mayans m.c.E.Z. is awakened by the gunshot he hears from the night before echoing in his memory. He stumbles to the sink to wash the blood out of his white t-shirt. Emily calls him unaware of what happened the night before. When he doesn’t answer she shoots off a frantic text. Miguel and Dita watch from the window. Angel sits on the living room floor holding a cup of coffee in his extended hands. He stares off into space.

Coco wakes up to a messy apartment. He reprimands Letty. She’s on the veranda . She’s brought him breakfast. He sees movement inside and thinks its a boy Letty has snuck in. Inside he finds a frightened young lady named Gabby.

Letty explains that Gabby’s family was taken away by the Malditos M.C. for human trafficking. They have left bruises on Letty’s arm.

The mayor of Santo Padre and the police and crime scene unit are collecting evidence at Marlon’s house.

The police label it a suicide but the mayor believes the Galindo’s were behind his death instead.

E.Z. is at his father’s house washing dishes when Angel comes in. E.Z. sees his brothers anguish and begs him to confide in his father. When Felipe enters E.Z. exits so Angel can have some alone time.

Over coffee Angel tells Felipe about his impending fatherhood and about how he feels he’s already failed since Potter has his girl and unborn child hidden away. Felipe tells him to find Potter’s greatest weakness and use it against him.

Dita tells Emily of Marlon’s death. She tries to hide how shaken she is. She tries to reach E.Z. by phone again.

The Mayans meet in the chapel to discuss what to do about the Malditos M.C. Taza gives the backstory of the M.C. he was once patched into. When they began human trafficking he got out and joined the Mayans.

E.Z. meets Gabby she’s praying to Mary. He translates the poetry tattoo on her arm and gives her a coke. She is instantly smitten by him.

Mayans head to Dogwood the house that hides the illegals is easily found. The guys split up asking restaurants if they deliver food to the house. Only the Chinese restaurant has made any deliveries.

The boys order food and under the guise of being a food delivery they bust in killing two,injuring one Malditos. One is left unharmed.

They find two rooms of men the women are kept in dark recesses. The feed and question some of the illegals. One man knows but will not tell where the cages filled with human cargo are kept. Coco kills a man to make his point clear. Either tell what he knows or he will put a bullet in him. He finally agrees.

Emily and Miguel arrive at the mayor’s office in separate cars. The mayor informs them of an email Marlon had sent before he died. She all but accuses Miguel to his face she knows he had Marlon killed. The Galindo’s win the bid.

Miguel’s suspicion of Emily mounts and he asks Nestor to keep an eye on her every move. He faithfully obliges.

At a barn in the middle of nowhere the Mayans stake out the Malditos. The cages are on the southeast side. Malditos are already plotting revenge against the Mayans.
Inside water is thrown in the faces of thirsty and starving illegals. Bread is thrown on the ground and they fight over it. The Mayans bust in and a gunfight ensues. They do their best to not hit the cages. The Malditos grab gas cans and pour on the cages. They intend to burn the illegals alive.

One manages to sit fire to the cages. At the risk of harm to themselves the Mayans dive through the flames and get everyone out. The barn goes up in flames.

The Mayans take Gabby’s family back to the clubhouse. She bestows a tear streaked thank you on the M.C. she starts to go after E.Z. but is pulled back by her brother.

E.Z. sits shirtless at his campers table and ponders the info Happy has given him. He finally returns Emily’s call. She asks him to meet her.

Coco admits to killing Letty’s mom but then kisses his little girl on the forehead. She still cant call him dad and still refers to him as Coco.

The mayor greets her wife and son at home. She holds her baby tightly while locking and looking worriedly out the window.

Emily blatantly lies to Miguel telling him she must meet Ariana. Nestor confirms she is lying. Miguel’s head swims with anger,hurt and betrayal.

She meets E.Z. who tells her what really happened to Marlon. She says she feels guilty and tries to turn the tables on E.Z. before finally admitting he only did what he had to do to protect his own life. They briefly embrace. When she tells him she will be there if he needs anything,he asks her to trace the western union transaction to help find his mothers killer.

We will have to wait til next week to see if Emily makes good on her promise.

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