MLS Fantasy Manager 2016 week six comes with double the opportunity for six clubs. There are some great conference match-ups this round which should result in some hard-fought games and lots of points for the players on the winning sides.



Dom Dwyer, Sporting Kansas City, $10.2

Dom Dwyer and Sporting Kansas City are tearing up the Western Conference. Dwyer has notched three goals this year while also contributing more to the victories than his scoring. He had an amazing game last week and has double the opportunity this week to keep up his great form. Sporting K.C. plays at home to Colorado Rapids on Wednesday then away to F.C. Dallas this Sunday. Both matches will be tough to earn points from but I wouldn’t be surprised if he scored in each match the way both opponents are having issues winning. Dwyer usually starts for Sporting K.C. but I won’t be surprised if he comes off the bench in one of the matches to save his legs. He’ll make an impact on the score line even if he doesn’t start and is a safe bet for big points this round.

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Chris Wondolowski, San José Earthquakes, $10.7

Chris Wondolowski is having a solid start to the season with twice the opportunities this week to add even bigger tallies to his overall points total. Wondolowski is consistently leading the Earthquakes attack with a goal in all but one match this season. I don’t foresee him keeping up this pace all year but he won’t start slowing down this week. San José faces two struggling opponents looking to get things going back in the right direction.  New York Red Bull—winners of the 2015 Supporters’ Shield—can not seem to find their form from last season while the Portland Timbers are struggling to hold on for wins. Wondolowski will score at least one goal against New York as they struggle with their defensive posture and road form. The away match at Portland will be tougher but the Earthquakes and Wondolowski have proved strong on the road in the Western Conference. He could end the round with three goals or multiple assists plus attacking bonuses which bodes well for anyone who adds him to their roster.

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Fanendo Adi, Portland Timbers, $10.0

Fanendo Adi is another Western Conference also having strong start. It’s rough to see him playing so well while his team has a hard time holding on to the leads he earns them.  Adi rebounded this past weekend with a goal on the road after a weak round four. Adi should have an easier time this week when Portland plays two home games. The midweek match is against struggling and shorthanded F.C. Dallas who rarely fares well in Portland. Adi should have no problem scoring even if Mauro Diaz recovers for F.C.D. to appear in the line-up because the Dallas defense is still trying to find consistency and is prone to letting in early goals this season. Both Portland and San José will be tired against each other in their second matches this weekend but that should make for some great hold-up play from Adi to continue his offensive contributions. Adi matches up well against the San José defense who have a hard time marking him in the box or on set-pieces. Adi will find a way to have two big games this week or at least one amazing game and a solid yet lesser performance.


 (AP Photo/Steve Dipaola)
(AP Photo/Steve Dipaola)

Diego Valeri, Portland Timbers, $10.5

Diego Valeri is unstoppable this season which makes no sense when you look at his team’s record. He’s fighting week in and week out as the heart of the team to keep the Timbers in every match until the final whistle. Valeri won’t have any issues in the midweek game against F.C. Dallas, especially if they’re still missing their play=maker Diaz but the strong Dallas defensive midfielders could hinder him early on. He will impact late in that game as the F.C.D. midfielders tire out and Dallas struggles for a goal to keep out of the loss column. The San José match will be a tougher battle the entire game but set pieces will be a factor for both teams, each with their own dangerous targets. Valeri will continue show some magic on his free kicks here while contributing to the flow of play with his passing to earn attacking bonuses. He’ll also pick up defensive bonuses in each game to earn a lot of points over both games.


Marco Pappa, Colorado Rapids, $8.3

Marco Pappa is indispensable for Colorado Rapids since being added in the offseason. He’s played well all season even if their record doesn’t show it. Pappa has two opportunities this week to raise his points tally. He will have a good game even if Colorado lose or draw on the road in Kansas City because he’ll have to fight to keep Sporting K.C. at bay and contribute to the attack. He will have a much stronger match against New York in Colorado where the Rapids tend to shine. Pappa will make the necessary stops to keep his team in the match but  should contribute more with his brilliant passing and set-piece taking. He will come away from each match with more than just the minimum for appearances.

