mayans m.c.Angel and E.Z. are riding to their father’s butcher shop to have dinner. Emily is rifling through ledgers in the Galindo’s storage unit. She matches dates with the amounts wired to the hitman who killed Marisol Reyes.

In a few days the club will decide if E.Z. will go from prospect to patched in member of the Mayans M.C. Angel playfully bickers with E.Z. before the boys leave for the clubhouse.

Emily calls E.Z. she is getting a manicure while under Nestor’s watchful eye. She goes out the back to the alleyway to meet E.Z. she hedges about telling him any info once he confides in her. He believes Miguel ordered the hit. Emily vehemently denies Miguel’s involvement. She even slaps E.Z.

In the clubhouse chapel prominent members of the Mayans M.C. meet. Samcro needs the Mayans aid in their business venture. The club will meet on tribal lands at the Flying Serpent Lodge. It’s Jax Teller’s last wish.

E.Z. tells Angel the news about Emily he isn’t pleased it could go south. Both their phones ring it is Potter he wants to meet.

Crows are eating carrion as Potter looks on in a twisted fascination. The boys arrive. Potter hits them with a threat. They must get all the intel on Galindo cartel, Adelita/Luisa, Palamo and the rebels. If they don’t Felipe will be deported.

Angel wants to rip Potter apart instead E.Z. calmly walks up to him and threatens Potter back. At first Potter is stunned and then turns furious. E.Z. doesn’t know exactly what to do but is confident they will find a way to take Potter down. The Mayans ride out for the lodge. A foreboding cloud of a murder of crows flies overhead.
Miguel is assured Nestor’s nod of approval Emily was where she said she was. Emily reminds Miguel to drop his mom off to the psychiatrist. She will later pick Dita back up and take her home. Miguel warns his mother about secret rendezvous.

Dita still meets Felipe atop the hospital roof. She proclaims her love for him. He informs her at first he loved her too but then fell for Marisol. Dita says Marisol’s name with jealousy dripping off her tongue. She alludes to an evil deed she has done. She quickly changes the subject and asks Felipe to never tell Miguel the truth.

E.Z. keeps trying to call Emily. She ignores him and his calls go straight to voicemail. Samcro arrives lead by Chibs and Happy at the lodge.

During the introductions inside E.Z. is refilling the gas tanks on the bikes. Myans from another branch start to try to pick a fight. Coco and Riz give E.Z. the green-light to kick ass. No patched member must hit another in bikers code unless instructed by a senior member.

Chibs and Samcro need to reroute the gun shipment from the port in California to Tijuana through the Malitos and Mayans. Bishop isn’t happy since they recently had an altercation with the Malitos killing nine of their men. He has no choice but to meet with the Malitos. Bishop feels there is trouble.

Miguel meets Palamo in the tunnels. She finds Potter’s ex wife Sophia Ferio who is blind and is a merchant in a market place. He has a child too. Palamo would rather save Potter’s family rather than Angel’s. Although Miguel assures her no harm can come to Sophia its clear he will use any means necessary to get back at Potter.

Emily goes back to the storage unit and finds that Dita signed off on all the hit-man’s payment transactions. She is Marisol’s killer.

The Malitos, Samcro and Myans meet. Chibs tell them to accept the deal or fuck off. In the first year the Malitos want 7k U.S. dollars. Samcro will take 10% Mayans get 5% but must pay 5% to Malitos for restitution. Fights nearly break out. Its far from over.

Emily drops hints to Dita that she is on to her murdering trail. She tells Nestor to take her to Felipe’s shop. She uses a pretense of steaks for dinner. She gives him the paper and tells him who murdered his wife. She narrowly gets caught when Miguel shows up. Its clear he is angry.

Samcro leaves. Unbeknownst to them the Malitos plan on revenge. Later that night they set the Mayans bikes on fire as a distraction. They set Coco on fire blinding him. Riz is shot multiple times and is on life support.

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