MLB Offseason Signings

Let’s go around the horn with the major signings of the offseason so far. Re-signings (like Cespedes and Hill) aren’t nearly as fun because there’s less spin. But some of these signings might make a difference for their newfound teams, and your very fantasy team. Let’s see how!

MLB offseason signings
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Charlie Morton with Houston – Morton gets so many ground balls it warranted the nickname “Ground Chuck.” As cool as the nickname is, don’t buy into him for the nickname nor the potential of a new scenery making this guy your new buy.

Fantasy hot take: Save your fantasy buck for more than just Ground Chuck.

Bartolo Colon and R.A. Dickey with Atlanta – Dickey can be streaky, but unfortunately in both directions. Colon somehow still gets the job done, and primarily with a frisbee of a fastball.

Fantasy hot take: Colon would make a great 4 or 5 in most fantasy leagues, do your homework if you want to stream Dickey.

Ian Desmond to Colorado– I’ve never been a Desmond fan. At the end of the season he always comes up with the numbers (except for 2015), but he strikes out a lot and tends to be streaky. I think the move to Colorado is good, but only in delaying his decline.

Fantasy hot take:  If you have him and you are planning on keeping him, then you’re in great shape. Otherwise, there are other intriguing options in the outfield, and certainly better at first base where he will be playing.

Kendrys Morales with Toronto – I love this move. Morales has strung together some decent years after recovering from ripping his knee in two on a home run celebration years ago. And now he’s in a hitters’ ballpark, no, a hitters’ division. He’s only DL eligible, and people probably think he’s 38 years old, but he’s entering his age 34 season.

Fantasy hot take: I wouldn’t be surprised by a career year.

Andrew Cashner to Texas – A LOT needs to go right for Cashner to rebound. He keeps getting second chances, and he keeps getting worse.

Fantasy hot take: : Buy on an upside guy (like a Lance McCullers) rather than this “rebound” guy.

Josh Reddick with Houston – Reddick’s a great points league guy…when healthy. But he’s losing some of the power we could rely on him for. And he’s becoming a severe platoon guy. .871 OPS versus righties, .366 versus lefties. Yikes.

Fantasy hot take: Stream or spot start, but a bench OF is how you want to use Reddick.

Eric Thames with Milwaukee – Thames is a Korean league MVP after being an MLB… well, not MVP. Playing for Milwaukee should be good for him because he’s become a power/speed guy in South Korea, and Milwaukee is a good team to be on for both. But I’m not seeing a new middle of the lineup hitter.

Fantasy hot take: .245 with 28 home runs and 20 stolen bases.

Yoenis Cespedes staying with the Mets – Looks like there is no Cespedes for the rest of us! I really like Cespedes, but he’s an injury risk, and can tend to be really streaky. This combo means you can’t rely on trading for him if he starts slowly because he may be injured. That being said, he still seems to get it done every season.

Fantasy hot take: Continue to count on him being a good #2 OF in your fantasy lineups.

Steve Pearce with Toronto – If I make a fantasy breakout list, Pearce may just top that list. He’s been seen as a platoon guy, but he held a 116 OPS+ last year against righties, meaning he was 16 percent better than average. I think Toronto knows exactly what it has in Pearce and will move him around the field getting him all sorts of playing time and position eligibility to boot.

Fantasy hot take: You can’t have him, he’s mine!

Mark Melancon to San Francisco – In reality baseball, this was the perfect signing. In fantasy baseball, it looks like he’ll be the bona fide closer and for a while.

Fantasy hot take: If you’re in a dynasty guy, here’s someone I could see being confident in being a closer for a while since his stuff ages well.

Rich Hill back to LAD – I targeted Hill in my drafts last year and took some ribbing for it. But overall, it worked well! Only a blister got in the way of a dominant season, and the Reality Dodgers seemed to think Hill is worth three years in his contract.

Fantasy hot take: If Hill can be your third SP, I say you have to take the chance. The upside is 180 innings, a 2.00 ERA a low WHIP and lots of K’s.

Carlos Beltran to Houston – If you can remember the last time Beltran played in Houston, you remember the incredible run he went on with the team in their playoffs series. I think Beltran should be good this year, but I’m afraid he’ll not be an everyday player. Houston loves to platoon, still have Evan Gattis at DH (since they picked up McCann to primarily catch), and Beltran needs regular rest at his age.

Fantasy hot take: At least he’s OF eligible, but Beltran should be your first bench spot at best.

Matt Holliday to the Yankees – I like this move for the Yankees and think Holliday can return to his 2014 and 2015 form, and will probably come at a fairly cheap price being old and coming off a down year.

Fantasy hot take: Could be a great bargain as a third OF, giving you at least average numbers for an OF.

Joakim Benoit to Philadelphia – The upside: he’ll probably close. The downside: he’ll probably close so he can be traded more easily. He turned in a good end to a season, so the skills are still there. You can trust the stuff, just not a whole season at closer.

Fantasy hot take: There are very few closers to trust anyway! Handcuff him with Gomez or Neris if possible.

Mitch Moreland to Boston – I’m more interested in the effect this has on Hanley Ramirez because this almost certainly means HanRam will be a full-time DH, and that transition isn’t typically good for players. It normally brings their numbers down from their career norms, oddly enough. But with Ramirez always getting hurt in odd ways, maybe being a DH will help him!

Fantasy hot take: I’m sure this tells you what I think of Moreland… not much.

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