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Season two, episode four of Mayans M.C., kicked off with Happy’s dog barks furiously trying to warn him of Reyes’ boys’ presence but it’s too late. They are in and are able to subdue him. He tells them in the end either he or Angel and E.Z. will be dead.

Miguel walks into the kitchen to wash his hands. He is preparing for a meeting between himself, Alvarez, Luisa, and Palamo. Emily interrupts her own financial meeting to talk to him. She has been advised to lower taxes. She reminds Miguel of his mother’s shrink appointment. Emily feels a foreboding that something will go wrong with Miguel’s plans.

Leda calls Felipe at his shop and asks him to meet her. She needs to talk to him. Elsewhere, Angel and E.Z. rummage through Happy’s belongings. They want to know if the Galindo cartel ordered the hit on their mother nine years before. Happy sits stoically with a smirk on his face. Angel hits him in the face with the butt of his handgun. Blood spurts from the gash.

Luisa, Alvarez, and Miguel ride in the Bronco. They are trying to figure out how to cut Potter off from his new scheme to bring down Luisa. Luisa makes the mistake of commenting on Miguel’s marriage to Emily. He gets upset. Later, Emily runs into a regretful Ariana at city hall. She is meeting with the governor’s aide. She has her architect plans she will be delivering.

Back at Happy’s, Angel puts out his cigarette on the man’s pecs. Elsewhere Riz, Taz, Bishop, Coco and Gilly ride through Son’s of Anarchy territory. They encounter the Small Boys, the wannabe bikers that started a feud with Angel and E.Z. E.Z. tells Angel everything about their father’s days as a cop. Angel and E.Z. begin a fistfight in Happy’s kitchen. Happy looks on with amusement.

Throwing Blows

Later, the Mayans call Packard, the new president of samcro. They noticed the 20 pissed off Small Boys bikers surrounding them and know they have a fight on their hands. As the Mayans take off, the rivals pursue. One S.B. ran Riz off the road, damaging his bike. The Mayans have had enough and pull out a sawed-off shotgun and open fire. S.B. know they are defeated. They tuck tail and run. The Mayans go back to help Riz.

Riz is unconscious in the road his busted bike beside him. They eventually rouse him. He suffers from road rash and cuts and bruises. One of the S.B.’s says its payback for what Angel did. Happy’s phone rings incessantly as his pitbull barks. Angel and E.Z sit in the kitchen holding frozen food to their faces trying to soothe the bruises from their fistfight.

Angel tells E.Z. he used to hate him cause he felt like E.Z. was perfect and he was a loser. Happy taunts Angel who decides to cut on off Happy’s tattoos off his torso. Across town Emily drops off Leda at the shrink. Marcus is charged to cover all the exits so she can’t sneak off to Felipe. Leda blackmails the shrink with $2,000.00 and the threat of making Miguel put the doctor out of business.

Mystery Unraveling

E.Z. and Angel share a beer while discussing what to do with Happy. They decide to question him one last time before they kill him. Angel puts the barrel of his gun in Happy’s torso wound and twists it. It isn’t until Angel wants to kill or torture the dog that Happy relents. He tells the boys that he doesn’t know who ordered it by name just that someone from Mexico ordered Felipe and his wife killed.

Felipe gets a bombshell from Leda that Miguel is his son, making him Angel and E.Z.’S half brother. The Mayans and S.O.A pay the S.B. boys a visit. Riz shoots one in the leg for causing his injuries and ruining his bike. The S.O.A. will be putting the S.B. boys in their place. Coco is ordered to find Angel. The mercs track down Luisa, Miguel, and Alvarez and stage a shoot out and must hand her over to the mercs to cover their true purpose. Happy and the Reyes agree to work together to find out who ordered the execution of their mother. Then, they will have business settled.

As the episode comes to a close, Emily finds Leda’s secreted photo after spying Felipe’s truck when she picks up Leda from the doctor’s appointment. Luisa is taken to Potter. Angel and E.Z. take in the night sky. Happy plays with his dog. Miguel implies that he has feelings for Luisa.

Mayans M.C. airs Tuesdays on FX.

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