Standings after TNF Week 6

Brandon Reid: 48-29-2

Orlando Torres: 42-35-2

Dan Schalk: 40-37-2

Week 6 NFL Picks

Orlando came storming back to move into second place with a 9-5 week. Dan gets bumped to last place and is barely .500 on the year. Yikes! Here are the guys Week 6 picks…

Buccaneers at Falcons

Dan Schalk: Atlanta Falcons. The Falcons record does not indicate how good this team is. It’ll show at home on Sunday.

Brandon Reid: Atlanta Falcons. The Falcons better start getting it together because in case you haven’t noticed, they have played a lot of home games so far this year. So that means they will have to take their BAD defense on the road a lot to close out the year. Drop this one to Tampa Bay, and any hopes you had for this year are done.

Orlando Torres: Atlanta Falcons. Two back-to-back heartbreakers only means one thing for Atlanta, and that is that they’re going to demolish the Bucs.

Chargers at Browns

Dan Schalk: LA Chargers. The Browns are a solid team, I just have more confidence in the Chargers offense to move the ball consistently.

Brandon Reid: LA Chargers. I’m proud of you Browns. But not this week. The Chargers are too good on both sides of the ball. This is will not be one of the Browns five wins this year.

Orlando Torres: LA Chargers. Ahh what a love story. Cleveland finally has something to cheer about. And I’m happy for them, but they’re about get zapped at home (no pun intended) by the Bolts.

Colts at Jets

Dan Schalk: Indianapolis Colts. The Jets rushing attack dominated the Broncos last week. Some would think the Denver defense is superior to Indy–that may be true, but Case Keenum is well below Andrew Luck so the Colts will put up points.

Brandon Reid: New York Jets. I want to pick Indy here but their franchise has the worst run game, or lack of focus on a run game, that I have seen in my life. They flat out don’t care about running the ball. Darnold is not a big play quarterback, but he is a pretty solid, poised young man. The Jets are a better football team than the Colts. And they’re at home.

Orlando Torres: New York Jets. Andrew Luck threw the ball over 50 times last Thursday. And with no help from his offensive line, and Doyle and Hilton sitting out, it’s gonna be another long day for the Colts.

Seahawks at Raiders

Dan Schalk: Seattle Seahawks. The Raiders are a mess. Seattle is too, but not as much.

Brandon Reid: Seattle Seahawks. The Seahawks played the Rams tough last week. Oakland has one of the worst defenses in football and the offense isn’t far behind. Most of their offensive stats come from being behind in games and having to throw a lot.

Orlando Torres: Seattle Seahawks. Our first game in London should be a fun one. The Raiders are good enough to compete, they just can’t close games. And they won’t be able to close this one either.

Panthers at Redskins

Dan Schalk: Carolina Panthers. Yikes, the Redskins team looked terrible against a mediocre Saints team, so this week should look much of the same.

Brandon Reid: Carolina Panthers. It’s a short week for the Redskins and their confidence took a hit on Monday night. The Panthers are a solid football team and ranked number one in the league in rushing. Carolina grinds this one out.

Orlando Torres: Washington Redskins. I’m going with Washington to bounce back here. The Panthers are doing just enough to get by, but Gano won’t be enough to save him here.

Bills at Texans

Dan Schalk: Houston Texans. Houston will win by 30+ points.

Brandon Reid: Houston Texans. The Texans are starting to roll on offense and Deshaun Watson is the 6th leading passer in the league right now. He is still essentially a rookie QB since he has yet to play 16 NFL games. I have no idea who Buffalo is, much like the Titans who they beat last week. I can’t predict the Bills to win back-to-back games at any point this season.

Orlando Torres: Houston Texans. I think the Bills might have a chance to make this game interesting. They play good defense, and the Watson is a bit banged up. Houston still gets the win here though.

Cardinals at Vikings

Dan Schalk: Minnesota Vikings. This will be a close, high-scoring game, but Minnesota will pull away in the fourth quarter.

Brandon Reid: Minnesota Vikings. I’m glad Arizona got a taste of victory last week. It will be few and far between for them this year. And unfortunately for them this week, Minnesota is starting to hit their stride. This will be an ugly game for the Cardinals.

Orlando Torres: Minnesota Vikings. Could Minnesota be demolished here by the opposing team, like the way we saw Buffalo give this team a pounding? Possibly, but I’m still going with the Viks here.

Steelers at Bengals

Dan Schalk: Cincinnati Bengals. I’m on the Cincy bandwagon and despite a solid showing by Pittsburgh last week, I’m not a believer of them in 2018.

