mayans m.c.

E.Z is at Angel’s house discussing Sons Of Anarchy’s, Happy. The boys clearly want revenge on Happy who was revealed last season to be the murderer of the Reyes boy’s mother. He was the reason E.Z. killed a cop while chasing Happy.

During the the evenings discussion E.Z. apologizes to Angel. He know his brother is mad at him for not leaving the club. E.Z. said he stayed cause the club, Angel and their father Felipe is all that he has.

Miguel’s mother holds a book in her hand at first glance one assumes she is reading but is really holding a photograph hidden in its pages.

Felipe places his wife’s picture on the bed side table as he tells her how much he misses her a handgun lays beside the photo.

Angel, E.Z. and Coco along with the other Mayans meet up at Vicki’s brothel for breakfast. E.Z. lies to Bishop about wrapping up lose ends on his parole. Bishop wants him to take some of the other M.C. members to Stockton with him but E.Z. says he just wants his brother. They will use that time to heal old wounds.In reality they are going for Happy.

Luisa is upstairs looking out the window when Angel goes to see her. He wants to come clean he is the baby’s father. Luisa wants to wait til the child is born and they are all out of harms way. Angel wants Luisa to confide in him all the while he himself is keeping secrets.

Coco is supposed to go to the farm house to take care of Mini she is the young child who spies for Luisa and the rebels.

Mini packs a back pack and runs away before Coco can do his job.

Miguel, Emily and Leda share a car ride. Emily is dropped off to see the mayor. She wants to break ground on an agricultural park. Miguel will go with his mother to her Doctor’s appointment.

The Reyes boys pay their father a visit before leaving for their trip. Meanwhile Emily is told from a friend that there are 6 bids against her and Miguel. Other people want the land the agricultural park will be built on. Emily is furious and calls Miguel.

The Mayans and the mercenaries are in a competition to find Mini. The Mayans want to protect her the mercs want her dead. Lucky for the kid the mercs missed her exiting a shop seconds later.

Angel and E.Z. make a pit stop and are harassed by a wanna be bikers (anyone who has seen Wild Hogs movie will know what i’m referring to) Angel hurls insults eventually pulls out his gun. After being on the road again angel sees a sign for an arcade and wants to stop.

E.Z. loses and must pay for everything. The wanna be’s had a look out and she calls them. Just as the boys exit the arcade the wanna be’s pull in and the boys are out numbered. E.Z. and Angel must fight their way with golf putters to their bikes to grab their guns. Angel fires rounds in a nearby car to summon the cops. He has a plan don’t worry.

The Reyes take off on a high speed chase. The wannabes surround the boys and angel shouts over the din of bikes and sirens patches before badges. The rival has no choice but to help E.Z. and Angel escape.

Miguel races off to Emily to discuss how he wants to use the cartel’s force to bring down the mayor and anyone trying to outbid them.

Leda sneaks out the back of the hospital after she discovers Miguel isn’t in the waiting room.

The Mayans must hide from the mercs at the open market. While trying to find Mini. Alvarez is with them. After giving up the Mayans are about to get in a flat bed truck loaded with hay and covered with a red tarp. A assault rifle peeks out suddenly.

Mini is afraid until Coco placates her. Like it or not the child begins to bond with him. You can see Coco starting to take on the surrogate father role.

Angel and E.Z. make it to Stockton they will stay with the Mayans branch there. As E.Z. starts to park the bikes the local cops starts to throw insults and taunts. Adena tells E.Z. to not reply.

Mini is taken back to the brothel to stay with Luisa. Bishop is adamant that the door is to be closed so the child doesn’t hear or see all that goes on at the brothel. Leda visits Felipe at his shop they reminisce about old times before Felipe takes her to a very angry Miguel and Emily. They distrust the reason behind the friendship. It is revealed Leda knew Felipe when he was a cop. It is beginning to look like they were partners at one time.

Mercs are told about the Mayans and are instructed to watch the M.C. GPS tracking devices are placed on their vehicles.

The two cops are in the woods across from the club house. One is receiving a blow job from a transient hooker. He asks his partner to film and send it to his ex.

The Mayans are eating from a food truck parked outside the club house. Adena walks into the woods to take a leak when he startles the cops. One fires multiple times and runs. E.Z. and the other Mayans pull their guns and race to help their comrade. Its too late Adena is dead. The club begins their own man hunt for the killer.

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