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Graham Zusi, Sporting Kansas City, $10.1

Graham Zusi is having a better start to 2016 than he had last year. So far, he has earned multiple call-ups to the U.S. national team and played an important role for his club’s surge up the standings. Sporting Kansas City has two tough opponents this week but Zusi should contribute greatly in what will be positive results. The first match against Colorado at home will be hard-fought but Zusi should open things up on the wing with his pinpoint passing to earn assists and passing bonuses. I think Zusi will have a better game in Dallas against their faster paced attack that likes to push forward but is having  defensive lapses due to a back line that has yet to come into shape. Both Kansas City opponents will not earn clean sheets this week and Zusi should have a hand in most of the goals if he doesn’t score them directly himself.


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Amadou Dia, Sporting Kansas City, $6.0

Amadou Dia is helping Sporting Kansas City to the best start in the league with his fantasy points total benefiting from it. He’s a great wing player who can run up and down the flank all day long to contribute on both ends. His aggressive playing style will keep Colorado fighting all game and a clean sheet isn’t unattainable against the weaker road team that has a hard time scoring more than a goal a game. Dia can score on the right set piece and I won’t be surprised if Zusi tags one on his head in either game. The Dallas match will result in plenty of clearances and defensive bonuses even if it doesn’t end in a clean sheet because F.C.D. will keep him busy on the wings the whole match. The chance of a low score will get better if Mauro Diaz continues to stay out of the Dallas line-up but Dia should still have a good game even if Diaz plays.

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Nat Borchers, Portland Timbers, $7.7

Nat Borchers had a rough night last round but he will bounce back just fine this week with two chances to earn big points against conference opponents. He always finds the opportunity for bonus points from clearances but he’s also a wonderful target on set-pieces with his size and ability in the air. F.C. Dallas will give him the bigger headache due to their speed and love of counter attacks but that should result in plenty defensive bonuses with all the fires he will have to put out. Borchers also matches up well against the struggling Dallas defense that is prone to mistakes on set-pieces this early in the season and this could prove a boon if a lot of fouls occur. The weekend match against San José will be a more knock-down-drag-out fight than the game against Dallas since the Earthquakes are a better road team—this will earn him even more defending bonuses from the clearances and stops he will have to make with his feet instead of in the air.  Borchers’ points total will be even better if he can keep out of the books but that shouldn’t play a big role this week if his speedier teammates can help him out so he doesn’t have to make necessary fouls.

(Scot Tucker/SFBay)

Marvell Wynne, San José Earthquakes, $7.0

Marvell Wynne is still a much faster defender than most of the league and that makes him dangerous all over the field. Wynne has a ton of experience with  some great defenses which means he also plays smarter than most of the league. He helps a strong back line from the wing with the ability to stop any attack that makes its way up the sides. Wynne will have a better match against a New York Red Bulls team that has yet to click as a unit this season. His smart wing play will help the attack  as well as his great passing ability—assists aren’t out of question for him in the first match. Wynne will spend most of the Portland game fighting a slug fest against a tough opponent on the road. I don’t foresee him earning a clean sheet in the second match but he will find a way to get the most points from the rest of his opportunities where ever they come from



Tim Melia, Sporting Kansas City, $5.7

Tim Melia is having a great start to a season following a year that surprised everyone. Melia came off the bench early last season to replace Sporting Kansas City’s injured starter and never gave up his spot. He doesn’t look like he will give up that starting spot this year either. It’s too early in the season for Sporting Kansas City to consider resting Melia but it’s not out of the question—either way, he’s going to have at least one big game to earn a lot of points. If he should play both matches, as I expect he will, that means he will have double the opportunity against tough opponents to earn a lot of save and defensive bonuses for more than just the minimum points a keeper gets for appearing. A clean sheet isn’t out of the question in either match but both teams will shoot so much, it shouldn’t make a difference if they earn a goal on him.

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