Last week, the heroes and villains of the CW’s four Arrowverse series came together for a two-night, four-hour crossover event called Crisis On Earth-X. During this year’s crossover, heroes from Arrow, Supergirl, The Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow teamed up to defeat their evil counterparts from Earth-X. On Earth-X, the nazis won the war. The storyline was adapted from the comic book arc of the same name. On this 53rd earth, Oliver and Kara are married and are the Herr and Overgirl, a high-ranking couple in the nazis’ leadership. They also have help from Earth-1’s Thawne who wore the face of Harrison Wells.

On the day of Iris and Barry’s wedding, they launch an attack to take out the heroes of Earth-1. They’re forced to withdraw when the Prometheus of Earth-X is captured. Feeding fan theories from last season, it turns out that Earth-X’s Prometheus is Tommy Merlyn. Instead of breaking through to his friend’s doppelganger, Oliver is saddened when Tommy declares that they will lose before killing himself with a cyanide capsule.

Why do the Earth-Xers want Earth-1? Overgirl is dying and they need Supergirl’s heart to save her. They also just want to rule over another Earth.

Highlights/Big Moments from Crisis On Earth-X
  • Badass fight scenes
  • Wally came back for a hot second to attend the wedding
  • Leonard Snart’s presence and quips
  • The death of Martin Stein when the heroes are captured and taken to Earth-X
  • Russell Tovey as Ray Terrill aka The Ray
  • Barry and Iris finally get married. By Diggle, who was absent most of the crossover because of his injury.
  • Felicity and Oliver get married at the same time
How did some of the MFST Entertainment Team React?

Samantha (@snguyenthai): 

First off, I’m not a fan of Olicity at all and the writers trying to cram it into this episode in addition to the beautiful relationship that is WestAllen was not something I appreciated. All of the Oliver and Felicity moments kind of ruined what should’ve been more moments about Barry and Iris, especially because their wedding was what was advertised in all of their promos. It also made them the worst wedding guests for kind of stealing their thunder by having a joint wedding at the end, especially because the next episode of Arrow is already going to be all about their wedding.

Next, I’m still feeling pretty conflicted about Sara and Alex hooking up. It doesn’t really make sense as to why it needed to be there, but seeing Alex loosen up and come to terms with how things ended with Maggie was nice. Although it had its flaws, the central idea of the tyrants of Earth-X interrupting Barry and Iris’s wedding was a solid idea, as was the “why” of it all.

It was a little strange seeing Oliver and Kara as somewhat of a power couple on Earth-X, but it was also an admittedly interesting twist. Here are some of the other things I loved from the episode:

  • Joe’s toast at Barry and Iris’s rehearsal dinner was really sweet but of course, expected, because he’s Joe and he’s definitely their biggest cheerleader.
  • Kara singing “Running Home to You”, aka Barry’s proposal song, while Iris walked down the aisle, as well as Barry starting to tear up.
  • That waitress at the wedding which was possibly (or probably) Barry and Iris’s daughter from the future. I don’t think the writers would put that scene in for no reason.
  • Seeing Tommy was probably one of the biggest shocks of the episode and that moment between him and Oliver was really sweet. I mean, at least until he called him and everyone else weak and killed himself League of Assassin style.
  • Supergirl’s thunderclap-like move.
  • Seeing Wentworth Miller as Citizen Cold AND making his double a gay character.
  • The overall story of Overgirl (Kara’s doppelganger) needing Kara’s heart to survive thus being their reason for going to their earth in the first place.
  • Stein’s death was heartbreaking but beautifully heroic. Yes, he deserved better because I didn’t want him to go but knowing that he needs to exit the show somehow, I’m ultimately okay with how it ended for him.

The crossover was overall a little disappointing in my opinion but it definitely had some really great moments. It would’ve benefited from a few things though; bringing in Black Siren (because Sara STILL doesn’t know she exists, which is, at this point, just disappointing), and cutting out the Olicity part of it.

My Take:

I was leery going into the crossover event knowing they were going to use the Crisis on Earth-X storyline as inspiration. Heroes have been fighting nazis in comics for years, I’m just not sure this is the year to focus on that storyline.

Having Barry and Iris’ wedding cut short was expected, but a bit of a let down for all the planning and hype about the event. Considering everything they went through, I think they deserved to have the moment witnessed by their family and friends.

Side note: I don’t hate Olicity, but I do hate that they got married at the same time as WestAllen. Their wedding was already interrupted once! The second time, no matter how romantic for Olicity, made me frustrated.

I was not a fan of Herr and Overgirl marriage. It was an interesting twist for the storyline, but weird to watch. As for the action scenes, they were well choreographed and I can see the work that went into staging and performing those scenes. A continuing storyline that frustrates me, Felicity and Iris kicking butt. I’m all for girl power when the progress is shown. Felicity, I can understand a bit more because we’ve seen her do a bit of basic training on Arrow. I can’t outright remember Iris having combat or weapons training. As badass as it was, the scene of them dropping down from the ceiling and taking out the baddies didn’t feel realistic. Give my girls training and then give me those kinds of scenes.

Finally, I didn’t like that Barry let Thawne escape. All that work, just to let him go seems like a waste. Sure, it sets up a future meeting, but the leniency on Barry’s part was irritating.

Overall, the Crisis On Earth-X crossover was decent. I’d give it at least a 7.5/10 for the storyline and 10/10.


The DCTV shows have their midseason finales this week and will return in January.


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