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With Memorial Day weekend reaching its conclusion, now is the first time I truly begin to look at the MLB standings. Any site that busts out MLB Power Rankings before this date is just pulling at straws. The baseball season is so long and such a grind that the first two months is rare for a team to either be completely out of the race, or running away with a World Series title. With every team playing over 50 games, we have a general idea of who the contenders and pretenders are at this point in the season, although the trade deadline in July is a true sticking point.

Chicago_Cubs 1. Chicago Cubs
Record: 37-15

The Cubs are easily the best team right now in the MLB, and with a combination of veterans to their young talent pool the “curse” could be ending soon.


large_2310_San-Francisco-Giants-3D-Foam-Logo-Sign 2. San Francisco Giants
Record: 34-22

Hunter Pence went on the DL and that will definitely hurt the team, but they have enough talent to make it work until he comes back.



texas 3. Texas Rangers
Record: 31-22

With Yu Darvish coming back and making a difference right away, the Rangers continue to fly under the radar but could have the most talented team in the AL.


 washington_nationals_logo_rug 4. Washington Nationals
Record: 33-21

Under Dusty Baker the Nats are finally putting it all together, and are figuring out how to play with Bryce Harper being walked at a career-high clip.


royals 5. Kansas City Royals

Record: 30-23

The Royals are 8-2 in their last 10 and have beat up on the division, particularly three consecutive late-inning comebacks against the former division-leading White Sox.


boston_red_sox_1970-1975 6. Boston Red Sox
Record: 32-22

There is no doubting the Red Sox offense, but their pitching is worrisome. Their ace David Price has an ERA above five and they recently demoted Clay Buchholtz to the bullpen (Finally! Scream Red Sox Nation).


Mets 7. New York Mets
Record: 29-23

Their ‘Captain’ just went on the DL and who know if and when David Wright will return, but their rotation is still the class of MLB.


pirateslogo 8. Pittsburgh Pirates
Record: 29-24

A recent three game slide dropped them in my rankings, but with arguably the best OF trio in all of the majors, the Pirates have the talent to put pressure on the Cubs in the summer months.


orioles 9. Baltimore Orioles
Record: 30-22

They have shown the ability to stay with the Red Sox offensively during their series this week, but similar to Boston, can their pitching staff keep up?


mariners 10. Seattle Mariners
Record: 31-22

Felix Hernandez is on the DL for the first time in 8 years and while the Mariners are getting a lot of love, I keep asking myself, “Is their lead in the AL West sustainable?”


cleveland 11. Cleveland Indians
Record: 28-24

The Indians remind me a lot of the Pirates of the AL. They have a lot of talent but need to put it all together. It will be a tight race all summer between them and the Royals.


large_2306_Los-Angeles-Dodgers-3D-Foam-Logo-Sign 12. Los Angeles Dodgers
Record: 28-27

Even with their two-game slide, Dave Roberts has been a great leader for this team and has shown the ability to handle Yasiel Puig and his antics. Any team with Clayton Kershaw has a chance for a postseason run.



large_2311_StLouisCardinals 13. St. Louis Cardinals
Record: 28-26

The Cardinals are the Cardinals. Even when their roster seems somewhat void of talent or hurt by injuries, they keep plugging away. If they can stay close in the NL Wild Card race throughout the summer. Lookout.



bluejays2012 14. Toronto Blue Jays
Record: 29-26

The Blue Jays have begun to turn the page and get hot at the right time, similar to last season. Pitching has been great besides R.A. Dickey and their offense is one of the most dangerous in the AL. My World Series pick to start the year is getting hot, lookout AL East.



white sox 15. Chicago White Sox
Record: 29-25

After a series meltdown against the Royals, the White Sox have bounced back nicely against the Mets. But in a difficult AL Central can they keep this up?


a 16. Miami Marlins
Record: 29-25

The Marlins are riding a three-game winning streak and continue to keep pace in the NL East, but with a sub-.500 home record things need to change while playing in South Florida.


5716_houston_astros-jersey-2013 17. Houston Astros
Record: 25-30

After a rough start to the year, the Astros are beginning to put it together. SInce moving George Springer to the leadoff spot the ‘Stros are 8-2. A climb up the AL West standings is beginning.


a 18. Detroit Tigers
Record: 25-28

On paper, the Tigers look like a formidable team, but offensive slumps and rough pitching has been their downfall.




a 19. Philadelphia Phillies
Record: 26-28

The Phillies are beginning to come back down to Earth after a great start to the year no one saw coming. But with a bad run differential, they will begin their slide down these rankings.

yankees 20. New York Yankees
Record: 25-28

Here’s a harsh reality: The Yankees are just too old to compete in 2016, and they better get younger, fast.


a 21. Los Angeles Angels
Record: 24-29

Injuries have crushed the Angels early season hopes and with the lack of a solid farm system, they will soon be looking to 2017.



a 22. Oakland Athletics
Record: 25-29

The Athletics are a team of unwanted misfits, but they keep chuggin along pulling down wins at close to a .500 rate. They could be buyers instead of sellers at the trade deadline.


a 23. Milwaukee Brewers
Record: 25-29

I like what the Brewers are building in Wisconsin, but they are at least 2 years away from being serious contenders.


a 24. Colorado Rockies
Record: 24-29

The usual haunts the Rockies, pitching. It will likely always be like that, but they are a fun team to watch.


 a 25. Tampa Bay Rays
Record: 22-30

The Rays have lost five in a row and look to be heading downwards fast. They could be an active selling team at the deadline.

a 26. Arizona Diamondbacks
Record: 24-32

The Diamondbacks active offseason is yet to pay off and with CF AJ Pollock set to begin baseball activities July 1st, it could be too-little-too-late at that point.


a 27. San Diego Padres
Record: 21-34

Speaking of selling teams at the deadline, the Padres may begin well before then with James Shields and Andrew Cashner rumored to be on the block now.


a 28. Cincinnati Reds
Record: 19-35

The Reds are doing a necessary rebuild, but are sucking the life out of Joey Votto’s prime. How long will he be there?


a 29. Minnesota Twins
Record: 16-37

Torii Hunter’s retirement is still affecting the Twins season, and will all year.



a 30. Atlanta Braves
Record: 16-37

The Braves have six wins at home all year. Enough said.



What do you think about these rankings? Agree or disagree? Let me know in the comments below…

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