We are looking for backers to help make Shadow Play a reality.  Our series is an all-ages fantasy/adventure starring two unpopular high school students who become friends.  Soon they discover their pasts are mysteriously linked and, through a magical mishap, Bard loses his shadow.  Now they must venture into the Shadow Realm to save both Bard’s … and his shadow’s … lives.

I owe my ability to read and write to comics and now I pay comic creation back by Sharing stories of indie comic book creators and well as their creations. I am also the Creator Of a resources for the Indie Comic Creator and a Great way to see new content for Comic Book Fans.

Latest posts by (see all) ComicsKickstarter,Richard Rivera,shadow play,Shadow Play #1: All Ages Fantasy/Adventure Series     By Richard Rivera First created Follow Shadow Play #1: All Ages Fantasy/Adventure Series Bard and Joy must enter the shadow realm to save a life, but soon get entangled in the war against an evil despot, the Shadow King. If you watched the Review you know you should be Clicking here to pledge  About this project We...