We are closing in on the end of the regular season with four weeks to play. Our pick’em title has been in the hands of Brandon Reid from start to finish and he maintained his seven-game lead over Dan Schalk. Last year’s champion, Orlando Torres, is looking ahead to next season.

Standings after Week 13

Brandon Reid: 125-65-2

Dan Schalk: 118-72-2

Orlando Torres: 112-78-2

Week 14 NFL Picks

Week 14 NFL Picks

Panthers at Browns

Dan Schalk: Carolina Panthers. The better defense wins this game.

Brandon Reid: Carolina Panthers. These two teams are heading in opposite directions. The Browns are gaining confidence after the coaching change, and Mayfield is putting up good numbers. The Panthers have lost four in-a-row, but they are the better team. I can’t see Carolina and Cam Newton losing their fifth game in-a-row to Cleveland.

Orlando Torres: Carolina Panthers. Surprisingly the Panthers are still in the playoff hunt. I wouldn’t be shocked to see the Browns win here, but sticking to the veteran coach and team to get things done here.

Ravens at Chiefs

Dan Schalk: Kansas City Chiefs. I think Baltimore may win this game, but with a few weeks to go I can’t afford to go down a game if KC continues to win.

Brandon Reid: Kansas City Chiefs. It would not be wise to pick against the Chiefs the rest of the regular season. Spencer Ware is completely capable of playing the Kareem Hunt role. Don’t think that the Chiefs are any less dangerous now without Hunt.

Orlando Torres: Kansas City Chiefs. It’s going to be interesting seeing this young Chiefs team take on a really good Baltimore defense. However with Jackson hurt, the Ravens wont be able to keep up with the Chiefs.

Colts at Texans

Dan Schalk: Houston Texans. The Colts looked like the Colts when Scott Tolzien was at QB last weekend.

Brandon Reid: Houston Texans. This game suddenly turned into a meaningful division game. I’ll ride with the streak continuing at home for Houston.

Orlando Torres: Indianapolis Colts. I keep picking against Houston, and it keeps screwing me. However I’m picking against them again. Last week was a weird week for some teams. Luck is much better than what we saw him do against Jacksonville. This is a race to the end now with the Colts and Texans.

Patriots at Dolphins

Dan Schalk: New England Patriots. I can make an argument the Patriots will not lose another game this season.

Brandon Reid: New England Patriots. The Patriots impressed me with the way they handled Minnesota last week. I still think they will miss the AFC Championship game this year because they are not as good as the Chiefs or the Chargers, in my opinion. Miami does have a lot to play for here so this game could get tricky.

Orlando Torres: New England Patriots. Tom Brady and the Pats are in full post-season mode. Brady is getting older, so expect a full running back assault going forward.

Giants at Redskins

Dan Schalk: New York Giants. Sorry, I can’t pick a team led by Mark Sanchez to win.

Brandon Reid: Washington Redskins. Look at the Giants winning three of their last four. But they are still a bad football team. It doesn’t matter who plays QB for the Redskins, this game will be won on the ground.

Orlando Torres: New York Giants. Kind of hard to believe that Mark Sanchez would lead this Washington team on a win streak and into the post-season. That’s exactly what would have to happen for Washington to stay in pace with Philly in Dallas. Not buying it.

Saints at Buccaneers

Dan Schalk: New Orleans Saints. The Cowboys defense shut down the Saints last week—Tampa’s defense will not.

Brandon Reid: New Orleans Saints. Not even close.

Orlando Torres: New Orleans Saints. That Thursday night game against Dallas will be the last time this season that we see the Saints put up 13 points.

Falcons at Packers

Dan Schalk: Green Bay Packers. If this game wasn’t at Lambeau I would pick the Falcons.

Brandon Reid: Green Bay Packers. Atlanta is free-falling faster than the late great Tom Petty. I do not like Green Bay and their problems became apparent this week when they fired Mike McCarthy. I have been saying all year that the Packers O-line is not very good and that is why an aging Aaron Rodgers has not looked sharp this year. But the game is in frigid Green Bay, and I have a feeling it will be the Aaron Rodgers show.

