In the weeks leading up to the August 26th fight, you’ll hear a number of boxing “purists” say that this match-up is an embarrassment or bad for boxing or any variation of that sentiment. I’m here to argue just the opposite.


I will be honest, the trash talk lead up will probably be better than the fight itself. But there’s a few factors that make this an interesting night. I see 3 possible outcomes for this fight:


  1. Mayweather outclasses McGregor and just finishes it in the 5th round to put a stamp on his 50th victory.
  2. Mayweather and McGregor have a decent fight, with some brawling segments to put on a show for the crowd, but its obvious Mayweather is the winner.
  3. McGregor says screw it and goes all out and lands a left cross to KO Mayweather. Stunning the world.


Now, of those three scenarios the last one is that 1% punchers chance that everyone that steps foot in the ring has. More than likely Mayweather will outclass the 0-0 McGregor. From a pure fighting perspective there isn’t too much to analyze, especially because McGregor has no professional boxing experience.


With that likely outcome, boxing fans and analysts will always be able to pull that victory as a trump card in any MMA vs boxing debate and continue to hold itself up as the combat sport of choice.


Secondly, and more importantly, all eyes are on the boxing world right now. Whether it’s curiosity for the spectacle or to bash it in favor of the Canelo Alverez vs Gennady “GGG” Golovkin fight. People are talking about boxing widespread. The last time a boxing match was on everyone’s radar was the Mayweather vs Pacquiao fight. After that dud of a fight it has been quiet. The fight of the century finally happened and there weren’t any matchups the general public were interested in. Mayweather fought a few times after that, not many people tuned in. The only big draw left in boxing is Canelo Alverez but he’s not pulling the monstrous numbers that boxing used to have. Mayweather vs McGregor is going to have huge numbers! And regardless of what happens. People are drawn to these types of fights. Freak show match-ups between athletes from different sports. Some will tune in hoping either of these polarizing figures gets knocked out. Some will watch of curiosity, or not wanting to be left out. All manners of people will watch this spectacle.


If the viewers are unhappy with the fight they may want to look at Canelo vs GGG as a palette cleanser and a true meeting of evenly matched fighters. Although at this point it seems that Mayweather and McGregor is poised to eclipse this dream fight, the opposite will be true.


By default the more people talk about Mayweather vs McGregor, the more that the GGG and Canelo fight gets brought up. Mayweather and McGregor are both amazing talkers and hype men. They will make sure their fight stays on the minds and mouths of sports pundits and the mainstream media. As people condemn it for being a freak show fight, joke, spectacle, etc, the GGG and Canelo fight will be mentioned as the true boxing match to watch. GGG and Canelo aren’t the best talkers or promoters so the free publicity they get from this is a boon to boxing as a whole. Now, for the first time since the initial announcement people are talking about GGG and Canelo.


But, let’s not act like the GGG vs Canelo fight wasn’t announced in some showy display that would make Vince McMahon blush. Kind of hard to talk about from a high ground when your last fight was a joke. Had a promo video ready before the results of the fight were announced and put on a theatrical performance of GGG walking down the ramp into the ring and facing Canelo. Boxing needs more character and showmanship to help get more eyes onto the dying sport. Mayweather and McGregor are pound for pound Kings in those departments.


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Michael Gomez

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