Michael Gallup Draft Profile

Michael Gallup draft


  • Size
  • Speed
  • Length
  • Leaping ability
  • Continues to improve route running
  • Dangerous in the open field
  • Body control
  • Solid against press coverage
  • Contested catches

Analysis: Michael Gallup possesses a solid combination of height, weight, speed. Light-footed, bounding athlete. Sudden feet and quick hands are effective in ridding himself of press attempts. Drives off cornerback into an aggressive backpedal with hard vertical push up the field. He has an amazing 20-yard burst that blows by cornerbacks expecting a sudden hitch route. Gets over top with ease. Routes showed improved attention to detail this year. Can brake sharply to uncover on short routes or create separation from route stems and breaks on intermediates and posts. Very competitive after the catch. Has burst from a standstill. Offers unique open field instincts as a runner finding optimal space to run. He plays taller than he actually is–I was surprised to see him stand at only 6’1. Gallup is a¬†springy leaper who plucks the ball way out in front of his frame. Uses body control and timing to win contested catches downfield. Thrives on back shoulder throws.


  • Ball tracking
  • Stance at line of scrimmage
  • Run blocking
  • Seems to ‘coast’ when he knows he’s not getting the ball
  • Questionable ‘over-the-middle’ mentality
  • Adjusting to misplaced throws

Analysis: I am a fan of Michael Gallup as he ascends to the pro game, but one flaw I saw immediately on tape is his stance at the line of scrimmage. He is pigeon-toed in his set up and has to adjust front foot to come off the line. Surprisingly he still has had success against press corners, but he could be even more lethal if he gets that corrected. He needs to get his head around earlier for improved ball tracking down the field. He is lacking to the proper adjustments to poorly thrown balls. Needs to actively scramble along with his quarterback when the pass play goes off schedule. Gallup is not the type of receiver you will task with going over the middle of the field. He alligator arms throws when a defender is nearby. Eyes look to the safeties as he crosses the middle. He will coast on some routes when he doesn’t expect the ball. Run blocking needs a lot of work and effort.

Size: 6’1 202lbs

Draft Rank: No.3 WR

NFL Comparison: Quincy Enunwa

Draft Projection: Rounds 2-3

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