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This week on Mayans M.C., this episode started off with E.Z. going through his father Felipe’s lockbox. He suddenly had a flashback of after he found his mother dead. Emily was trying to tell him to let Angel help his father with the shop. At that moment, a rat eating chips scared Emily and the flashback ended.

E.Z. was packing all of the memorabilia back into the box while Felipe paid Archbishop Rodrigo a visit in the confessional booth. He warned the bishop that Adelita will come to enact her vengeance. The bishop was upset she knows he was the one who told the cartel where to find her father. Coco was seen humming and cleaning up his dead mother’s body. His daughter calls him to admit she lied but he doesn’t answer, just simply tossing the phone aside.

Image result for mayans m.c. rataElsewhere, Riz is in hot water with the M.C. over the tunnel ferrying the illegals. The club members decided his fate later on in the episode. E.Z. rode into the scrap yard to be met by Leticia. She wanted to tell her father the truth about beating herself and then lying saying Cecilia did it. E.Z. was upset with her for lying but agreed to go check on mother and son. Miguel was seen in a room with a loveseat and chairs Lincoln Potter comes in to play a mind game with him. He had instructed an agent to arrest Emily for not disclosing the baby Cristobal kidnapping.

Both Miguel and Emily knew there should be no reason for their arrest. The Galindos’ lawyers were not called. Potter used the homeland security act to keep the Galindos’ indefinitely. E.Z. arrives at Cecilia’s apartment to find a semi off-his-hinges Coco sitting smoking beside his dead mother’s body. In shock, E.Z. sat opposite of Coco taking the proffered cigarette. Coco then tried rationalizing what he’s done trying to make it right. Coco told E.Z. he wants his mom buried in the desert. Jimenez is brought up to speed by his D.E.A. partner. Both men were worried they would finger E.Z. for the rat.

Emily started to be questioned by agents about her abortion and E.Z. being the father but Potter interrupted and asks them to leave. He then tried to shake Emily with folders filled with intel that E.Z. provided. Potter told her to choose her husband or her son. He then showed her pictures of a toddler laying in his own waste on a dirty mattress. He informed her if she didn’t cooperate her son would be permanently taken away from her.

Later, Lincoln tried his magic on Miguel. He spun his story about the IRA and the Sons Of Anarchy running guns, how he almost had them but it fell through. He then told of how he embraced Mexican culture and is known as the ‘White Aztec’. Miguel could care less. He told Potter to go fuck himself. Elsewhere, Cecilia was starting to stink, making E.Z. sick. As he opens the window and grabs the key he has a flashback. He remembered seeing the car that was pulling away from the shop the day his mom was murdered. It draws him back to the night he shot and killed the cop.

Image result for mayans m.c. rataWhile walking to his truck in his flashback he saw the car parked outside a cantina. He waits with a gun stashed in the glove box. The owner is the last out of the cantina. He’s a hooded, faceless man. The flashback was interrupted by Leticia pounding on her grandma’s door. E.Z. quickly hid the body and says the bad smell was where he had to go to the bathroom. He instructs Chucky to take her back to the yard.

Felipe found Jimenez on his doorstep when he arrived home. He told him that E.Z. may be in danger from Potter revealing him as his intel source. Jimenez felt helpless in protecting him. He and Potter had a verbal argument at headquarters. He’s no longer an agent and Potter is gunning for Jimenez. Felipe called E.Z. and told him to come home immediately. Jimenez wants E.Z. to run but he refused.

The club told Riz he could stay full patch but he would lose his position as secretary. They also wanted 10% of Vicki’s girl’s profit. Riz stormed out and started an argument with Angel. Back with the Galindos, Potter showed a video of Emily crying in the holding room. He tried once more to make Miguel a partner and the rebels annihilated. He told him to sign the document by the time he gets back or the baby is gone and Miguel is on his way to prison.

Miguel looked at the intel and finally signed the paper. It was unclear if E.Z. name was present or not. Later, Alvarez rode in to brief the club about Galindo. E.Z. was nervous about the bikers surrounding him. But, so far no ones cornered him as a rat. All they wanted was for him to fix Alvarez’s bike. Across town, Miguel, Emil,y and Cristobal are freed but But Miguel had some plan to get even with Potter.

Angel and Riz were in a cage fighting until Losa calls for it to stop. Angel and E.Z. load Cecilia into the trunk of the car. A rat causes them to drop her into the tail light, breaking it. On the road, the boys got pulled over by Frank and a new rookie who thinks he’s God. They find the body and Angel and E.Z. are arrested as a rat looks on the scene.

That’s it for season one of Mayans M.C. The show is reportedly set to return in 2019.


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