Mayweather vs McGregor

Speculation in sports is what drives us all as sports fans. We feed off of it. We relish it. We embrace it. With as many speculation stories as there have been in sports history, some are found to be true some are found not to be true. I can’t find one speculation story as confusing and mind-blowing as Mayweather vs McGregor . The Ultimate Sideshow.

Two of the most polarizing figures in combat sports. Floyd Mayweather. Conor McGregor. Both men are very different, but in one way very much the same.  Allow myself to introduce the best boxer of his era (unfortunately) and the most polarizing figure in MMA (once again unfortunately, I will get to this later). First, let’s talk about Floyd Mayweather.  Mr. 49-0 likes MONEY. In fact, he became so obsessed with money he built his brand and his career around the Benjamin’s. But let us remember he didn’t start this way. In the beginning, Floyd Mayweather Jr. was just that a Junior. Living in the shadow of his pro boxing father Floyd Mayweather Sr. and his pro boxing uncle Roger Mayweather. ‘Pretty Boy Floyd’ came into the fight game with a pressing need to get out of his father’s shadow. Let’s just say he did that. Twenty years later, the now “retired” fighter is left itching to get back into the ring for one last victory to put himself alone in history as the only pro boxer to hold a record of 50-0.

As of now “Money” is tied with the great Rocky Marciano at the before mentioned 49-0. With one more fight and one more win, Floyd would put the finishing touches on a career some consider to be one of the best ever. I can automatically take my name out of that group. Although 49-0 with wins over the likes of Manny Pacquiao, Canelo Alvarez, Shane Mosley, and Oscar De La Hoya, Floyd never fought any man in his “prime” whether that means the fighter had not entered his prime (Canelo) or was far past it (Mosley and De La Hoya). The most high-profile fight in boxing history (Mayweather vs Pacquiao) was put on hold for what really is anybody’s guess six years, seven years, maybe even eight years. We (fight fans) really don’t know the real story and we probably never will. Whether it was Manny ducking Floyd or Floyd ducking Manny we will never know. But when Juan Manuel Marquez stiffened Manny Pacquiao, Mayweather acted as if he had just won the Superbowl. It was almost as if he was thinking to himself, 1. Now I will never have to fight Manny or 2. If  I fight Manny he won’t be the same.

For a fight that was almost a decade in the making between two of the best boxers in this era, the fight was an outright dud. One that actually put me to sleep while sitting in a chair at Dave and Buster’s. Manny did everything he could to push the pace, but Floyd just kept running, circling, engaging when he needed to and even clinching Pac-Man’s arm while punching him with the other. The fight had zero sweet science. Floyd knew it, Manny knew it. The clash between the two gravely disappointed the fans but with Mayweather and Manny taking almost a DECADE to meet in the ring. A sequel was doomed.

Here we are a year later, Manny coming off a dominating high action unanimous decision 3rd performance vs Tim Bradley and Mayweather having fought Andre Berto in September to a unanimous decision victory. Now Mayweather is bored, itching to take a proper final bow with the proper dance partner.

An Irishman wants a piece. Whether that’s of the money pie or of the actual opponent that is a highly debated question. Quite possibly it could be both.(It is both). The brash cash cow for the Ultimate Fighting Championship has forged a path unlike any. While proclaiming as a featherweight that he would “obliterate” the division, McGregor did just that, even going as far as channeling his inner Ali and proclaiming the round and the fashion. McGregor could do no wrong, on his way up the featherweight ladder he provided one-liners unlike any we have ever seen such as ” We (Ireland) don’t come to take part we come to take over” and the famous “red panty night”. McGregor was everything the UFC was looking for. A character that could fight. The company had seen plenty of characters in Chael Sonnen, Brock Lesnar, and Tito Ortiz. All three guys could fight, but no one in UFC history can fight as well as they talk. McGregor does. The Notorious one had a meteoric rise up the ranks and in the media. Guaranteeing himself a title shot vs long time champion Jose Aldo and a spot on every Tonight Show that exists. Whether it was Jimmy Fallon, Craig Ferguson, or playing EA Sports UFC 2 with fellow Irishman Conan O’Brien. McGregor was everywhere. But as time has passed on since is last fight a loss at 170 lbs vs Nate Diaz. Notorious just doesn’t want to he Notorious anymore. Everywhere one minute, gone the next. McGregor has changed his stance on participating in media or so we thought. What I can’t wrap my head around is that if he doesn’t want to participate in the media, then why let the notion be thrown around that you would fight the biggest money-making fighter in combat sports? A few questions I would ask the Irishman if possible (while throwing down an Irish car bomb) would be the following…Do you not want to be a part of the UFC anymore? Or do you want to be your own man and take your own path. If so, that’s fine. But relinquish the belt that you won on December 12th, 2015 that you have not defended yet. If you want to fight at any other weight besides the weight class you’re a champion of GIVE UP THE BELT. This does not take away anything that you accomplished. If anything it shows you want to try new things and evolve your career. That’s okay.

But the sideshow experiments will presumably continue with Dana White saying Conor is “obsessed” with the Nate Diaz loss and the thoughts of a rematch are fueling his desire to get back into the octagon. But now with Floyd Mayweather apparently looking for a dance partner for his second career comeback attempt, McGregor seems as if he is ready to oblige. Could this be all smoke and mirrors? Nobody knows, but what I do know is a boxing match between Mayweather and Conor McGregor would not help Floyd Jr’s resume. It would only hurt it. Beating a fighter for his 50th career win that has been training as a Mixed Martial Artist for the last 10 years, boxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muy Thai and wrestling. Floyd would have an immediate advantage training only boxing his entire life.

Would a win over Conor McGregor be the perfect way to end an already questionable legacy? I think not. In the case of McGregor who is obviously signed, and under contract with a promotional giant, be given permission to fight by Dana White after the debacle that was the fallout of UFC 200? I think not. One final question I would ask Conor McGregor while at McGregor’s bar on Maple Avenue in Amherst, what motivates you as a fighter money or LEGACY?

The answer to that question has been answered in glimpses in both ways. But one thing I know for sure, if Mayweather vs McGregor becomes a reality, no fight in combats sports history will resemble a circus act sideshow more than the clash between Money Mayweather and The Notorious One. ThomasBoxingCombat SportsEntertainmentMMARecent PostsBoxing,Mayweather vs McGregor,MMA,UFCSpeculation in sports is what drives us all as sports fans. We feed off of it. We relish it. We embrace it. With as many speculation stories as there have been in sports history, some are found to be true some are found not to be true. I can't...