With two weeks to play in the NFL regular season, Brandon Reid has a nine-game lead over both Dan and Orlando. It looks like Brandon’s first pick’em title is in reach…as long as he doesn’t mess up these next two weeks of games.

Standings after Week 15

Brandon Reid: 141-81-2

Dan Schalk: 132-90-2

Orlando Torres: 132-90-2

Week 16 NFL Picks

Week 16 NFL Picks

Redskins at Titans (Sat.)

Dan Schalk: Tennessee Titans. The Titans defense should be able to shut down Josh Johnson and the depleted Washington offense.

Brandon Reid: Tennessee Titans. No way Tennessee loses this game at home to a depleted Redskins team.

Orlando Torres: Tennessee Titans. I just can’t see Washington winning very much with Josh Johnson.

Ravens at Chargers (Sat.)

Dan Schalk: Los Angeles Chargers. I’m rooting for a Chargers Super Bowl appearance.

Brandon Reid: Baltimore Ravens. The Ravens D pulls a shocker in Week 16.

Orlando Torres: Los Angeles Chargers. Just like last week for the Chargers, it’ll be another close game but the Bolts will close it out at the end.

Buccaneers at Cowboys

Dan Schalk: Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys are the worst division leader in football. And I’m a Cowboys fan.

Brandon Reid: Dallas Cowboys. The Bucs may make Dak Prescott look good.

Orlando Torres: Dallas Cowboys. Cowboys bounce back this week. They can’t afford to give up the division to Philly.

Vikings at Lions

Dan Schalk: Minnesota Vikings. Minnesota still has something to play for, the Lions…not so much.

Brandon Reid: Minnesota Vikings. Detroit is pretty banged up so going against this defense will be a tough test.

Orlando Torres: Minnesota Vikings. The Lions have too many injuries right now to beat the Vikings.

Falcons at Panthers

Dan Schalk: Atlanta Falcons. Did you see Cam Newton attempt to pass the ball on MNF? Ugly.

Brandon Reid: Atlanta Falcons. The Falcons offense should be able to best the Panthers offense without Cam Newton. My confidence is not real high though.

Orlando Torres: Atlanta Falcons. No more Cam for the season. The Panthers will still put up a fight here with McCaffrey and if they could play good defense, but it won’t be enough.

Texans at Eagles

Dan Schalk: Philadelphia Eagles. Philly at home with the best QB ever, Nick Foles.

Brandon Reid: Houston Texans. Classic trap game for Houston, but Philly has let me down so many times this year that I’m done with them.

Orlando Torres: Philadelphia Eagles. It’s going to be a tight race in the NFC East. Philly stunned the Rams last week, so why not Houston this week?

Giants at Colts

Dan Schalk: Indianapolis Colts. The Giants are just too banged up to compete for the victory.

Brandon Reid: Indianapolis Colts. The Colts have been a huge surprise to me this year. They could disappoint me and lose this game, but I won’t predict that.

Orlando Torres: Indianapolis Colts. The Giants will need to dig deep if they want to beat the Colts. If Indy plays defense like last week, they’ve got this one bag.

Bengals at Browns

Dan Schalk: Cleveland Browns. The Browns at home, nine-point favorites. Wow. Vegas knows.

Brandon Reid: Cincinnati Bengals. Just when you thought it was safe to start betting on the Browns.

Orlando Torres: Cleveland Browns. The Browns are rolling, while the Bengals are sinking.

Bills at Patriots

Dan Schalk: New England Patriots. Tom Brady by 50.

Brandon Reid: New England Patriots. I have a feeling the Patriots are out for blood this week.

Orlando Torres: New England Patriots. This may possibly be Brady’s last season, but Tom will do what he always does best. And that’s own the Buffalo Bills.

Packers at Jets

Dan Schalk: Green Bay Packers. Another ugly game, but Aaron Rodgers will be playing, so….

Brandon Reid: Green Bay Packers. This is a tough game to pick. I have more confidence that the Aaron Rodgers can put up enough points to beat the Jets.

Orlando Torres: Green Bay Packers. If Rodgers plays in this meaningless game, then yeah give me the Packers.

Jaguars at Dolphins

Dan Schalk: Miami Dolphins. An ugly game is ahead.

Brandon Reid: Miami Dolphins. Jacksonville’s offense has got worse as the year has gone on. Now it’s anemic.

Orlando Torres: Miami Dolphins. This is going to be an ugly game. The Jags have been done since mid-season.

Bears at 49ers

Dan Schalk: Chicago Bears. Close game, but the Bears defense will do enough.

Brandon Reid: Chicago Bears. Should be a no brainer pick. But I’ve been fooled a lot lately.

Orlando Torres: Chicago Bears. Every time you expect the Niners to go down easily, they shock you. Just ask Seattle. Bears edge it out.

Rams at Cardinals

Dan Schalk: Los Angeles Rams. John Kelly is going to run wild over the Cardinals.

Brandon Reid: Los Angeles Rams. The Rams have been trending down, but this game shouldn’t be close, Gurley or not.

Orlando Torres: Los Angeles Rams. I understand Gurley is banged up, but if the Rams really want a bye, expect then to destroy the Cardinals.

Steelers at Saints

Dan Schalk: New Orleans Saints. I’m mad at you, Drew.

Brandon Reid: New Orleans Saints. Drew Brees will finally be more like himself this week at home in the dome.

Orlando Torres: Pittsburgh Steelers. Hopefully we’ll see Conner here (although unlikely). If so I think the Steelers might pull it off on the road to pick up some steam headed into the post-season. Saints have looked a bit more slower as of late.

Chiefs at Seahawks

Dan Schalk: Seattle Seahawks. The Chiefs are going down the drain as they usually do at the end of the season. Seattle bounces back nicely.

Brandon Reid: Kansas City Chiefs. This will be a tough test for the Chiefs. But I can’t pick a team to beat the Chiefs who just lost to the 49ers.

Orlando Torres: Seattle Seahawks. After last week both teams want a win this week. I think the Sea Hawks take advantage of being at home and grind this one out.

Broncos at Raiders

Dan Schalk: Denver Broncos. I guess.

Brandon Reid: Denver Broncos. My confidence is not real in this pick either, but I have to believe the Raiders are eyeing a top Draft pick and winning games does them no good at this point. Plus they are bad.

Orlando Torres: Oakland Raiders. Ehh no Christmas miracle here. Meaningless game before Christmas. I think the Raiders close this one out for the home crowd.

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