Brandon Reid: Pittsburgh Steelers. The Steelers are an absolute mess right now. The Le’Veon Bell holdout, Mike Tomlin being fined for criticizing officials, after a win, and now Antonio Brown being sued. And that’s exactly why I’m picking them this week. Cincinnati has impressed me this year. And their offense is pretty dynamic, even with the loss of Tyler Eifert. But they are still the Steelers little brother. And big brother should come into this game pretty motivated.

Orlando Torres: Cincinnati Bengals. I’m surprised nobody has died yet whenever these two teams play. Last time we saw Juju deliver a vicious blow to Burfict that knocked him out. Either way I’m picking the tiger stripes!

Bears at Dolphins

Dan Schalk: Miami Dolphins. Miami dominated the first half against the Bengals last week then fell apart in the second half—besides the defense (and one great outing from Trubisky) the Bears are the Dolphins of the NFC.

Brandon Reid: Chicago Bears. The Bears are legit, and the Dolphins are not, in my opinion. We know the Bears defense is legit, and Trubisky is really growing every week as a quarterback. Miami hasn’t had a run game since Ricky Williams was in town, and I’m still not sold on Adam Gase, or Ryan Tannehill. They were one of the biggest frauds to open up the season. They’re averaging less than 300 yards of offense a game, 192 in the air and 96 on the ground. Not a good football team.

Orlando Torres: Miami Dolphins. Last time we saw the Bears they looked unstoppable. Miami also blew a leaf in the 4th quarter last week, and this time around at home I think the Fins do enough to stop Da Bears.

Rams at Broncos

Dan Schalk: LA Rams. If Denver lost to the Jets…what will this beatdown be described as this week?

Brandon Reid: LA Rams. Denver is not a good football team. I look for them to continue to slide all year long. I’ve said before, if not for Von Miller, they would be a 4-5 win team this year, and may still be.  Breaking news…the Rams are really good.

Orlando Torres: LA Rams. I’m not sure if Cooks and Kupp are playing this week, but offensively if this turns into a shootout, Keenum won’t be able to keep up with Goff and his squad.

Ravens at Titans

Dan Schalk: Baltimore Ravens. It’s sad when Joe Flacco is the best quarterback on the football field and I still pick them to win.

Brandon Reid: Baltimore Ravens. Everytime I start feeling a certain way about the Titans, they prove me wrong the next week. I still think the offense is not good. The defense is carrying this team and it’s not an elite enough defense to continue to do that. This could be two very frustrating losses in a row for the Titans. The game is in Nashville and Baltimore comes in 2.5 point favorites.

Orlando Torres: Tennessee Titans. I feel sorry for the people that have to watch this full game. Both quarterback have been rough to watch lately.

Jaguars at Cowboys

Dan Schalk: Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys defense will carry them through this game and the Chiefs put a blueprint on film how to beat the Jags.

Brandon Reid: Jacksonville Jaguars. I wonder if Dan and Orlando will pick their Boys this week. I’m sure not. Bold prediction…Jacksonville will get a Pick 6.

Orlando Torres: Dallas Cowboys. I had the Jags as a legit Super Bowl contender coming into this season. But stuff happens. Fournette isn’t suiting up, and we don’t know which version of Bortles will show up. Cowboys bounce back.

Chiefs at Patriots

Dan Schalk: New England Patriots. Time to come back down to earth Chief believers.

Brandon Reid: New England Patriots. Let me say that the Chiefs are the best team in the AFC. Their offense is too dynamic for pretty much any team in the NFL, except for the Rams, to handle. The Patriots are not a top tier team this year. They will not make it to their 3rd straight Super Bowl. But this is a Pick’Em contest and things happen. I have a feeling Belichick will out smart Andy Reid and find a way to win the game in Foxborough. And that’s probably the last time I’m picking against the Chiefs all year long, playoffs included.

Orlando Torres: New England Patriots. The torch isn’t exactly ready to be passed. Brady and the Pats still run the AFC. Pats win in a shootout

49ers at Packers

Dan Schalk: Green Bay Packers. In Lambeau, this young 49ers team will not be able to pull out the win–tight game though.

Brandon Reid: Green Bay Packers. First Garoppolo, now Matt Breida. I know Breida isn’t done for the year but he is doubtful for this game. The 49ers just can’t afford to be without two major offensive weapons like that. That Niners defense is going to get gassed on Monday night against Aaron Rodgers. Not much a chance for the 49ers in this one. This game will be over about as quick as this past Monday Night’s game was.

Orlando Torres: Green Bay Packers.  I love this 49ers team. No matter who’s out and who’s in, they just keep competing. It won’t be enough to stop a thunderous crowd at Lambeau and the Packers though.


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