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This week on Mayans M.C. we kicked things off with a rattlesnake seen slithering through the undergrowth. It’s watching the tow truck as it drives Angel’s impounded car into the police lot. Elsewhere, Rogan is trying to figure out how to get the boys out of trouble. He is angry the boys didn’t warn him about the body in the trunk sooner. Rogan is called away to meet a homeland security agent. Potter uses this opportunity to sneak into the cell to talk to the boys.

Potter blows the lid off of E.Z.’s plea agreement. He does have enough heart to tell Angel that he and the club would never go down because of the intel E.Z. gave Potter. Since Potter is an Assistant U.S. Attorney he lets the boys go on one condition, they help him take out the rebels and anyone else that is a threat.

Mayans M.C.Angel was quiet while E.Z. tried to make him understand why he became a snitch. Angel abruptly stopped the car and told E.Z. to get out. Then he proceeded to beat his own brother. E.Z. never throws a punch. He’s angry he was lied to. Despite his anger, he does save his brother from the snake’s bite by stomping it and throwing it away.

Angel drives off and leaves E.Z. to walk home. During the next morning, E.Z. passes Coco’s former dilapidated house. It causes him to have a flashback. He remembers meeting Coco eight years before. Coco was a soldier in the Iraq war. He was the gun supplier while Angel was the go-between. The gun in question was the one E.Z. used to kill the cop.

During the flashback, we found that Angel wanted to deny and shut out his mom’s murder, while E.Z. wanted to avenge it. It’s at this time we find out the cops labeled the murder as a drug addict who broke in to rob the store and killed their mother.

In the present, Felipe heard a noise in his house. He grabbed his shotgun only to find a drunk Angel looking at E.Z.’s plaques and awards. Felipe saw the bruises on Angel’s knuckles. Angel revealed his jealousy of E.Z. and Felipe realizes that he has not treated the boys equally. He loves them both but Angel chose his path. Something his father says sobers Angel up as he realizes the rebels are in danger.

The Galindos are busy trying to get their home cleaned from the damage inflicted by the D.E.A.’s raid. During this time, they try to win over Devante. But, he was stubborn and doesn’t want to play along and left the room. Emily unknowingly mentions finding Miguel’s dead brothers medical records. He’s shocked since they were supposed to have been buried with his father. He finds out both Devante and his mother lied about his brother’s kidnapping and murder. He really died of pneumonia. Anger and suspicion are written on Miguel’s face.

Image result for mayans mc episode 9Felipe finds E.Z. just as he arrives at the scrap yard. He admits he chose one son over the other. E.Z. feels like all the dreams he had for his life have been distorted and now are dying. He begins to fix Alvarez’s bike. Elsewhere, Miguel and Emily set up Devante. It’s clear they are hiding something. Angel enters the tunnel and rushes to the rebel’s camp only to find it gone and he fears the worst.

Adelita pays Archbishop Rodrigo a visit. He reminds Adelita he took care of her but before the score could be settled Marcus breaks it up and asks Adelita to leave. The Mayan M.C. boys are hard at work. Everyone is informed they have a meeting with Galindo at San Buho casino.

Emily, Miguel, Devante and a hidden away Adelita start the meeting. Gilly, Coco, and Angel must act like they don’t know Adelita. At the meeting, its decided the Mayans will be the enforcers that make the rebels and Galindo not betray each other. Miguel asks Emily and Alvarez to meet him. He instead takes a ride with Devante. The Mayans stay at the casino. Emily confronts E.Z. before leaving. She threatens him. He’s angry but hurt to know no more love exists between them.

E.Z. finds km 237 scrawled on his bike. He goes back in and meets Coco, Gilly, and Angel they are getting tattoos and surrounded by hookers. Miguel confronts Devante he then takes him to a secluded spot and greets Adelita. Devante was the man who killed her family. He gives her a sword. She beheads Divante as the rattlesnake slithers around his head. Later, the rebels hang Rodrigo. Jimenez says goodbye to Felipe since he quit being an agent. Angel and E.Z. receive a call from Potter saying that he wants them to kill Jimenez.

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