled with agents and Jimenez busts in giving intel on Miguel’s arrest, thus saving E.Z. from arrest.

Adelita has the guards take Miguel into the basement for a meeting. She shows him surveillance of the rebels blowing up his local poppy harvest and drug distribution informs him she will blow up his global distribution. She tells him they need to become business partners. He is to pay for the poor people’s medical, housing, food and education but he informs her that he doesn’t trust her. So she gives him her real name and her family history to start the bond.


A battered E.Z. is first praised then reprimanded by Losa for protecting his fellow club members from the cops. Coco’s daughter shows up bleeding claiming Cecilia did it to her so Coco charges off to confront her. Miguel and baby Cristóbal are then reunited and released to go home. However, Riz gets caught bringing illegals to the country by Mayan club members. Coco breaks into his mom’s apartment, hits her and when she threatens him with jail he drowns her in his anger over hurting his daughter. He’s then seen fighting his emotions sitting on the rim of the tub.

Meanwhile, Felipe is still driving. E.Z. goes looking for his dad but finds the box containing his dad’s real birth certificate instead. The lights go out on the happy family reunion at the Galindo’s when Potter cuts the power and arrests everyone. When no one comes back inside, Emily holding Cristóbal goes to find everyone in the driveway in handcuffs. A smiling Potter greets her instead.

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