MLS Fantasy Manager 2017 Week 13 Picks


Maxi Urruti, F.C. Dallas, $9.0

MLS Fantasy Manager


Maxi Urruti is proving with every game how much he loves his club. He is playing his heart out for F.C. Dallas and has turned into one of the better defending forwards in the league. He fights for the ball and for the shirt every minute he is on the field. This passion for his club and winning have shown up on the stats sheet with six goals in his 12 matches played. Maxi Urruti is on a pace for a goal for every two matches which means he should have at least one goal during his two matches this week. He could get benched for the start of one match but I think he’ll come on if the scoring isn’t happening. I also feel like he’ll be a good pick for captain this week.

Nemanja Nikolic, Chicago Fire, $10.1

Nemanja Nikolic is scoring goals like a madman right now. He has turned into the Fire’s most reliable goal scorer since he joined the club. It also helps that he has a competent midfield behind him this season which was sorely missing from the past few years. The Fire play at home on Thursday for the Brimstone Cup against old rivals F.C. Dallas. Dallas is not winning a lot of matches at the moment but they’ve only let seven goals in this season. I don’t think that’s going to mean much and I think Nikolic will tie at least one on the Dallas defense.

Chris Wondolowski, San José Earthquakes, $8.6

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Chris Wondolowski has had better seasons but his goal tally still isn’t that bad for this time of year. The Earthquakes play long time rivals Los Angeles Galaxy this weekend and I think that will light a fire under the San José attack. This could turn into a goal scoring extravaganza the way both teams have scored and letting in goals. I think Wondolowski will benefit from this type of match the most with his goal poaching prowess. Wondolowski will earn a brace if the Earthquakes score three or more goals.


Kellyn Acosta, F.C. Dallas, $7.2

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Kellyn Acosta is working his way into the conversation for best U.S. Men’s national team midfielder in MLS. His box-to-box, hard-nosed style of play is turning heads and raising eyebrows. He’s not afraid of anything and has the skill to fight his way through any situation. Acosta has two rivalry matches this week for his hometown club and he always brings a little more against Houston. I could see Oscar Pareja sitting some of his starters for one match but not for both and Acosta isn’t going to want to miss scalping either one of these clubs. I think he’ll come away with close to 20 points this week, give or take a couple of points. He’s a smart addition even if he only gets 90 minutes of play.

Miguel Almiron, Atlanta United F.C., $9.5

Miguel Almiron is really hit or miss this season on the score sheet but he’s doing all the hard work that needs to be done for Atlanta United. He had an amazing match last week and I don’t see him doing that again but I think he’ll trade some offensive punches with New York City F.C.. He’s going to contribute to at least one scoring moment in this match with an assist or creative play. I think he could come away with a double-digit match if this game gets high-scoring.

Federico Higuain, Columbus Crew S.C., $10.1

Federico Higuain is still one of the most reliable midfielders in the league and is helping Columbus stay in the playoff hunt this season. He’s contributing to the scoring in some way shape or form for the Crew almost every week. Columbus is on the road this week in Toronto where Toronto F.C. have yet to lose. It’s going to be a tough match for the Crew but it won’t end scoreless for them. Higuain will be part of the goals for the Crew and if the team scores a couple of those then he will have a double-digit week.


Matt Hedges, F.C. Dallas, $7.1

The F.C. Dallas defense has only let in seven goals this season with the best center back in the league. They’re not completely unbreakable but it’s sure hard to score more than one goal on them in a match. Hedges is one of the main reasons they’re so cohesive as a backline, he’s the team captain for a good reason. He has proven time and again that he will fight for every ball that comes into the box. Dallas isn’t scoring off of set-pieces much this season so he isn’t much of an offensive threat but he’s doing enough on the defensive side. I don’t think the defense will get a clean sheet from Chicago but I think they’ll keep Houston from scoring. He’s a great addition this week.

Florian Jungwirth, San José Earthquakes, $6.3

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The San José Earthquakes defense this year is leaps and bounds better than their defense last season with Florian Jungwirth leading the back line. Florian Jungwirth is playing amazing defense for the Earthquakes and he’s also finding ways to contribute to the attack with strong passing. It’s going to be a tough match for the San José defense but I think that Jungwirth will find other ways to help the Earthquakes beat the Galaxy. He could contribute with his passing or on a set piece and that could add to his points tally for the week. He’ll pick up some defensive bonuses from his clearances but I think he’s going to get most of his points from helping in the attack.

Tim Parker, Vancouver Whitecaps, $5.1

Tim Parker is helping keep the Vancouver Whitecaps in the playoff picture. He’s not the best in the league and his points total will go as far as the rest of the defense will help hm. But he has proven that he can score for his team and the Whitecaps are playing the worst team in the Eastern Conference. I think that his match will end in a clean sheet which means big points for Parker and any Whitecaps defender.


Jesse Gonzalez, F.C. Dallas, $4.8

Jesse Gonzalez has turned into a reliable goalkeeper for the best defensive team in the league. He still has his moments of inexperience but they’re showing up in his game less and less. Gonzalez is now the most important cog in the impenetrable red machine. I’m not sure he will play in both matches but I think that Pareja still lacks confidence in Seitz at the moment. He’s going to make a lot of stops in whichever match he plays but I think he’ll completely stop Houston on the weekend for a clean sheet which will end in close to a double-digit match.

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