MLS Fantasy Manager 2016 week 34


David Villa, New York City F.C., $12.9


David Villa had an MVP season this year and needs to come through for his team one more time to make sure N.Y.C.F.C. a first round bye. Villa would line up against the Columbus Crew this weekend who have nothing left but pride to play for and even that is giving them too much credit after their horrible year. I think Villa will come away from this match with at least a brace and some attacking bonuses for a double-digit week.

Jozy Altidore, Toronto F.C, $9.9

MLS Fantasy Manager
(Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports)

Jozy Altidore continues with his amazing form into the last weekend of the season and it could help his team to a first round bye if other results go Toronto’s way. Toronto need a win and New York City F.C. loss/draw to leap-frog into the second seed. I think Altidore will come away this weekend at home with at least a goal against the tepid Fire. I doubt he’ll pick up any bonuses for his passing but could get more for shots on goal. I also wouldn’t be surprised if he managed a brace as well.

Dom Dwyer, Sporting Kansas City, $10.7

(Brian Davidson Special to The Star)
(Brian Davidson Special to The Star)

While Altidore and Villa are fighting for playoff seeding, Dom Dwyer and Sporting Kansas City are fighting for their playoff lives this weekend. Sporting Kansas City needs to win and with a better goal differential than Portland to stay above the red line. Dom Dwyer will have his work cut out for him against the tough San José Earthquakes. The Quakes are out of the hunt but I’m sure they’d love to play spoiler for a team that helped end their hunt for the Cup earlier than they would have liked. Dwyer and Sporting Kansas City will fight hard to run up the goal tally just in case and that means an open match with Dwyer being the beneficiary. He should also create some goal scoring opportunities which will lead to a bigger points tally.


Benny Feilhaber, Sporting Kansas City, $11.9


If Dom Dwyer will benefit the most from Sporting Kansas City’s open play then Benny Feilhaber will be the one creating the majority of the chances in what could be his final match with the team. Feilhaber has been the driving force for the S.K.C. attack for a few seasons now and that won’t change this weekend. He’s going to come away from this match with at least two assists and a possible goal to go with attacking and passing bonuses. He could have a double-digit points match to keep his squad in the playoffs.

Sam Cronin, Colorado Rapids, $5.8


Sam Cronin had a good season. Not a great season, not a bad season but a good season. He’s a very good player for a very good team. Cronin and the Rapids could become great this weekend with a win at home coupled with F.C. Dallas losing to Los Angeles. I’m not taking anything away from the amazing season they’ve had but they did it almost all on the defensive end. Cronin was a big part of that for a solid midfield that lacked offensive punch after losing Jermaine Jones to injury. I think Cronin will step up this for this low scoring game. The Rapids shouldn’t have to change the strategy that got them this far because they’ve been unbeatable at home this year. A draw would defeat their chances at the Supporters’ Shield so I think they’ll go for broke after the 60th minute if it doesn’t look like they’ll easily win this match. Cronin will benefit the most from this as he’ll be integral to carrying the attack forward. He could go into the last third of this match with two points but end it with at least eight. He’ll definitely pick up points defensively but could add more once the going gets tough.

Ignacio Piatti, Montreal Impact, $11.9

(Jeff Vinnick / Getty Images)
(Jeff Vinnick / Getty Images)

The Eastern conference playoff picture is set save for seeding which doesn’t leave a lot for the Montreal Impact to play for except the venue of their opening round playoff match. I’m sure they’d rather play at home so they’ll fight hard against a desperate New England team who is mathematically still in the hunt but all but out of the playoff picture. This game will be open and high scoring with both teams trying to run up the score on the other which benefits Ignacio Piatti’s style of play. He’s going to have the match of his season this weekend with hopefully enough to spare for the midweek playoff match. I think it’d be a smart bet to tag him as captain, even with the Impact on the road.


Axel Sjoberg, Colorado Rapids, $6.3

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Axel Sjoberg could carry his team to Supporters’ Shield glory this week. He’s one of the main reasons they’re in the hunt with an amazing year for the Rapids back line. This match could go one of two ways: the Rapids score early and play lights out defense the rest of the match or things go wrong and the match opens up with Colorado fighting their hardest for goals. I think it’s more likely that this match will be the former more than the latter because of how the Rapids have played at home all season. They’re only playing for the Shield at this point and have clinched at least home field for the first round of the playoffs so they don’t need to go all in but they will fight for it if the opportunity presents itself. Mastroeni has played things safe and smart all season and that won’t change this weekend. Because of that, I think the Rapids come away with the clean sheet which means big points for Sjoberg.

Drew Moor, Toronto F.C., $7.8


Drew Moor didn’t reinvent himself this season but he sure reinvented the Toronto defense. His presence in the back was essential to their season-long amazing form. I think that Toronto will make easy work of Chicago this weekend as they fight for the first round bye. It could be all for naught if New York City gets their result but that won’t stop Drew Moor and the Toronto back line from doing their best to keep the Fire down. He could also pick up defending bonuses if the Fire decide to go all in for the attack and that could mean bigger points for the defensive powerhouse.

Ashley Cole, Los Angeles Galaxy, $7.6

Ashley Cole wasn’t the flop I thought he would be this season but I don’t think he was the defensive anchor he was meant to be when he was signed in the winter months. He had an okay year with some brilliant moments during important matches. His experience and knowledge of the game made up for his old legs at times while he still proved he could go all-in when the moments called for it. He has another moment like that approaching this weekend when his team could keep F.C. Dallas from their second trophy this season. The Galaxy defense and midfield won’t have Mauro Diaz to worry about while F.C. Dallas will do their best to not lose this match. I think this means that F.C. Dallas will sit back and try not to give up goals until they do and have to push for the draw. If that ends up being the case, I don’t see them being able to break Los Angeles at home for a second time this year. That means a probable clean sheet for Ashley Cole and big points for the Galaxy back line.


Tim Howard, Colorado Rapids, $6.5

Photo by Michael Reaves/The Denver Post)
(Photo by Michael Reaves/The Denver Post)

It’s Tim Howard in an important game against a much weaker opponent. It’ll be a travesty if he doesn’t stop every shot that comes his way, as few as there will be. He’s going to pick up the clean sheet because he comes through and makes the saves when he needs to—it’s what he does.

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