Mayans M.C.The season finale two finale of Mayans M.C. was a roller coaster. We find Felipe, Angel, and E.Z. at home.  Felipe greets his boys a good morning. He sits down with his cup of coffee while Angel joins E.Z. on the couch. E.Z. fears the revenge he seeks will finally destroy him like it almost did 9 years before. Angel wishes he had carried the burden with his brother. Felipe reminds the boys it was his sins, not their’s. He plans on confronting Dita.

Later, Angel finds out Riz is dead. The boys want Felipe to not do anything without their approval. Adelita is handcuffed to a gurney as she gives birth to her son. They take him away as she tries to break free from the handcuffs. In a rage, mixed with defeat, she falls back against the pillow crying.

Elsewhere,  the M.C.s are at Vicki’s brothel grieving and plotting their next move. They learn that Riz’s body is waiting for an autopsy. The Kings want to change Bishop’s mind about retaliation for the surprise attack by the Vatos Malditos in the previous episode. If he goes through with it other branches will defect from the Mayans, leaving them on there own without allies. They ask Bishop to meet with Palo. His grandmother is having a birthday party and he is visiting her.

Mourning, Guilt, and Decisions

Later, Emily is talking to Miguel about the next day’s groundbreaking ceremony for the park. Coco is furious about the Kings wanting to change Bishop’s mind. He begins yelling at E.Z. and knocks Chucky down. Chucky is berating himself for always being in the way. Taza forms an Indian artifact from clay then buries it in the ground as a memorial to Riz. He sends a Navajo prayer to his ancestors for Riz. He can barely walk because he is burdened with guilt, so another member helps him stand.

Ariana informs Emily she is moving to San Diego with her sister to work in housing authority. She tells Emily that the Galindo’s got what they wanted and to stay away from her family, leaving Emily in confusion. Emily meets E.Z. and hands over the info on Potter having a child with a witness.  E.Z. takes the info to Angel. It’s left up to Angel to save Adelita/ Luisa and his son or save his father. He decides to save his father.  Later, Dita meets Felipe on the rooftop of her therapist. She admits she killed Marisol/ Isabel Reyes. She tells Felipe she wants to die by his hand to atone for her sins. Felipe’s emotions overwhelm him.

Elsewhere, Bishop leaves his weapons outside while meeting Palo. He pretends all is well but he has something up his sleeve. Angel tells E.Z. that Luisa inspires him to do the right thing. Potter shows up and is smug and cocky. E.Z. hands him the manilla envelope. Potter gets angry and starts to attack Angel. E.Z. holds him back. Potter has 24 hours to make Felipe and Marisol U.S. citizens and get rid of everything about Ignacio Cortina or they’ll ruin his career.  Potter walks defeated back to his car, his mind churning look for another avenue to get even.

The Darkness Calls

Mayans M.C.

Later, E.Z. and Angel meet Felipe. He tells them about Dita’s death wish. He says he will handle it and forces the boys to go back to the clubhouse. There, Bishop asks the M.C. to play their parts and act like retaliation was off the table so the Kings are none the wiser. Miguel visits Dita before bed. Emily fears she’s depressed and will harm herself. She tells him she is writing a letter to her sister. She gives him marriage advice and tells Miguel she loves him one last time.

After leaving, Dita sends the Galindo bodyguards into the pharmacy. She steals the car and sends a message to E.Z. and Angel to meet her. Felipe cannot kill Dita. E.Z. decides to be the one to avenge his mother’s murder. Angel leads a heartbroken Felipe to his truck as Dita prays a Hail Mary. E.Z. makes her look him in the eye while he strangles her with his bare hands. He cries while doing so, conflicted with who he used to be versus what his mother’s death made him become. Angel sets fire to the body.

Later, Emily finds Dita’s suicide note before they find her charred remains. Alvarez finds bike marks in the dirt and knows it was murder. He takes his foot and dusts them away, knowing the Reyes boys had something to do with it.

New Tensions and More Enemies

As the finale comes to a close, Potter succeeds in obtaining the Reyes parents’ U.S. birth certificates. He asks for DNA on Luisa’s infant before taking the child away as payback against Angel. The M.C.s vote E.Z.  in as a patched-in member of the M.C before they all ride out to Palo’s party. Finally, the Mayans surround then burst into the party. They kill guests and Malitos alike. Palo escapes with his grandma. Unfortunately, a Kings’ member dies. The season ends with Bishop declaring they are fucked.


Mayans M.C. will return for season 3 at some point in 2020.

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