Orlando Torres: Green Bay Packers. Two teams that were expected to make the post-season this year are combines for eight total wins. That’s the NFL for you right there. With McCarthy gone, I think the Packers start to mix things up this week. Expect a lot of points in this game.

Jets at Bills

Dan Schalk: New York Jets. I don’t like picking the Bills to win football games.

Brandon Reid: Buffalo Bills. I would pick the Jets in this rematch just because neither team is good. But the Bills blew the Jets out just a couple of weeks ago. Now the Bills are at home.

Orlando Torres: Buffalo Bills. How about that Josh Allen kid?

Bengals at Chargers

Dan Schalk: Los Angeles Chargers. Philip Rivers for MVP!

Brandon Reid: Los Angeles Chargers. The line on this game is 14. That’s about as high as you’ll see in an NFL game. I don’t see that type of blowout because Cincinnati is not a bad football team, they are just banged up.

Orlando Torres: Los Angeles Chargers. The Bengals are a mess. That’s all i can say. What chance do they really have at wining this game?

Broncos at 49ers

Dan Schalk: Denver Broncos. I told you about Phillip Lindsay before you knew he existed.

Brandon Reid: Denver Broncos. I won’t be picking the 49ers the rest of the year. Copy and paste.

Orlando Torres: Denver Broncos. Denver has a small margin to make the playoffs, but the 49ers are already looking forward to next season. Don’t expect Matt Breida to play either.

Eagles at Cowboys

Dan Schalk: Philadelphia Eagles. I have brought the Cowboys a winning streak, by picking them to lose. So I’ll continue to pick against them hoping they win.

Brandon Reid: Philadelphia Eagles. This will be one of those late season oops at home we commonly see from the Cowboys. I think the Eagles season has been a bust, but this game is just a gut feeling.

Orlando Torres: Dallas Cowboys. This game is already getting personal and I love it. After getting off to a rocky start Philly has marched back in the playoff picture. Expect a dog fight here, but Dallas is currently the hotter and more balanced team here.

Steelers at Raiders

Dan Schalk: Pittsburgh Steelers. The Steelers aren’t a playoff team, but they are not the Raiders.

Brandon Reid: Pittsburgh Steelers. Oakland is getting the 49ers treatment from me. I will not pick them to win a game the rest of the season. Copy and paste.

Orlando Torres: Pittsburgh Steelers. It was nice seeing Oakland coming out to play against the Chiefs last week. Maybe they can keep this game close again, but Pittsburgh puts this one in the bag.

Lions at Cardinals

Dan Schalk: Arizona Cardinals. David Johnson is going to pull a Derrick Henry on Sunday.

Brandon Reid: Detroit Lions. When you’re struggling, the perfect remedy could be a trip to Arizona. The Cardinals are the worst offense in football. Even the 2-10 Raiders have scored 45 more points than the Cardinals this year.

Orlando Torres: Arizona Cardinals. Ehh snooze fest here. Give me the Cardinals with David Johnson leading the way.

Rams at Bears

Dan Schalk: Los Angeles Rams. I’m one of the few that predicted that Bears loss last weekend. They just aren’t that good…when will people realize?

Brandon Reid: Los Angeles Rams. The Rams are on a different level than everyone not named the Saints in the NFC. The Bears could make it a mud fight, but I’m not brave enough to pick them to win the game.

Orlando Torres: Los Angeles Rams. Looks like Chicago is about to drop two games in a roll here. Not sure if Trubisky is playing here, but even if he is it would still be hard to pick the Bears over the Rams.

Vikings at Seahawks

Dan Schalk: Minnesota Vikings. Seattle is hot, but I like the Vikings defense to step up and outplay the Hawks.

Brandon Reid: Seattle Seahawks. I like what Seattle has been doing as of late. They have turned into a solid football team with big play potential. Minnesota still seems a little flat this year.

Orlando Torres: Seattle Seahawks. Minnesota is coming off an ugly loss to New England, and Seattle all of a sudden are looking to that usual 12th man team that were all aware of. It’s possible for the Vikings to go in and upset the Seahawks on Monday night, but that’s just to hard to see.

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