MLS Fantasy Manager 2016 week 10 has double the opportunities for eight teams this week as the season starts to heat up heading into the summer months. International competitions are soon approaching which could see some of the biggest stars disappear from league play so now is the time to take advantage of who could leave and snatch up who will be important while they’re away. Before we get there though, we have this round with midweek action to get to!


(Trask Smith)
(Trask Smith)

Giles Barnes, Houston Dynamo, $8.5

The Houston Dynamo aren’t playing well right now but team captain Giles Barnes is doing his best to get them into the playoff hunt. He’s been productive in the past couple games with a goal plus two assists and has double the chances this week to come up big for his club. I don’t foresee Houston winning either of their games this week but I think they will still be able to score some goals to make the games interesting and those goals will come from or through Barnes’ offensive prowess. He’s more likely to pick up assists than goals but those are still points and he’ll pick up more than a couple over the two games.

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Shkelzen Gashi, Colorado Rapids, $9.1

Shkelzen Gashi was the first big roster move of the offseason for Colorado Rapids and he is playing well enough to say that wasn’t a bad move. He hasn’t returned the investment on him completely but it’s still early in the season and he’s putting up solid numbers during Colorado’s early season surge. Gashi is another player who has twice the chances at raising his fantasy numbers this week and he’s going to take full advantage of every opportunity that comes his way. The match on Wednesday against Sporting Kansas City will be his best chances for points but the weekend match against Columbus (who gave up a three goal lead this past weekend and are dealing with internal drama) could prove fruitful with their currently poor form. Colorado could have a couple big offensive performers this week so look for more than just goals from Gashi.

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Fanendo Adi, Portland Timbers, $10.3

Yes, I am picking Fanendo Adi again—he’s just playing too well to deny at the moment and he has two matches this week against teams that can’t stop their opponents from scoring. F.C. Dallas demolished Portland during their last match but F.C.D. is missing some key defensive players and are nowhere near their early season form. Portland plays New York City F.C. on the weekend, I’ve talked about their poor defense for over a year now and that won’t change this weekend. Adi will factor in more than one goal this week if he doesn’t score it himself. I also think he’s a great candidate for fantasy team captain this week.


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Jermaine Jones, Colorado Rapids, $8.2

Jermaine Jones has returned from his suspension with a vengeance. He’s now plying his trade in Colorado for the first place Rapids and has helped turn this team around the way he did for New England a couple of seasons ago. Jones has three goals and two assists in the four games since his return to the field. As mentioned above with Gashi, Colorado has two floundering opponents this week—the type of opponents that Jones picks apart with his aggressive play. He could see some rest during one of the matches but I’d be surprised if he was left out of the line-up with the positive way he’s playing. He’s going to continue his scoring streak while picking up some defensive bonuses and passing bonuses.

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Chris Pontius, Philadelphia Union, $7.2

Chris Pontius is playing for a different team this season but he’s still the same amazing MLS player he has been for the past four years. He’s off to a great start for the surprising Philadelphia Union. Pontius has scored a goal in each of his past two matches and is key to Philadelphia’s attack going forward. I don’t think he’ll get a goal in each match this week but he’ll pick up assists where he doesn’t score them himself. Pontius has the better chance to score at home against a Los Angeles team that plays badly on the road but he still has a good chance to get one on the road against Montreal, who doesn’t have a lot of clean sheets. Long story short—he’s going to add a good amount of points to his fantasy numbers.

(Gerry Kahrmann / Vancouver Sun)

Cristian Techera, Vancouver Whitecaps, $8.2

Cristian Techera is small but he packs an offensive wallop that can’t be overlooked. Techera is tallying more assists than goals this season but that’s not a bad thing as long as he keeps picking up those assists. He’s key to any attack for the Whitecaps even if he doesn’t finish into the back of the net. Vancouver should demolish Chicago at home and that will be the match where he picks up the majority of his points this week. He should still have a strong game against Toronto on the road but it won’t be nearly as good as the midweek match-up. He won’t get any defensive bonuses but he’ll make up for it with passing and attacking bonuses.


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Axel Sjoberg, Colorado Rapids, $5.6

Axel Sjoberg’s fantasy points total is benefiting from Colorado’s strong defensive start. He has missed a couple of games but has been great in the rest of his starts to help the Rapids take an early season lead atop the league table. He’s going to benefit most from playing two weak opponents this week just like the rest of his teammates but he has a better chance of picking up big points if they can keep clean sheets. He’s capable of picking up passing and offensive bonuses but he’s going to pick up most of his tally from defensive play. Sjoberg has an assist on the season and this week is a great opportunity to pick up more.

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Maynor Figueroa, F.C. Dallas, $6.7

F.C. Dallas has played abysmally for the past three weeks with no goals during that stretch. They were demolished in weeks seven and eight but looked much better in their 1-0 loss to Toronto F.C. this past Saturday. F.C. Dallas will benefit from playing twice this week as they work out their defensive kinks.They play twice at home against Portland and Seattle, both teams looking better as the season moves along, but Figueroa should still find a way to pick up big points if he can avoid a yellow card. He’s a great passer who can earn offensive bonuses and assists but he’ll have his work cut out from him keeping things calm in the back. He won’t get a clean sheet but he’ll make up for it for over 10 points this week.

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Keegan Rosenberry, Philadelphia Union, $5.6

Rookie Keegan Rosenberry is proving how right Philadelphia was when they picked him third overall in this year’s SuperDraft. It’s hard to come into the league as a first year player and defend with the maturity he plays with. He doesn’t have any goals or assists but he’s defensively consistent and picks up more than the minimum when he plays. He’s got two chances this week to put his stamp on games and I think he’ll take full advantage of the opportunities against two strong opponents. He won’t have any 10-point games but two solid six pointers aren’t out of the question.


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Zac MacMath, Colorado Rapids, $5.1

Zac MacMath is running out of time in net for Colorado Rapids with the impending arrival of Tim Howard. He’s doing the most with the time he’s been given as he has three clean sheets and is helping his team top the standings. Sporting Kansas City is having a hard time scoring goals and Columbus Crew just can’t hold onto a victory lately with their internal issues. MacMath could benefit the most out of anybody with his two games this week and could come up with two games above eight points.

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