MLS Fantasy Manager week 12 picks up midweek again with a midweek inter-conference game. Both New England Revolution and Sporting Kansas City are full of fantasy heavy hitters but they aren’t the only ones who are going to come up big this week.


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Juan Agudelo, New England Revolution, $8.8

It seems like every week I am recommending either Charlie Davies ($8.9) or Juan Agudelo–well, I am but I have some great reasons for it. Agudelo (3) and Davies (4) account for half of New England’s goals between the two of them. Not only are they scoring the majority of the goals but they’re spreading them out and consistently doing so every week. The next highest goal scorer on their team, midfielder Kelyn Rowe (3), had a two-goal game back in week and didn’t contribute again until week ten. New England Revolution are leading the Eastern Conference now and while those two aren’t the main reason, they’re the ones who keep reaping the benefits of the team’s amazing play. I’m going with Agudelo this week because he’s the more consistent starter of the two Revolution striking stars. Davies has plenty starts this year but his stamina isn’t as strong as Agudelo which gives him the higher chance for more time this week. Pairing the two up top is not a bad idea but if you have the picks and cap space.

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Bradley Wright-Phillips, New York Red Bulls, $11.3

Bradley Wright-Phillips is having a rough time following up his amazing form from 2014 but has somehow still managed to tally the second highest fantasy points total for a forward this season. He doesn’t have a legend for a strike partner this year which is the main reason for the scoring drop-off but he’s still finding a way to impact the game. His inconsistency for goal scoring has frustrated but I think a visit from Philadelphia Union will help him find his scoring boots again. Philadelphia has struggled most of this season but finally won a game last week while New York Red Bulls played out a tough 0-0 draw against FC Dallas. This week both teams are going to get back to their more recent forms which means big numbers for Wright-Phillips and more heart ache for Philadelphia.

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Gabriel Torres, Colorado Rapids, $7.5

Gabriel Torres doesn’t seem like the forward you want to build your team around but his numbers could convince you to at least make him a third forward in a 3-5-3 fantasy line-up. His relatively low price for a starting forward is great for any roster especially if you factor in his current form. He’s not scoring tons of goals but he’s the only one consistently scoring for his team. Colorado has more draws this season than any other result with the bulk of them being 0-0 or 1-1 and Torres is usually that one goal. Colorado plays Vancouver Whitecaps this week after Vancouver plays in the semi-final of the Amway Canadian Championship, the domestic cup of Canadian soccer, so that means they will be tired going on the road to the thin air of Dick’s Sporting Goods Park. It’s possible this game could have more than a couple of goals but I doubt it. If those goals do come for Colorado, Torres will score them.


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Benny Feilhaber, Sporting Kansas City, $9.7

Benny Feilhaber is showing up again in my picks because he not only has the second highest fantasy points total this season but is also playing twice this week. You could go back and read everything I’ve written about him so far and it still holds true but now it’s backed up by numbers. He has contributed more and more to the attack each week while also being the main free kick taker for Sporting Kansas City. If he isn’t scoring off those free kicks then he’s getting assists from them. Add all of that to his amazing current form and slightly lower price and it’d be dumb to leave him off your roster this season. He’s the type of player you build around and costs $2.1 less than current points leader Clint Dempsey ($11.8).

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Mauro Diaz, FC Dallas, $9.5

Mauro Diaz is finally playing like he’s worth his price tag. He had a slow start that was hampered by injuries and poor fitness but has had amazing games the past four weeks. Diaz has been a glass cannon the past couple seasons for FCD since joining as a designated player. He’s capable of perfectly timed passes and gorgeous footwork but is injury prone because of his tendency to draw fouls and has problems playing the full 90. He’s a high risk/high reward player who is in high reward form. FC Dallas is beginning a five game road trip this week and that form may dip soon but not after going to Montreal this week.

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Teal Bunbury, New England Revolution, $7.6

Teal Bunbury is another player who had a rough start to this season but became more consistent since his return. Bunbury spent his past few seasons as a forward struggling to find playing time with Sporting Kansas City but has since rounded in to a great midfielder since joining New England in 2014. He’s still the fast, strong player he was as a forward but is able to contribute to the attack more now that he hangs back to control the flow of play more. New England has a stacked midfield as it is without him but they’re even more dangerous when you factor in his attacking style. New England has two rough matches this week against SKC and DC United but I expect him to be leaned heavily upon by his team due to them trying to keep bodies fresh during both games.


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Chris Tierney, New England Revolution, $7.6

Chris Tierney is part of a New England Revolution back line that contributes to the attack as much as they stop goals from happening. They’re a faster paced defense that likes to play the ball out of the back instead of just lobbing the ball forward and hoping for the best on counter attacks. They take their time to play smart soccer which has resulted in higher fantasy points total for any player they have back there. Tierney gets my pick this week because he’s playing just as good as Andrew Farrell ($8.1) but is consistently getting more minutes and is healthier than the other defensive options for New England. He’s bound to play both games with his current form and fitness.

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Je-Vaughn Watson, FC Dallas, $6.9

Je-Vaughn Watson is the type of player coaches love to have on their roster due to their versatility. His speed and physical play mean he could play any position asked of him any week. He spent most of his career as a midfielder but was converted to a defender last season for FC Dallas due to injuries and hasn’t left the back since. He plays hard every time he is on the field as part of a speedy line-up who can counterattack at any moment. He can defend better than most players his speed because of his ability to make smart passes and hold on to the ball. Any time he is on the field, he’s a threat. He comes with a reasonable price tag for an attacking defender which means he can help ease cap space while still earning money because his price may go up. The start of FCD’s five game road trip is the best time to add him because he’s about to be called up by the Jamaican national team for Copa America 2015 then CONCACAF Gold Cup and soon won’t be available for much.

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Bobby Boswell, DC United, $9.3

Bobby Boswell has been one of the best defenders in Major League Soccer going on ten years now. His consistency and resilience have kept him part of starting line-ups in both DC and Houston. He’s the prototypical MLS defender because he’s physical, fights for every ball, has great stamina, and can clear any pass coming near him. He’s the anchor for an impressive DC United defense who have only let in nine goals this season. He’s more likely to pick up points from defending bonuses and clean sheets than he is to score a goal or earn an assist but that’s okay. The way DC has played this year that is all he needs to keep doing. DC is away to New England this week but that isn’t a big road trip for them and I expect NE’s fatigue to factor in to the game more than usual because of how far they have to travel in their first game. Wouldn’t be surprised if this game ended 0-0 or 1-1.


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Bobby Shuttleworth, New England Revolution, $5.5

Bobby Shuttleworth is one of the most dependable and high quality goalkeepers in MLS. He became the Revolution’s starter in 2013 and has yet to give any reason for being pulled out of that starting role. He gets two shots at a clean sheet this week and I think he’ll get at least one. That doesn’t mean he won’t pick up any defending bonuses or multiple saves because SKC has great attacking power up top and DC’s midfield is just scary right now. He’s got a long way to travel after their first game this week but fatigue usually isn’t a factor for goalkeepers. He’s going to come up big both games this week and that means double the points.


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London Woodberry, New England Revolution $4.9

London Woodberry has taken the chance he was given by the Revs and run with it. He hasn’t left the starting line-up since starting against Philadelphia Union in week seven due to injuries and I doubt he’s going to become a non-factor as the season plays on. He’s fast, is getting smarter every game, and can cross the ball in to the box better than most defenders his age. He’s young and has a ton of upside but is still priced low enough now that it won’t hurt to add him even if you keep him on your bench as a back-up or fill in if you want to change formation.

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